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  1. KHmNlnW.jpgMy good friend Eural and I are "migrating" to EU. I myself have had over 6,000 battles played in EU, but its been a year and a half and metas be changing. We want to build this following account in an image familiar to the both of us. Eural wants to play EU CW meta to better understand CW in general. Because in the NA server as you know there is a stagnation of CW talent between otter and bulba. I play EU for the skill base because saying you're good in NA is a moot point when there is so much to learn elsewhere. I've given up almost entirely on NA, but I'd like to start a new on EU before I head out for the US Navy later next year.

    What I want to know is what should we expect from EU CW and skill base? So far we've acquired an account from the guy I sold my EU reroll to. It's a 5k battle blue account with the M48 and tier 9 T54E1/Is8. What tanks are CW meta and how should we approach our play styles? I'm a primarily heavy tonk player because I do not like to camp and Eural is a medium tonk player so he's flexible in that way. The EU meta of non-gold spam may seem strange to us, but we'll get used to it. We also want to prove ourselves that even NA players can achieve good stats without pure gold spam as so many EU players seem to believe. We want to be able to pass on our acquired knowledge and pass it on to people of the NA server and our clan MAHOU. We've both had the opportunity to converse with players in S3AL, OMNI, and IDEAL, but they can only point out the glaring differences between our servers. What is the current CW, Pubs, and tourney meta?

    Thank you for your time and as always o7




  2. CAN YOU NOT BE BAD AT ANIME THERE'S NO SHOW CALLED THAT. It's called Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


    Now that the important stuff is out of the way, I believe the only anime series I've seen with the words Mahou and Shoujo as a phrase in the title are the Nanoha series, which are usually named Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, and then they put A's, StrikerS, or Vivid at the end.

    Are you kidding me!?

    (Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika)

    That is literally the actual name in Japan baka gaijin. Disgusting white man pigu

  3. I'm down, I have the ru251, is7, e4, 907 with the ability to buy E100 and E50M and with this on track event will also be able to buy the T62a/140 depending on which tier 10 you need most.

    As for skirmish experience I was able to call (albeit badly) for weekday warfare 19 where we finished 9th, I called for skirmish 20 where we finished 4th, and as of right now in skirmish 21 we have 2 losses though the first loss was just me trying out different comps.

    I have only just started calling due to circumstances and realized that I'm not absolutely horrible at it. Also seem to be getting better at this game because of that but don't take my word for it eval me in platoon and I'll show you what I can('t) do...

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