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  1. can i have some free stuff please no b2 thanks
  2. drinking, lol. i play kindof socially with a few friends on ts in the evenins after work i aim to do at least 1500 per battle , but its the ones where i die straight away without doing anything that puts my average down i think. clan mates say i have a habit of charging in and dieing like i noob, perhaps i should start listening. my aim is very poor lately. i fire sometimes and straight away know it will not pen, i think i get a bit excited and forget all the stuff i know to do, and not to.what makes me mad with myself is i even have a realtime (true armour thickness) penetration indicator, also lost track of the tanks im up against over recent updates.
  3. hello all, been here lurking a month or so , never saw anyone with low stats posting on the few threads i read, so was a bit ashamed to have my stats show here. just read the giveaway thread and saw someone worse than me, tho he has far less battles (yes im that kind of terrible). hope to pick up a few tips while im here.
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