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  1. Hmmm, most of these strats apply to high tiers as well especially high tier meds, Low tiers confirmed harder to play than High tiers imo
  2. What happened to my little naive self? All its left is just the bitterness of a wot veteran.....
  3. I seem to have the problem reversed, my internet is fine 50/5 but my computer is Gandaran's level give or take and no matter how much ram I download the fps just seems to get slower....
  4. I've waited 5 years for this....my 6th grade self still remembers the joy of slaughtering Caesars camp with Boon....
  5. yeah, Mahou shojo madoka magica is as the name implies to anyone who has watched the anime
  6. I'm down, I have the ru251, is7, e4, 907 with the ability to buy E100 and E50M and with this on track event will also be able to buy the T62a/140 depending on which tier 10 you need most. As for skirmish experience I was able to call (albeit badly) for weekday warfare 19 where we finished 9th, I called for skirmish 20 where we finished 4th, and as of right now in skirmish 21 we have 2 losses though the first loss was just me trying out different comps. I have only just started calling due to circumstances and realized that I'm not absolutely horrible at it. Also seem to be getting better at
  7. Come join us in plsgo, we'll make sure you feel right at home
  8. Its nice and all but one of the maps I feel that we really need one of these on is OVERLORD cause that map I've seen is just people running around scared of arty and shit
  9. When you beat your clan commander and his dep coms with your own team in skirmish playoffs.....3-1 gg was close

    1. OneTrueLeader


      the more surprising thing is people actually joined a team with plsgo players on them.

    2. Grimoire_of_Alice


      Bitch pls, you wish you were as gud@tonks as we are

  10. This here is the embodiment of the nefarious oppression that my people suffer through as the furry conspiracy mindlessly neg harmless topics that are born unto this world with the given right to exist. We must fight against this tyranny! AND WE FIGHT WITH NONVIOLENCE, for negging would only provide these profligates with all the more reason to rape and subjugate us to more yiffing until we are no more than subservient slaves to the furry masterminds. Here have my upvote as a declaration of war das pelzig untermenschen...... <Nonviolence
  11. I'm trying to think of a topic to post on this forum guys........
  12. My wn8 seems to fluctuate according to what tank is featured in the on track event. welp, hello T54

  13. Ur avatar disturbs me :3 That being said, I do feel this experiment is misguided because there is almost impossible to.actually come up with a legitimate conclusion. What will be the control? Whats about variables like shit computer and moniter making it seem like a modless game is better? What about confirmation bias where you just get a few.better games while not using mods? FFS how do we know you're not biased already towards one or the other? How many mods constitute for too many mods? And so on and so on. I apologize but unlike other tests such as 100 games in a specific tank whose perfor
  14. Just finished watching MIDORI, great movie. Would definitely recommend. http://i.imgur.com/GCpWMB0.gif

  15. Hey Garbad....want to platoon some tier 5's man?
  16. awesome, I'll platoon with you as long as you can tolerate my twisted sense of humor and Ao rated chat
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