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  1. Because I dont want you to Contamin8 this thread. Pls no H8 B8 and if you're not going to Particip8 then pls, vac8. I slap you, cause you Infuri8
  2. You're funny, I like you. Moving on, do you guys know how to delete a post?
  3. Btw, you can put just copy paste the url onto your post and it will automatically become a embed video. Neat huh? I figured that out just today. And yes, I was the Tiger H on that disasterous Malinovka game, You can se why I would like some relaxing music to cope.
  4. I have always had a habit of raging at my teamates for what they do wrong. But I have recently begun to just think of the futility of it all. It is not the fault of my teamates that I died. It is not the fault of my teamates that we lost. It's my fault and I should just take responsibilty and gitgud@tonks. I just realized for me that playing music helps a lot. It just lets me focus on the game and just be a more mellow guy. For the near-future (and maybe long if this thread lives). I will be coming back to this thread every week Sunday night to just put down a song that I find
  5. OMG Wolf and Spice, I've been waiting over 4 Years since the day I finished the show for the third fucking season!! Why won't they ever make one..... BTW regarding how I study, I'm a Junior in Highschool and between balancing 4 AP classes, Calculus BC, Orchestra and Crosscountry, I can say that one the most important things I learned was that you have to prioritize. It all depends on which test is worth the most, and which is the least worth studying for. As for the music I listen to in the background....it all depends, Sometimes Im all for 4 hours of Reggae, other times Im in the mood fo
  6. Yeah, For me the short term reward of 10k per AFE I get from missions is enough for me to sell them when ever I find them in my depot. I dont get set on fire often, and TBH not often enough to just have a AFE sitting there when I could have a FE that I can activate in a close enough time to that,. However, I will try running only AFE's though to see if there's any real benefit. I do have a stockpile of around 50 at the moment
  7. Im broke man, I sold all my AFE's like a crack addict so I can buy shit fund my gold habits.You may be right Rexxie, its time to start quitting gold...
  8. I have my FE mapped to my Q key, reaction time becomes reflex after a few hundred fires
  9. Dammit have you learned nothing from the original Pokemon theme song?
  10. Gee, platooning with people worse than you might drive you from platooning, who would have thought?
  11. Settings/options Turn inverse turning off Done
  12. Can I join this clan? I have been getting better at the game and would love to be able to play under you guys. Im at 10k games, but I have tried out nearly every tank line up to tier 6 and is planning to get multiple tier 10's at a time. I would love to join the clan and play under the banner. So can I have an exception just this once? Ill prove myself by spamming gold skillfully analyzing the battlefield and applying the tactics that I have gathered from this forum. Also to have the chance to TK Cunicularius if I get to platoon with him. They contain chocolates, I swear.
  13. TOUHOU TOUHOU TOUHOU... I CAN PLAY WITH YOU ON BOTH SERVERS...TOUHOU.....I'll play what tanks you'll play but I mostly lean on Premium tier 8's
  14. Why is this in the Chinese sub forum? They're hardly the same countries with wildly different tanks...
  15. Omg meta healthbars! To change the meta of your diet! Thats Hilarious! +1 (Maybe thats what Neverwish intended all along...)
  16. look around the at clan wars recruitment section in depth before just naively posting a request for a clan
  17. Ill toon friend me make the $$ and Up formentioned images Also madatory gif Be on at around 5 today
  18. Firstly, leave your clan. Secondly, By tiger 3 I would have to believe youre talking about the E75?
  19. What is all this hate with platoons!?! Platoons are there simply so that you replace 2 of your 43% top tier teamates with brosephs that will at least want to win the game as much as you do. Isnt that usually the point of platooning?
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