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  1. Wal, welcome t'WOT. Fum mah experience this hyar site has a lot of resources thet yo' kin make use of. As long as yer cornstruckive in yer posts yo' sh'd be fine. Thar is a ton of unicums thet frequent th' site so yo' kin ax them quesshuns on how t'play better. Also thar is a lot of guides hyar fo' yo' t'read, cuss it all t' tarnation.
  2. OMG OKUU!!!!!!

    1. #Lunaughty


      Utsuho Reiuji. She's a boss in a 2d fighter scroller thing. Tl;dr MANY BULLET.

    2. Grimoire_of_Alice



    3. #Lunaughty


      Very true.

      Beat the entire thing on Lunatic. I cried because it was on lunatic.

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  3. You have a point, I remember seeing WOT ads in the sidebars of websites with these gimmicky little games where the moment you click on it, it sends you to to the WOT web page. I would believe that older people would be more likely to follow these ads than the more younger and arguably less gullible gamers.
  4. So I just started a game and there was this 43%er that had to tell everyone that he had to go pick up his kid from swimming class leaving us with an afk top tier KV-4. Right after another 45%er Yolos into a group of enemies a tier higher than him and instantly dies. He then goes on saying, " Fuck this game I need to grab a smoke". Needless to say, we lost 15-2. This got me wondering though, people tend to blame the bad players as being kids on their parents accounts or kids on Summer Break which is ruining the experience. IMO, people would think this because they usually coudnt think of
  5. All I did was run.... On the Cross Country team and can run a 15 min 5k though so I guess thats good. Besides I dont even know what you're trying to convey with that picture.....not at all....honest...but I digress. 他妈的婊子
  6. Did you even bother to look around the forum?
  7. I dont Free exp past shit and it shows. Thats what you get for not throwing money at the game I guess.....
  8. EY! Dont call put Suiscout as my member title! I find offense to that! (It also brings back bad memories of my first 5k games....)

    1. PajamaMan


      HEY! "EY!" Is a trigger for me you patriarchal pig! Stop oppressing me!

    2. Grimoire_of_Alice


      Hmmm?"Patriarchal" oh ok, pls elaborate on how I'm possibly being patriarchal right now.

    3. PajamaMan


      It was a joke, I was pretending to be a stereotypical Tumblr user because you said you took offense to the Suiscout title (which yes, I know is a joke too).

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  9. WOW............what have I done...... Do not forget where you got this from.......
  10. Je pense que vous avez assez bien avec les seuls cinq mille matchs joués ... Évidemment, je ne suis pas assez pour dire ce que vous avez eu tort sans ressembler à un Hippocrite ... mais s'il y avait une chose qui était flagrant , vous étiez trop passive bonne. How the enemy team would respond to your presence in a tier 8 game
  11. You fine right now actually, besides the unicums you're looking for arent really specialized for low tier play. They like to stay in the top tiers and rain down shots at lower tiers like Zeus when angry.....
  12. Weird....Summerbreak ended for me two weeks ago.....these dates are whack
  13. Dude it's simple I got through the tank easily, I dont know why you are making such a big matter out of it.....
  14. Say what you want to a pubbie Garbad, but once you call them "Gay", the WG banhammer COMES DOWN WITH THE WRATH OF A THOUSAND SERBS
  15. perpetually grinding T28 prototype

    1. RutgerS


      And I can tell great things about the T110E3

    2. Kitten


      E4 is pretty decent peanut

    3. Ruestir


      The E4 is pretty good IMO. The Prot is not a bad tank either with the top gun.

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  16. What sucks about having to grind the T28 Prototype is that your team needs to be crap or at least evenly matched for you to just catch up and actually shoot your gun. Whats the point of winning if you dont do a single point of dmg? First World of Tanks Problems >Last ten games >Unicums on my team everytime in tier 10 mediums >Roflstomp enemy team >I yell at the enemy team to stop dying so quickly, I NEED TO CATCH UP >Worst streak of wins ever >Life So Hard InB4 game with Rexxie...
  17. It would be interesting if instead they just did damage blocked as the main factor.....(Of course people are going to find a way to farm the system). <A StatPadder in this alternate reality...
  18. I hate it when my team fast caps, such a waste of a 2x IMO. Pretty quick victory though and at least you got some dmg in so thats good..
  19. Are you fucking srs......poor.....
  20. Y'think? Granted Maybe I should have reacted faster to the situation, what good would that have done?
  21. If anyone here has a faster defeat, post pls. I would like to see actually
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