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  1. Pub Forums: Some dude claims progetto 65 is as good of a scout as 13 105 because "similar camo in bush"

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    2. kolni


      Tbh the Prog isn't very bad at doing it, but it has such a good damage output that doing it is wasted. The only reason people used BC's for doing it was because it would always win the 1v1 against anything that could challenge that position from the enemy team 

      Mobility is definitely the 2020 decade way of vision games though rather than range, and that's just because it can cover more ground reliably for information than maxed VR can (huge design mistake)

    3. CraBeatOff


      Yea in defense of this pubbie progs with optics appear to be something that can sometimes pull me out of camo.

    4. Snoregasm2


      Most autoloaders / reloaders are dangerous for scouts as probably 50%+ will run optics, as they can't mount a rammer. Especially at tier 8 (Prog, Borat), they can have near 500m view range in some set-ups, which can fuck anyone up if they're not expecting it.

      Source: Found out the hard way in Hwk 12 doing missions. Although that was rare, as 553m view range with CVC was hilariously OP.

  2. Fuck me a-46 is bad. 3 marking it for the shits with some garbage crew but jesus it's a useless tank. 

  3. To the top purples here. Did you ever stop feeling bad? I've been a 3100wn8/61% wr player. Dropped to 57%/2700 and climbing back up but I feel like a total scrub. 

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    2. hazzgar


      @kolni Bipolar or Borderline would make no sense. My GF has one of those and I always forget which but that's exactly what you are talking about. If you had ADHD the main issue is following through on things. As in you know how to do a thing. You know you should do it but you don't do it unless there is a strong stimulation associated with it (fear/stress are most common). Since I know there are things I could excell at if I didn't have adhd but since I have I have to limit myself to shit that stimulates my dopamine deprived brain - mostly analyzing the shit out of stuff (who though excell could be stimulating), extreme sports and anything that requires quick decisionmaking under process. SO I'm a good analyst and an organizer but tell me to train for something in regular time intervals? Fuck that shit. I will go as far as my talent allows. Thank god I'm not stupid since I can't imagine what it must feel when you're of average inteligence and have the same dopamine low.

    3. kolni


      I have huge concentration problems when things don’t interest me (pretty much anything that isn’t area that I’m not naturally good at). WoT is a huge outlier in that regard, but it was mostly out of curiousity to try it. Not worth the effort in the long run. 

      the thing is especially with mental disorders that when you have several is that they get much harder to investigate, double time if they are conflicting. You can attribute an indicator to something but there’s also one on the other end, seemingly canceling it out but it doesn’t work like that at all. It’s just a very intensive roller coaster from one end to the other end. It makes a diagnose very hard to find. First they thought I was just unbelievably depressed and chalked it all up to that, but further in (5 years later) they started evaluating other possibilites and I responded to those treatments much better. It’s honestly just an assumption made by my doctors but that goes for every mental disorder. ADHD treatments are the only things I respond to even remotely positive so the procedure is basically ”if it aint broken…” 

      It’s very annoying to feel ”everything bores me” along with being obsessive at the same time. 

      it’s entirely possible that there’s something different, but with the current tools available it’s the best answer they could come up with

      there are two different types of bipolar which is basically the same disorder but with entirely different symptoms, it’s a pretty interesting read and a fairly ”solved” disorder due to how effective the medicine for it is considering the gravity of the disorder

      the easiest way to describe borderline is being completely ruled by your emotions, a very common trend is threatening suicide to strongarm people into getting their way which is all kinds of problematic 

    4. hazzgar


      The thing is even with several disorders you will have certain traits that either qualify or disqualify you from something. ADHD is basically too little Dopamine. You can't get over it with OCD. 


      Though the rest of your symphoms sound like ADHD so maybe you just phrase your "things I'm naturally good at" wrong and maybe you're good at what you can concentrate at. AS in its the other way around you may be talented at many different areas but those are the areas you can concentrate at and work at so they feel like the areas you have the most talent in. 

  4. Seriously fuck my brain. I have ADHD but my brain doesn't respnd to Ritalin/methylphenidate and I get fevers from Atomoxetine/Strattera so the only thing left is Adderall/Amphetamine. The thing is it's illegal in Poland. So I've been sitting for the past 5 hours not being able to work nor decide what youtube video I should procrastinate too. Maybe the 4th coffee will do the trick.

    1. kolni


      Amphetamine has the nasty habit of making the substitutes completely worthless in comparison. Especially the 74% sulfate, it'll ruin any chance of the med-grade stuff ever having the intended effect with regular use. It's pretty much the only thing that works for me as I seem to be incredibly resilient towards medicine in general. I can take double dosage of adderall and two cups of coffee and be sleepy an hour later. It kinda sucks as my brain just won't allow any activity that is the slightest bit tedious without it

    2. hazzgar


      @kolni my problem is high dosages of Ritalin are making me tense so they have a stimulating effect. Just no dopamine boosting effect. I will stay away from clear amphetamine though as it's very hard to control it (the quality plus getting a doctor who will have no issues with monitoring you). 


