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  1. So WG nerfs DPM to 1600, Nerfs the turret but makes E50M 300/380 ACPR + 0.17 ACC since "sniping german". I'd not be surprised if they did something stupid like that.
  2. If u think WoT  can't get any worse today I found a bot that decided to push me all game then go AFK after I died. Seriously. 

    1. Draco912


      was the name SorryDidIHitYou? if so that is someone who pushed me into enemy fire when i was in my tier 9 swish cheese td i put a ticket in for physics abuse and got generic we took action blah blah cant tell you what blah blah. wouldnt suprise me if it was him. 

    2. hazzgar


      @Draco912 different guy

  3. How do u play steel hunter? Every time i win a 1 vs 1 3 morons pop out to kill me, avoiding people is impossible. WTF?

    1. PityFool


      In the BR world, these are referred to as "Seagulls" or "3rd Party". Basically you have to learn to play around that situation because its a fundamental part of any BR, simply due to it being an effective strategy to jump into an existing fight and use your superior HP pool and element of surprise to clean up the scraps and take the spoils for yourself. 

      Ideally you want to be very aware of your surroundings when taking any engagement, keep expecting the seagulls to arrive. Try and stay slightly detached from engagements so you can dip out of them if needed and rotate to put the other guys "in the middle" so to speak. YOU want to be the seagull, think like a seagull, be opportunistic. Look for easy/weak targets, pick on other fights and always shoot the guy who has the upper hand in a fight so that you can weaken them both as much as possible. There's no point seagulling a fight and shooting the 1HP target who was fighting a full HP guy, because now you have 1 full HP tank left and you just gave him the loot so you accomplished nothing other than advancing 1 position. Shoot the higher HP and that way you are basically working together with the weaker guy to punish the stronger one, with the goal of both of them dying and you can swoop in for a double bag of loot.

      I'm not speaking from a heap of steel hunter experience but more from my roughly 6-7k hours in the BR genre. They're all the same, save for their individual metas, the core meta stays the same in BR.

    2. Balthazars


      While all of what Pity says is true, I think with SH you just have to accept that sometimes you're going to have to get stuck in and you'll get picked off because the game-mode is just that shitty. It really, really isn't helped by the vision mechanics where you cannot even tell someone is there unless you ping them on the radar or have direct line-of-sight and are actually looking at them, so if they position right it is simply impossible for them to not get the jump on you.

    3. PityFool


      I take back everything I said, people are just blatantly teaming in every game on NA now. Fuck this mode.

  4. Anyone else get this weird bug when locking autoaim where it locks and unlocks for 1 click?

    1. Rexxie


      Do you have it set to a mouse button (mmb) or a keyboard button? Try rebinding it to the keyboard if its on your mouse to see if it still happens. Usually the MMB doing multiple inputs per click is the first thing that goes wrong on a worn out mouse. If you have it on KB already then I have never seen that!

    2. hazzgar


      Good point. I'm using an office mouse since I am investing 0 in my gaming laptop given it's largely unproductive

  5. I play on a shit laptop so I'm the other way around. Good positioning shit shooting
  6. Any proof that sigma changes exist or confirmation bias? Different handling + no server recticle + different shell speeds can make you think there are sigma differences.
  7. They never were AFAIK. This is a Wows thing not a wow thing
  8. You are just unlucky. Bloom is way better You are getting too close if you're not having fun in it. I used to complain about it too. Felt it was shit but then I learned to play around its weaknesses and now I love it. When u are top tier in a 3/5/7 go for 5k dmg. Even without food and improved equipment it snaps good. Just don't engage at 450m on purpose and don't fight at sub 50 and you're fine.
  9. hazzgar

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    T95 with new turbocharger and fast repair is also really damn good since it can't be permatracked and it goes 24kph.
  10. I get that Boring and Strong are 2 different things. I am a supporter of Ferdinand as a strong tank. All I'm saying it with high skill level Defender stops being so strong because you can't punch through as easily as you can with the 703. OP and OP in the hands of Unicums are 2 diffeerent things. Defender is op because a pubbie can do a lot of damage and not die since pubbies have trouble with dying when they try to do shit but all the tanks where unis win a lot are amazing at dealing damage and defendor isn't.
  11. Same here tbh. It's just not fun to play.
  12. hazzgar


    Play like a renegade that's better hull down. The gun is good and the 4s autoreloader memes are good. Also the charge for double shot is fast enough for it to be usable. I rather liked the IS-2-II
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