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  1. IS3A wins quite well its just even more annoying than the Defender.
  2. Not really. Pubbies easily deal with the defender now. I had IS6's pen me frontally.
  3. Defender is a bit harder to kill but 703 is way better at dealing damage while not being that murch worse in terms of armor (. For good players dealing damage > being a hard to crush rock.
  4. When 703 came out a ton of people even here claimed Defender was better.
  5. They are using the same logic they used with the prot - different tank performance stats are not important. Just popularity
  6. It's more DPM/Autoloaders. Anything that makes killing tanks on flanks faster once they key anchor tank falls. From my own opinions: 1. Ferdinand is a good tank thanks to HP alone. Jtiger is also good. 2. Optics were always a better option than vents on most meds, no matter the crew 3. Fast meds need camo before repairs 4. 703 II is better than Defender 5. Somua SM is a top3 t8 prem.
  7. People are morons. In the last 4 days 3 different flats in the vicinity of my window decided to have a Karaoke Party at 1/2AM. 2 of them had morons who decided to argue with me. First was that my throwing pebbles at their window to make them notice was "trying to break the glass" with some stupid cunt saying "she has a father in the police" and 2nd had some annoying npc looking dude complaining that I wasn't nice to him. Like seriously what did he expect me to be when he opens the window and sings? A box of chocolates? It's good I no longer have an ax in my flat. Disturbing sleep is the only thing that brings out a murderer in me. 

    Seriously have a party on the weekends. I get that. People need to party but FFS not in the middle of the night during weekdays. Not singing sitting literally on the window inside an appartment building complex backyard that echoes. Fuck people

  8. I'm a retard. Seriously I am. 300 battles in an LT432 and I went from 65 to 55% Win rate trying to 3 mark it. Every good battle is followed by 5 battles of -0.5% on marks.  I should uninstal. FFs i 3 marked better tanks but this one makes me a moron.

    1. PityFool


      I also perform poorly in it. I don't know why, I just don't "feel" the tank.

    2. hazzgar


      @PityFool It's just the only really abusable thing on it is the DPM. Everything else is strong but the tank shines when it can bully but that means lower hp pool. So what you deal 3.3k dmg when that rises your marks by 0.1-0.2%.  I seriously think I will 3 mark the WZ T8 TD before it and that's a way less reliable tank. 

  9. Imho vents is such a small improvement optics make more sense in current vision meta. 520vr memes really make a difference when you burn through bushes.
  10. Did defender get powercreeped or am I just getting horrible rng?

    1. RedwoodOriginal


      Blame RNG, my 252u is good as it was before patch.

    2. lavawing


      it's not as good as ever, it's better than it ever was - being in a fast superheavy with 1650 HP wins more games than with any other prem you can buy

    3. RedwoodOriginal


      @lavawing i need to try that, i installed improved rotating mechanism(or whatever it is) and so far i like it.

  11. So did the vert stab nerf come into place? It seems i cant hit shit but the new patch has turned players into insane morons so its hard to play anyway

    1. Rexxie


      vstab hasnt changed

    2. hazzgar


      Ok. So it's just the gun that gives me a giant fu. Then again IS6 penned me with standard ammo 3 times in a row. Frontally so yeah.

    3. hazzgar


      Also bugi 17% wr over 20 battles. Someone is trying to tell me to quit wot

  12. I get that Wot is getting worse but holly fucking shitballs. -5% on Marks in 2 days. Maybe 2 games with major mistakes. It's just impossible to carry. Either your team rolls or doesn't shoot what is spotted or your team gets rolled so fast you cant farm on their deaths. WTF.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      At least on NA I'm pretty sure it's all kids. No school due to COVID, so the parents are all letting them play video games 16 hours a day until their little brains melt. Every game is just a yolothon, I'm mostly playing other games until it's over.

    2. hazzgar


      @Jesse_the_Scout heaviums will work now. Every time when the game goes nuts heaviums work

  13. Jesus. I love the time when players try to understand shifting meta. 2100 dpg in lt432 still nets me 40% WR over 20 battles... 

    1. GehakteMolen


      yday 46% after 35 games or so, GG (and my mm with the polak t8 heavy was actually quite good, not much arty a lot of top tier...)

      losing 3 tanks in 1 minute who try to catch a lynx, howboy...

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      Game is completely fucking unplayable now.

    3. hazzgar


      Yeah i love going from 92 to 89% on marks on a tank that suits my playstyle and when I don't make mistakes and play well. WTF WG. Also 5 skill crew, food, improved equipment on a light and so yeah makes sense the games are shit...

  14. Not the same. ELC didn't have random movement shit that trolls both the enemy and the driver and it had good alpha t4t.
  15. hazzgar

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    Jtiger works because the prem shell is fast and the gun is accurate and fast firing. It's only underrated because people don't know about the stupid shoulder/side weakspot
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