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  1. I like my lowe,its big slow and dumb like a fat nazi teddy bear
  2. It really depends on your playstyle, when I played the tank trying to get to the Hellcat I was an impatient little noob so Optics, Rammer, and net suited me fine, but whatever floats your boat
  3. Yeah, I think that I may have taken an unnecessary risk that didn't pay off as much as I wanted to, got tracked so had to use a repair kit which was a bummer. TY for the comment
  4. Point taken, thing I'm getting at though is that if youre decent enough at tanks and you have a decent enough win rate/ dpg in tier ten tanks, one should not be judged on average tier. That being said, yes there are a lot of people that fail their way to tier ten but they are easy to spot anyways. As of right now, I have practically unlocked the tier 6 of every tank line worth playing, now I'm grinding towards my first tier 10 and more. Funny enough, my high tiers are the tanks with the better stats simply because I take it one step at a time and plan on unlocking tier 10s consecutively. That
  5. http://wotreplays.com/site/1161600#cliff-le_margatroid-panther_ii Watch it Be in disbelief P.S. I loaded a preliminary gold round, but forgot to switch back to standard. Spent all the credits but IDC about that by the end. MFW P.P.S. Feel free to critque/review my replay. I would like to believe that I am getting better at the game, so if there was anything that you might have done differently if you were in my situation feel free to comment below.
  6. Nah, the gun cost way too much exp to get, like 5 million.
  7. IKR, why does one have to grind tier 10's just to increase an "average tier" I thought by tier 10 you should be done with the grind of that tank line
  8. Oh calm your tits, is it now against the rules to reply to other people now with friendly banter?
  9. One of the reasons I decided to try to get better was to make the grind faster, apparently you make more exp helping your team win instead of dying in the first minute. who knew?
  10. Ok...If you'll still let me join, Ill be waiting....*goes to grind for the russian mediums* "Hello stock T-44, we meet again"
  11. Lemme in! I know I dont have enough posts..but still...Lemme in!
  12. Premium Account just expired...have lost all reason to play for the moment, will play on 1 day of premium days. maybe buy a year of premium later...IDK

  13. Can I join? Y'know.....for affirmative action purposes as the token yellow. Pls?
  14. Pfft, My Lowe doesnt need any pityful fuel tank dmg to be set on fire! My beloved Lowe Spawns on Fire!
  15. Thank you and duly noted. The part which I regret the most was that 2 hits I took at the beginning. Seems like the most regretful of ones almost win is almost always the beginning hp loss
  16. http://wotreplays.com/site/1149069#self Please critique my playstyle in the Su152 as you see fit. Includes clutch ELC shot that was not luck at all. Thank You in advance. P.S. I have decided to take NISA's advice and not rage at my teamates as nearly as I usually do. Instead, maybe try to support a more positive environment. Oh well IDK, think of it what you will...
  17. Wehraboos rejoice everywhere, German tanks are no longer synonymous with tinder boxes! I would still carry a fire extinguisher just to be safe. I feel the difference though, before the patch, my Tiger II spawns on fire. Now it only spontaneously combusts at inopportune moments. ^Serb holding the weakness to all German tanks and smiling in delight.
  18. Below average like I was when I just started this game. You can get better though in no time as long as you sacrifice(sell) an arty in the name of wotlabs.
  19. I have Aslains, and I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary...
  20. Wow all the new member titles

  21. Although WG business model is IMO one of the better one's out there. That does not excuse the fact that their ability to educate new players on the game is piss poor. I feel that in turn has turned many players off from the game and the constant invite codes that wot is handing out shows that they are very aware of this problem. I feel that there is a massive skill gap from the >49% have somewhat learned and the <49% have not learned. I know from personal experience that new players WILL get frustrated at the game and thats the games fault for not explaining itself better. Goin
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