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  1. Give X3N4's competition for no1 dmg padding statista in FAME Kolmiopaavo some love https://www.twitch.tv/kolmiopaavo

  2. Damn they nerfed the xp hard in Domination. Even the credits.. Seems like you get 25% of previous Domination.. thats why they pulled it without notice last time..

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      Is it atleast enjoyable? Does it atleast give you a minor profit if you don't spam gold/consumables?

    3. Dynamic_One*


      I guess the credit isn't as nerfed as I suggested above, I would say 50% less than previous. You can make profit still but certainly a lot less than previous, also RIP people without premium account though.

    4. Siimcy


      TBH if they left exp as it was or just slightly nerf it and have credits as it's right now it would be totally fine since I've used this mode for grinding only.

  3. Rudy, Bromwell and some other prems also get 100% crews, and all have no stock grinds. This already means they would be expected to be superior than the tank they based on.
  4. Fgt come back to WoT

    1. Siimcy


      When 9.12 hits aka Rampage :doge: Enjoying me some AW right now and watched Bob Ross strim. :cri:

  5. Friday, beer on massive discount. Fuck Yeah. Time to get ONNNNN DAD!!

    1. PityFool
    2. Siimcy


      Come on WoT so we can play some T8 SMM sexii :D

  6. Was the 1st medium I clicked on, very early on, from my terrible KV13 stats, to decent T43, massive difference considering tanks are similar, many would say KV-13 is superior. Anyway I ended up doing 200 games in it, far more that required. Was just easy to play and enjoyable.
  7. If Poltto's brain is not puffing out steam and smelling like a burnt tire at the end of the session, that session was no good.
  8. If you ussually buy gold and think you will use 30k, why not buy it. If you already have enough gold or have other sources (ESL, Clan wars, other) then of course buying this simply for the tank may be stupid, BUT if you ever think you may sell your account, there is a chance having this tank may increase your account value by a large amount also. So maybe not so stupid after all then.
  9. Pz II J won't be so rare anymore I think, at 100 Euro, plus 30500 gold I think they will go like hot cakes!!! That,Or , I may possibly not realise how much 100 Euro is to other Europeans....

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    2. Dynamic_One*


      Yeah I know Orzanel used to earn very little in Romania also, so 100 Euro to him is a shitload.

    3. Golem501


      300 gold / euro is decent... it's a shitload of gold though... but yeah Kapitalist west european with a decent job talking here...

    4. Sidus_Preclarum


      What Golem said. It's a long term investment, I guess.

  10. Oh damn Pollto, got a semi just looking at these 5k dmg sessions stats. Just bought T-62A, need to slap a crew in pronto and see what I can do. Thanks for planning my evening for me. :-)
  11. The amount of suiciding has increased dramatically. Must deal dmg 1st, must spot enemy before they spot me. Etc ect. Yesterday had a SU101 just suicide through middle of Prohorovka as he said he had to deal dmg 1st. He died in about 10 seconds after crossing the ridge, he seemed pretty happy as he put 1 shot into a scout.
  12. 2 games... 2 0 dmg.. fuck it, I am out!

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