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  1. For those wondering, I usually don't sperg out in a thread but goddam... that was a lot of gold down the drain...

    1. Evelyn


      You had every reason to be mad though. Teammates that just don't show? That's just awful.

    2. kolni


      yeah, not gonna hold it against you at all, being mad for people not committing like they said they would is indeed infuriating

  2. Is this possibly a fossil come back alive? will PURPL one day come back too to wreak HAVOK on a weakened -G-?
  3. I am...I am really fucking pissed right now. The most I've been ever when playing this game......

    1. Grimoire_of_Alice


      I will update with rant thread but yeah will not be pleasnt

    2. Nicook5


      woaaaaaaahhhh 7

  4. Patience is key http://wotreplays.com/site/1819513#fjords-grimoire_of_alice-is-6 Basically an entire game of me doing this ^
  5. Navigating to past articles is a fucking nightmare, fix that pl0x

  6. Just got an is6 for 4 days, time to harness my inner Valachio

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI



    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Also wasn't that a week ago?

  7. Psst...join plsgo fool

  8. In ru-251 trying to do LT-15 and I just keep getting city maps. The one time I want an wide open map with arty and WG blueballs me.

    1. kolni


      platoon with two T10 heavies trying to do HT-15 and you'll only get Steppes, Hidden Village, Sacred Valley and Westfield

    2. Sylvansight


      switch on assault and maybe encounter - might be that the open maps are currently being circulated there.

  9. Bruh, cromwell aim time is 2.3 not 2.7 and optics is not optional you cant drop optics for vents, I would drop GLD for Vents as the vents also help with aimtime to a certain degree. Decent first review if a little summarising.
  10. Yeah, he has his own thread where his admirers can go to admire him.
  11. Nice Legend of the Galactic Heroes anime character as profile, however show me that you're not just some poser and tell me, who is your avatar and what faction is he?
  12. As a first time captain for my team I do think we did pretty well. No one really called per say but was more of 1-2 guys sub-calling at a time. We won 6 but lost 3, could have definitely been better but meh, could have been worse. Post what you learned from this tourney 3 vs 3 session in the discussion below This is only my third tourney that I participated in so obviously I've learned a few things pertaining to the last 9 battles we had. Few things in general I learned: Always bring at least 1 fucking heavy, don't be that guy that brings 3 Cromwells thinking you'll out play them despi
  13. win 6 lose 3, not bad though definitely could be better....

  14. Grand Finals today in Himmels! Time to rev up those T-34-85's shooting heat

    1. Grimoire_of_Alice


      Yeah, I have no idea what I'm talking about....

    2. monjardin


      Bringing some HE on the T-34-85 wouldn't be a bad idea.

  15. If Mahou CW is really That fun than why aren't you stilll in Mahou hmm?
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