      Overall I'm also resistant to drugs but some stimulants make me very tense and tight chested just because 34 years of untreated adhd mean I have GAD as well.

  5. Hi guys. How to get better at brawling. I suck at it. I am absolutely horrible. I just got outplayed by a 279e in my own 279e. Also what mouse settings do you use for wot?
  6. Kill me. I hate the o7. 1600 dpg. This thing is trash. The camo doesnt exist. The alpha is trash, the shells too slow. He is not to be counted on. I hate it

    1. echo9835


      Out of the frying panzer and into the fire.

  7. Why not go all the way and find something along the lines of "yo mommas side piece" since EU pubbies love to insult moms while also getting really cross if you hit back (yeah no wonder I get chat bans)
  8. There is a big topic on the EU pub forum where people are actually arguing in support of arty drowning itself. Pubbies...

    1. ZXrage


      I'd be delighted if both sides did that at the start of the battle

      Although at that point they might as well just not play arty

    2. hall0


      link. neeeeeeeed a liiiiiiink

    3. CandyVanMan


      Thread got locked due to toxicity.

  9. I just realize KPZ o7 prem shells cost 4400 for 200 dmg. Aren't FV4005 8000 for 1750?

  10. Any hiden gem tanks people found recently? Need a change of play and I noticed with equipment 2.0 some tanks make sense once again so I'm curious. 

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    2. CraBeatOff


      Bourrasque with LNE CVS and bond optics. Absolutely broken.

    3. hazzgar


      @CraBeatOff any replays to post? I'm literally running the opposite because I want to mitigate the shit gun handling so I'm running bond vents, bounty aiming system and vert.

    4. CraBeatOff


      That's a fair setup for doing damage. I've accepted my poor aiming skills, age and poor hardware limits. So i instead work on making pubbie permalit and punishing transitions.

      I'll post some replays very soon. @sr360 is using his prodigious intellect to see if i can record some voice commentend replays. Barring that I'll do some write-ups with replays

  11. Damn son. That's a nice session. Especially the WR
  12. Shouldn't 2 marking be easy with your stats?
  13. Never kill tanks + restart till you get a battle with like 5+
  14. The new german premium is meh. It's just very good at late game farming so ofc the 3 mark reqs are high. 

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    2. CandyVanMan


      I have had some impressive loss streaks these last few days, this tank is currently sitting at 49% winrate for me.
      Don't think I have ever seen so many 15-0, 15-1, etc. games in such a short amount of time.
      In the first 15 games the other day, I had four 15-1 losses, no hyperbole, I use wotnumbers to track my battles.
      There's also been a few 15-0 wins and a lot of those 15-5 ish games going both ways.

      Games have simply been too fast to make the tank work for me, hope it will get better when the game calms down a bit.

    3. hazzgar


      The Marathon makes people take more risks. Some pub forum dweebs even say they don't care about the result. My bourasque suffered because of that given it lacks the DPM to work when the team colapses or when someone yolos you and your teamates are too busy eating crayons. Though yeah my Kanonen or whatever its called sits at 40%... 2k dpg, which should probably get a bit higher but still 40% is a bit bad. 


      On the other hand weird tanks started to work. Jgzilla? BC25AP. 


      PS. IS it only me or is the WZ120TD from t8 (the prem) out of meta? It feels horrible to play now but maybe i forgot how to play it. ANd i remember it being stupid OP. 

    4. CandyVanMan


      Rebought 13 90 for some missions, and because it's a nice tank, averaged about 3,5k assist and 80%+ winrate, switched to T49 after getting missions done in 13 90.
      It was like a switch flipped, spotting entire teams in the open, in best case scenario, I would get 1k assist.

      I've seen some shit in this game, but the last week or so, nothing comes close to all the weird shit, and soooo many 15-0, 15-1...

      In 10 years, I have never had so many bad streaks, that I simply couldn't do anything about.

  15. 705A with the new bounty turbo will have 1kph faster top speed and same power to weight as the tier 10 patton. Lol. 

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    2. sr360


      Oh totally. And we're not even talking about Concept 1B, Chieftain, 260, 277 or IS-7 with iTurbo.

    3. hazzgar


      Yeah though those tanks are already fast so they sometimes happen in med spots. I like the 705a idea even when it will probably be less effective just because of the confusion it will cause. You're a Pershing going with your platoon mate in a t69 to a typical med spot. With 46kph FJords middle push from the north would maybe even work.

    4. Jul_Le


      What are the specs for bounty / iTurbo? Are those listed somewhere?

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