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  1. http://new1.fjcdn.com/pictures/How+i+see+the+animemanga+channel_27eecc_5553612.jpg This is what happens when you don't embrace the fair waifu, my waifu...
    1. cheesyhoney


      Kek i need to join plsgo

  2. http://i.imgur.com/JdeEGoB.png?1 Welp, time to finally grind through that stock E50
    1. punishersal


      RU server not too long ago had mission to hit enemy tank. Hit. No need to pen, just hit it.

  3. Ur all Ghey

    1. Cunicularius
    2. TheEmptyLord


      used to go to school with a guy called Ghey. :D

    3. Sergeant_Fgt


      i like bysackcual more Kappa

  4. Very nice, all according to plan. WG cant do shit of course because it is the fault of the commanders for putting our sleeper agents into the top ranks of their precious clan.
  5. TIL how to kill the #1 clan on the server, welcome back vonluckner

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      >thinking that killed OTTER

      my sides, RIP my sides

    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      PLSGO, you fucked up big time lol

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  6. They just haaaaaaaaaaaad to bundle it with some overpriced gold that I dont need! Srsly though, if the cromwell B really is a straight upgrade over the cromwell I dont see the point of using Type 64's over that anymore in strongholds
  7. welcome, to use this forum is quite simple really. What you do is blog, complain about in game elements, and poast words in general
  8. The math is hurting your head? Dude, its literally WG just trying to squeeze money of you with bundles of gold paired up with the tanks. Of course the bundle of 4 would be worth as much as 2 bundles when all that irrelevant gold is factored out.
  9. wait what? On tank compare it was displayed that the Crom B has an extra 14 degrees of traverse and a ridiculously better terrain resistance with everything being close to exactly the same.... holy shit nevermind WG is a fuking devious cunt
  10. Holy shit the Berlin Cromwell gets 50degrees traverse, like wtf take my money

    1. Fenxis


      Is the traverse really that better or is basically the same because of new math (<tarverse speed> * current_engine_power / stock_engine_power)

    2. KnobbyHobbGoblin


      what about terrain values?

    3. Grimoire_of_Alice


      Yeah nvm, ive been lied to

  11. Good sperg is wasted when there's no one to hear it.
  12. 27% wr today over 11 games, U know its a bad day when 3 people from your blacklist show up on your team in one game and proceeds to shit everything up like a fucking zoo

    1. Cpt_Squirrel


      "shit everything up like a fucking zoo" will be my goto phrase from now on...

    2. Golem501


      1 win in 6 games this morning...

    3. Tigernos


      TIL reading wotlabs in work and seeing "shit everything up like a zoo" and bursting out laughing can be very awkward when you try to explain why you are laughing.

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  13. I second that, give up, admit defeat, life is hard, get over it
  14. Jingles just had his moment with that stupid Tog day. NOW HE WANTS MORE? Tell him to go make his own dumb days in company mode Apparently replying to a post when the video is cannot be watched until after getting home is now a no no
  15. Way to waste an entire page of this thread on a subject that is clearly within your control. Wg isnt going to refund your tank cause its easily repurchasable if you just dtop being a peasant and buy it back for the full price. Now go away you narcissistic shitter. I dont think we said we wanted a good laugh
  16. yo.im.game . gimme duh invitessjwiifguuejrhifdnefd.d..vcfbdd
  17. Ok. This is getting really fucking stupid, I havent downvoted a poast in 2 days and yet it still says im at my limit. I know I know, why cant we all just be big happy family circle.jerking.upvotes...ugh

    1. RutgerS


      We are certainly not circle jerking upvotes anywhere :^)

    2. Evelyn


      Nope, not at all.

    3. Tigernos


      What a silly idea, circle jerking upvotes ha

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