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  1. I give up. Pubbie accuracy hit 10%. Good players play mostly close range and self spot. So you spot for idiots who will do 0 dmg. 
    My last few prok, malinovka, redshire and that polish maps werre all sub 3k avg spot. Sorry but spotting is dead. 

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    2. sr360


      You're not going to get those big games without a platoonmate who's dedicated to supporting you. Rare is the occasion I get a solo 10k spotting game.

    3. hazzgar


      @sr360naah game is fucked. Just had a game on Pilsen where the hole enemy team consisting of 10 tds went city. 

      Played with a good platoonmate went -2% on marks. I'm quitting.  Used to pull 2.2k spot solo now If I pull 1.9k platooned it's average.

    4. Jul_Le


      I guess it works if you can keep them spotted for 10 min so pubbies can kill them with 1/10 pen ratio.

  2. I know that mobbing is bad. I'm against it but what if your subordinate is a fucking absolute moron who makes huge mistakes that are visible outside the comapny and add everyone work. Is it ok to throw chairs at that person? 

  3. Is spotting dead on EU? I got prok multiple times and my team either yolos into the enemy team or just all camps hill so I get to do 2k spot in t8... 3 marking the elc even 90 solo seems near impossible now with 3300 combined reqs

    1. sr360


      On the one hand, how did you get Prok multiple times, what hax are these? On the other hand, RIP...

    2. hazzgar


      Yeah I felt like I was going up on marks then 2 games with no spot. And I have outspoted both enemy lights... 

  4. Am I the only one who feels the tanks below t10 are generally below average? T8 is a worse patriot which only works against morons. T7 is decent but has a huge weakspot and feels like a t7 m103 but with a pew pew gun and T9 has 2 huge weakspots and low alpha. T10 is also a worse Kran/Sconq
  5. My new account is weirdly " A stupid reroll" but also "you never played t10". I love pubbie logic.

  6. The new T6 Yoh heavy has one fun thing. It's one of the few reliable turret low tier tanks

    1. Panzergraf


      The, uh... Pawlack? Or whatever it's called?

      I think I should almost have it researched already thanks to random blueprints from daily missions.

      I'll give it a try after the CW campaign ends.

    2. Ham_


      The ricochet angles + traverse speed make it a massive pain in the hole to shoot lol

    3. hazzgar


      @Ham_this is true. The hull is trollish. Especially on low tiers where the low accuracy + low shell speed means you often hit not where you aimed and bounced. 

  7. Wanted to see what's the newcomer experience so i started a new acc. Jesus if you are not using invite boosters and other shit but just join solo it's horrible. Steamrolls everywhere and yeah you advance fasters but low tiers are a farce

  8. "Details for player x locked" - is this a CC account feature? 

    1. Snoregasm2
    2. arthurwellsley


      Also for "press accounts". I played on one a few years back at an event in London, when it also had a KV-4 TD at tier VII.

    3. hazzgar


      Yeah this was a CC. Looked up a Polish CC and it was him. The IS7/Cs63 push train.  Fun for the streams but the game was thrown beause of it and even my 7k dmg and late game tryharding couldn't carry it

  9. Is 279e slowly getting out of meta? Can't seem to get decent dpg in t10 anymore. I know it may be rust but I either farm on a loss or hold but not do dmg

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    2. hazzgar


      Yeah my results with it are back to normal but xmas meta introduced waaaay too much yolo and weird play. I had 3 enemy t8 tanks yolo my ebola. I had teammates near me but they drove away to shoot at different tanks. T8 tanks are not a problem but not when they yolo your sides as you can't angle your front to both left and right. This happens with my scout games too

    3. WhatTheSkara


      Events where freebies are given away always attract the worst of the worst.

      The meta did shift though, turbo games are truly an issue now and they are particularly noticeable when using tanks with low DPM/slow reload

    4. hazzgar


      @WhatTheSkara yeah it's not even that it has low dpm because it doesn't. It just it doesn't have high enough DPM/ALpha to be getting as much damage as the tank relies on prolonged engagements. 

  10. There will be better t9 prems so it makes zero sense to spend money on this
  11. Field mods are not as broken though. They create some extra imbalances but it's not insane.
  12. Why would you spend free exp on field mods when you can use normal exp on them?
  13. Jesus Eeekaboo is sucking WG's dick so deep it practically comes out of his ass. The dude claimed CC's are recently being more unhappy with the game because it brings them views as manufactured drama. He also claims there are oposing views to basically every point and we should not listen to people on twitch and on forums because there are many people who don't express their opinion anywhere. Basically any opinion about the game is to be ignored. 


    Can anyone explain to me why some reasonable people once liked him? 

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    2. H4NI


      Do we have any video/forum post where he says that so we can shit on him on wot forum also? :serb:

    3. hazzgar


      He;s a WG employee who pretends to be a content creator. But basically his words = wg's words. 


      @H4NI that swedish t9 stream from some time ago on World of Tanks EU YT channel. Some of it is without him so you have to scroll.

    4. orzel286



      I have to say, he'd make a good wg employee,

      So I got that right even without knowing him? Can't fool me wargaming, I know you too well!

  14. Stock is horrible because it moves like a boat.
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