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  1. Tried AW after several months of not playing due to low NA server pop. Tried a tier 6 PvP game. Waited two minutes for an 8v8 game. Welp.

    1. kreigermann


      I was really hoping AW would succeed, and then force WG to fix their damn game.

    2. How_Terrible


      I love the PVE mode in AW, but even I'll admit that it is what killed the PVP side of the game for their NA server. The PVE rewards are good enough that there is no incentive to do the work that good PVP play requires.


      I hear that PVP is still alive and well on the EU server though.

  2. Still total crap in my opinion. The only time you're going to fire an autocannon at anything is when you know you can pen anyways (sides between the tracks and hull, rear of MBT's, soft targets), and a little extra normalization doesn't translate into much, especially when compared to the opportunity costs of losing out on something that'll improve your gun handling, reload, or damage if we're talking firepower retrofits.
  3. It is better to stack aim time or accuracy? I'm speaking primarily about tanks that are shitty in both regards such as the VFM Mk. 5 and the MBT-70. Also how do you kit out the Expeditionary Tank? I've currently been employing it more as a TD and trying out view range retrofits and Sabrina to some success... except against Foxes and VBL's who will outspot me no matter what obviously.
  4. Changed to 7 days, actually. Because My.com doesn't want us to have nice things.
  5. From the south, I tend to head to the peninsula-shaped region slightly southwest of the northeast refinery and snipe from there if I'm in my ET, an AFV, or a TD. You have some shots on the southwest refinery and the northern ridge where people like to camp. You also have some bushes there and can duck behind a rock or back down the hill as well. From north? Honestly, I have no idea except for the areas you already highlighted. I tried to get cheeky shots within the southwest refinery itself by abusing firing lines, but that didn't work out too well since trying to flank the southern lines
  6. *raises hand?* Maybe it helps that I only have a single tier 7 that I'm already done with (everything else I'm working on is tier 5 or 6) so I'm not seeing much of the high-tier imbalance yet, but I'm a 52% meh player so I haven't seen the worst of SIMM yet. That said, getting a 4-minute wait for a match when solo queueing wasn't fun, though that was the only long wait time I had last night. Everything else was around 1:30 or so or less. That said, I've seen plenty of teams where there are a bunch of shitters that do absolutely no/less than 100 damage with only a third of the players
  7. Yeah, the latest video drivers are borked (see second paragraph). They work fine if you do a clean install supposedly, but I honestly just stuck with version 362.00
  8. Yeahhhhhh. I typed up some extra stuff about that in one of the free response boxes, but given their responses so far to it on the forums and in articles, I'm not holding my breath. Even as I continue to play mostly solo except for the few times my friend hopes on to join me... >.>
  9. https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/obsidian-entertainment-survey Now excuse me while I duck out before getting stoned to death.
  10. *raises hand idly* I'm still playing... granted, around tiers 4-6 while I work on getting stuff other than a Challenger 1, but at least I've been getting like 2-minute queue times (and one 5-minute queue time when MM 2.0 first came out).
  11. I can second this. It's been a while for me, but normal sidescraping can work out too, but you have to be extremely conscious about the angle you do it at. There's also a thin gap between the tracks and the raised portion of the side hull that is very thin, and a lucky shot can penetrate you there. You also have very flat shoulders at that angle if memory serves, so mind that. Basically, play it like a tier 5 IS-3 with a rapid-fire pop gun and no pike. It's basically a heavium with more heavy than medium.
  12. Playing AW PvP on the NA server. Have tiers 1-7 available if anyone's interested.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. KruggWulf


      AW is for gheyzzz :doge:


    3. breeeze


      but getting raped in the butt by arty is straight? :eww:

    4. KruggWulf


      Implying anyone plays tanks. Arty still fucks you in aw but love to fuck eachother in the most homoerotic fashion possible with lots of nips and bites :doge:


  13. Thing is, should you really be trying to camo snipe in the VFM? Granted, this is anecdotal experience here, but I see the VFM as being a more brawly light tank and has better synergy with Juan compared to, say, the Expeditionary Tank (which I use Sabrina on). That's just my two cents. Meanwhile, I've sorta been watching your videos for a while now, and they've been invaluable to me especially for showing more aggressive routes in your light tank vids. Unfortunately, I'm lacking a good platoonmate to make use of them. :c
  14. Spend gold or grind out the credits to get perma camo on stuff in AW?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina



      grinding that amount of credits would take ages

  15. Makes me wonder what he'd think of the 50 120...
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