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  1. I responded to your application on our website in the recruitment comments section.
  2. I'll PM you. ..but all we do is put tournament teams together in an organized way every week, you sign up on on website calendar when you can play, and when you can't play. We have lots to offer the dedicated WoT tournament tanker who is not interested in CW and isn't a stark raving lunatic troll. (Thats hard for some of you I know.) Just a couple examples.
  3. Just adding another reason to check us out on the tournament (GOLD!) scene!
  4. Still looking for awesome tankers for tournaments. Callers get priority recruitment bump.
  5. We're still looking for more people interested in earning tourney gold like the 6K listed above. Undefeated team night 1 Skirmish 35.
  6. Congrats on the newborn. If the good players at IOC_5 don't work out let me know. We might have a spot for you with our tournament teams and strongholds laughfests here at BOSS. -Aravis
  7. PM Sent. GL in your searching. Look forward to a coversation. -Aravis
  8. I was not involved in the recruiting at that time so I can't really comment on what happened to your application. I will address your questions: 1) Age is relative, maturity is not. Some 15 year old are mature and responsible members of clans, others, are not. If you fall into the first category I'm not worried. I would add I've had some 20somethings in clans who act more irresponsibly than some younger members. 2)We are not focused on CW play for higher tiers not necessary. 3) We use TS3 for all our in game communication. I have never platooned without a mic. 4) Nobody can pos
  9. I spoke to the fellow you referred to me. I asked him to do some things and I have not heard back. I'll PM you.
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