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  1. Scratch my vk1001p opinion. Too slow to make plays and the armor only works against morons.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Quick honeymoon

    2. Ham_


      I was waiting for this update :serb:

    3. echo9835


      Ran out of idiots? Its still powerful, but its weaknesses are easy for players to exploit.

  2. So Apparently Progetto is as problematic as the 430U but it gets a bigger nerf because reasons: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/05/22/supertest-medium-tanks-changes/
  3. No longer praising tanks on wotlabs. Every time i do that I get an insta -10% to them. FfS

  4. You not having VR skills but having camo is a bit bad. Camo is useful but view range is needed for spotting people from bushes etc. Camo is for not getting spotted going there. As for the rest - Better shooting and low resistance skill. Also off road driving > clutch breaking since off road driving helps you turn faster + drive faster. It's vents of driving
  5. Just got the VK1001P for some block missions. I know I'm late to the party and I know the speed means most wotlabs will say some glass canon is better and yeah in pure DPG farming it will be but who in their right mind thought this tank is a good idea? Probably the most broken same tier/top tier tank since KV1S.  I'm literally playing it only for bounce missions, playing like a moron half of the games I die with very little dmg but then I get t8 games that result in me roflstomping everyone. It's also a great scout because fuck logic. 


    I get that it's probably hard to reliably push its WR into high 60's but I also think you have to be super unlucky to not pull 60-65% even as a bad player. It's a tank that kinda should perform on the same level irregardless of skill. It's just boring because speed.

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    2. GehakteMolen


      VK100 has been one of the better tier 8 tanks since day 1 (as in: the day it was added to the game), played it a lot in platoon with a defender, and performance was roughly the same.

      Tier for tier, its much better as Mauschen and not as frustrating as the MAUS

    3. hazzgar


      @Balthazars it's less reliable it still trolls the shit out of ppl and you have 1700hp with alpha that allows you to trade. Plus a smart player simply wont try to rely on his armor vs high pen tanks. I was just surprised how easy the tank was too play. One of those tanks were it's literally no stress outside of the games where the speed makes you out of position

    4. kolni


      always found it to be strong, esp against so many of the tanks that can't reliably hit or pen it's cupola

      also a nice xp pinata 

  6. LOL at wg guy admiting on circons stream Brit Lights are so bad so few people play them they have no data to balance them

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    2. hazzgar


      @MagicalFlyingFox a few unis (Iyouxin for one) claim it's decent or at least better than expected. Probably because it has great camo and a reliable gun. So even without it it would not be worst. Tbh If manticore had 25-30 shells and DPM around -10% of other lights it would be a good tank

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      It is better than a flipwagon but its no T-100 LT. 

      Give it more shells and it might not be completely horrible. The guns need to do more across the board. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      WG needing data to balance vehicles is a bad excuse. Most tanks work similary and by now even us players can guess if a tank will perform well of not based on our experience on the game. 

      They are just incompetent or unwilling to make the changes best for the game

  7. Funny thing is supposedly they get crazy amount of money from EU but they care only about RU. This is really stupid but wg being stupid is not news.
  8. This warrants a separate post - stock gun on Brit T7 light has 900 DPM. !!!! NINE HUNDRED. As in HALF of what most other lights in tier have. 

    1. echo9835


      "Battleship Guns" Wargaming 2019

    2. Tman450


      imagine playing british lights :megadoge:

  9. Starting to grind UK lights. This is me coming out as a moron

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    2. Snoregasm2



    3. Kymrel


      Why would you do that to yourself?

    4. hazzgar


      There are some alliance spot missions so I thought why not I have a 5 skill crew from the t8 prem rental

  10. hazzgar


    Masochist but congrats
  11. It used to be decent not so long ago :/
  12. Anyone else has an issue with commenting on some people's statuses? Happens both on Chrome and IE on work laptop and I need to pass time on 3.5h+ work calls every day.


    BTW. @kolni did you test your designated target hypothesis? Also I don't fully understand your findings because of shit formatting on my work laptop. Basically go with vision for marking or dmg? 

  13. So a non pike 277 with shit prem pen which will be buffed ?
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