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  1. Yeah increased splash radius is idiotic. I get the stun. OK. I can live with that but they also increased damage splash radius so you can literally hit people behind obstacles. Sure you lose some damage but you still hit them.
  2. Well at least I will get a free flat for 25% of buy price which is much lower than current sale price. So that's a profit. Still having 2 parents without jobs and my father having a stroke at 57 was a fucking punch in the dick. Good thing both of my parents have partners ( no idea how but if it works it works) On the bright side I 3 marked my BC12T while some RGT moron shouted at me for not spotting a ferdi behind a building and a su-101 that was double bushed. Took waay too much time. Lights are not fun now. Maps are changed in such a way you get less early spotting opportunities and have to wait til late game plus pubbies make fewer mistakes. I remember having more monster spot games in my 13 105 or 13 57 1 year ago
  3. Her flat and my flat I had to take over from my mother once she lost her job.
  4. Yeah I'm 32, have a fiancee and we have 2 mortgages but yeah not trying to project at you. Also I will not upgrade my mac so I can play Tanks at above 20fps and good graphic settings
  5. Not an attack on you. Still what do you spend your free time besides games? I know I spend too much on tanks and I want to go back to my old sports and I am a 32 year old guy (jesus I feel old saying that)
  6. Ok. Fuk this game. Better ways to spend time than to waste 4h/day to get insulted by some permablues while getting some imaginary ribbons on imaginary tank barell. 

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    2. nabucodonsor


      I play a couple a games a week just to remind myself how shitty it is.

      Now the next step is the wait for the new patch, block it and not install it. In this way my lazyness to download it will overcome my insane madness to grind to the Leo1

    3. hazzgar


      @Kolni funny thing is I decided to 3 mark the last few tanks before I sell it and as luck has it I had probably my strongest carry in months winning with 0s on the clock. I play better when I want to quit apparently.

    4. Haswell


      Try playing arty so you can fap with your other hand. :doge:

  7. Not even snapshoting. Just shots going to another dimension. I don't remember when I had another tank like that. FFs 2100 dpg. LIKE WTF. I might as well be aiming at my dick
  8. Is anyone thinking the gun is cancer? unless I aim 100% the shells go everywhere worse than british guns. MIseed 3 shots at 15m from a t57 side. Not bounced. Missed. They went nowhere.
  9. But killing objectives gives you very little. Though yeah with a semi competent team you always win attack but i had some teams that couldn't even get out of a.
  10. hazzgar

    HWK 30

    "On par with a t9 light" vs "balanced"
  11. Ok how do you play the caern? My shells go everywhere but not where I aim them. The armor is trash, the alpha is low, the gun doesnt always track. Are the good reviews from full gold players?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Kolni replay pack? Do you think the tank can work decent without full acpr? When I went with more prem I did great with it but the slow standard shell killed me. 


      @sohojacques other slow tanks at least have alpha or armor. You sometimes don't have the speed to force a 2 vs 1 trade. I'm at something shit in mine line 1700

    3. Kolni


      no replays, not my account

      idk, never fired a single ap shell in it so i wouldn't know

    4. hazzgar


      I'm tempted to try a full gold 30 game run. 

  12. To anyone thinking wheeled tanks are good for the game - look at your t8 lights 3 mark reqs. They all dropped like a stone

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    2. nabucodonsor


      By good I meant they someway prevent camping as you have a retard that can yolo and spot camping tds and kill arty which is always a plus in my book.

      My problem with them is that the high pen HE kills light tanks too easily. Also they take away the one niche LTs had over other tanks which was mobility and camo on the move. Now LTs are faster (not by much) than mediums but with less view range (bar medium tiers) and more view range over cars but less mobility, getting stuck in a wierd master of none situation.

      In WG's retarded mind LTs should be some sort of passive scout which is ridicule as passive scouting works on very few maps and in few situations.

    3. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor yeah wg's mind really doesn't work when not all lights can work in passive scouting even according to WG principles. ELC even, overal french and RU tanks are fast and can get to a bush fast but Sheridan? LOL. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      Too many burgers komrade. Not enough vodka

  13. hazzgar

    Do you EVEN 90?

    Lol. Wheeled tanks killed 3 mark reqs so this is the time to 3 mark it. finally done it. Bounced from 94.9x% 5 times in 2 days going back to 92-93% but finally done it.
  14. depends on which ones you play. t37 is good, amx 12t is good but 59-16 and mt25 are annoying as hell and imho same tier meds are better than them. T6 lights are just not just enjoyable as t7 lights.
  15. Fuck you game. Finally 3 marked the elc even after bouncing a zillion times from 94.9x%

    elc even 90 3 mark.JPG

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