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  1. hazzgar

    Wheeled Tank Mechanics

    That's not a great result for a top tier battle imho. It's dead on for 3 mark reqs for a t7 french premium light and 400 below elc even 90. Not trying to shit on you. Just saying those tanks are not as good. You REALLLY have to work for results over 3.5k combined. Those are a regular thing for experienced light players in other t8 lights. but min maxing is all wg does.
  2. hazzgar

    IPIP300 Personality Test

    Yup. Tests like that are horoscopes for dumb people who think they are smart (you know - JP fans). Even long professional tests can give you false positives or shit results. I've had 2 3h+ psych evaluation and been given wrong therapy recomendations on both times.
  3. hazzgar

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    If you have to buy only one prem buy this. Seriously. The only problem is limited ammo capacity plus now in non GF version the 3 mark reqs should be more reasonable so you won't pull your hear every time you are top tier. Also yeah it's tons of fun.
  4. hazzgar

    Winrate Expecations

    Very probable since my WR-WN8 ratio in t10s is opposite to yours except for shit tanks (I have to play those since I roam accounts for shitters). Also presence is SUPER important in wining games because if often saves your teammates lives. So if you are not present enough early game you hurt your win rate even if you stay alive longer. Currently I am at 58-63% in my t10s that don't suck (hello t62a) yet my Wn8 is usually in the 2600-2700. I tend to die in t10 games relatively often but I try to make an impact fast in tanks that can do that. You have WR to WN8 stats of my t10 lights. So I'm wondering if maybe you have similar presence to them.
  5. @Madner Kami What is wrong with my post?
  6. hazzgar

    Winrate Expecations

    Less camping, less damage farming, more going for kills
  7. Did some retard streamer suggest the only role of a light is to ruin the lives of other lights even if it means dying yourself? jesus  dropped from 92% to 88% on my elc even just because every enemy light wants to ram me even if it means driving in front of 10 enemy guns.

    1. Kymrel


      Could be some of them are doing missions where they need to damage/kill light tanks. Missions make people do stupid things.

    2. hazzgar


      Makes sense. I have to play passive as shit not to get yolod now. 

  8. Yeah nerfing them will make them really good. Jesus WG balance team are idiots
  9. Me - black prince cant be as bad as Churchil VII 

    Also me - churchill VII, kv85, su100 penning me frontally without aiming and prem ammo. This is going to be a fun grind

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    2. hazzgar


      Maybe on track. 65 games for a t7 tank seems fast. I did my amx 13 75 in 70 and lights usually get higher avg exp.

    3. Balthazars


      I'm at the Church I at the moment. It's okay for a tier 5, but then again, it's tier 5 and pew-pew tanks can be okay with goldspam. Not particularly looking forward to the Church VII. Is it as painful as it looks?

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    4. hazzgar


      @Balthazars imagine you are as slow, have same alpha, same armor and are a tier higher only for some hp. 

  10. Is there any way to take off camo off rental tanks that expired?

    1. 8_Hussars


      Official forums discussed this and I believe a Support ticket was necessary...

    2. hazzgar
  11. Any rumors about future twitch prime offers?

  12. When 260 was released everybody thought it was broken as fuck. It was before is7 buffs so everyone called it a better is7. 279 some streamers called it only good when top tier. WG noticed people are not grinding hard enough so they buff it.
  13. Though the good gun handling may be fun.
  14. I don't get why t6 and t7 are as fast as normal lights. 65-70kpt doesn't make them fast. I hoped there was a gem in the low tiers where people have shit acc so you can use the speed and zoom zoom for the win but nope. All of them are shit.
  15. Naah. Jtiger made short work of him once he got close enough the angle made his upper plate weaker. I think what Daki means is probably it won't stay super strong for long. Once people learn the armor profile it will be less useful. They need a perception of them being broken so people grind them. It's reasonable even if bad for balance.