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  1. I would platoon with you, but Im only recently getting better at the game. If youre okay with someone that is not nearly as good but is trying to get better than sure.... if not than thats ok too....
  2. You are not a like your big daddy the Jagdtiger which can take absurd amount of damage when hulldown, no. You're more like an...SU100M1/Su101....just better Not like there was any contest on which tank is better... .
  3. My clan is not strong enough to participate in Strongholds.....
  4. Dont worry,people get those bad days all the time....but sometimes those days will never end...
  5. Im an awful poaster!! *sniffles*

    1. Tuco22


      its okay, there's plenty o room for both of us.

  6. NO! You're not bad at the STB-1 just....unfortunate. Defeat him or he WILL haunt you...
  7. Hell if I know, I just recently found this site and is now trying to break out of my 6k games slump where I "Played for Fun" Frankly, it could just be that youre playing tanks that have a high expected value. Try playing games with and without the STB-1 and see if there is a difference... P.S. Stats Are Lie P.P.S. I'm just little bitter Honestly Though, Just kill more pubbies/Drink more (of my) tears
  8. From a pubbies point of view, the regular pubbie usually hears of the FV4202 negative stigma and immediately associates it with the tank being weak overall, not knowing that the upper plate is actually quite good they would shoot it. As more players play the fv4202, I suspect the gernerall play base would know more of where and where not to shoot the tank. But hey, I'm not purple so my speculation could just be average dumb pubbie fallacies.
  9. Hi Im new here, took me 9k battles to just realize how shit I really was....Found this site today/yesterdat night. Spent 2 hours customizing my profile as tribute to my Waifu. Be 16 having spent the entire summer pushing SAT crap aside and playing internet tanks completely unaware of this site until now. I also have Summer Homework that I push further down the deadline knowing full well that if I were to just get off my lazy ass for 1 day it would have been finished already. Im an underachieving asian with an underachieving WOT record(mind you my GPA is 4.2). Saw Valachio stream once befor
  10. Correct if Im wrong, but is there a possibility of switching out vert stabs for something else due to the fact that the tank is so slow that it might as well be partly aimed anyways?
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