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  1. Can't they just look at lower tiers than t10 and notice tanks there have more weakspots and those tiers actually work?
  2. You miss my point. You a higher tier, not a new tank, same hp will now face lower tiers with more HP. The new high hp tanks will be tanks below your tier.
  3. Weird. Did not play for a few months. Maybe there was a strange drop? Dunno.
  4. Not saying new tanks. I am saying 3 marking old tanks when low tier tanks get HP buffs. I know t5 marking is super easy anyway but it would be fun to see how fast you could 3 mark some tanks in t5 when the changes go live
  5. How fast are 3 mark reqs adjusted? every 14 days? Because just post update t5 3marks might go REALLY quick. I'm really curious about IS-4 though. The armor on that thing is rather funny when people are bad even now so with the buffs it may be the perfect tank for getting massive bounce results.
  6. After the gun what's the better upgrade? Turret or Engine?
  7. The reqs are strangely low for it I noticed. Not to dunk on the achievement, congrats. It simply surprised me
  8. Corona made me fix my pc so now I finally dont play on all min settings and 16fps and what do you know +6% wr back to previous performance. This game is playable again. Even with the new rental skoda being cursed. 

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    2. hazzgar


      @echo9835 it's not even the fps. The min settings (wg claimed it's playable and pcs that could run wg pre new graphics will run now) mean you dont see where the guns are pointing, you have less details on weakspots and you dont notice when people shoot. 

    3. Ham_


      Is rental Skoda a buy? Borratsque seems better but I haven't tried either. 

    4. hazzgar


      @Ham_ not really. It's too slow and the camo is meh and the clip is often way too small. I get decent results in it but it's hard to carry bad teams in it. Lorriane is imho way better, I didn't try the Borratsque but it seems more fun. It's above average but there are better options imho.

  9. m103 has cheek problems and hull problems. IMHO they should make the line US Heavium. Make them faster. Or if they think it's unhistorical as you say 420 alpha. better armor, pen and gun handling buff to t32
  10. Restaurants + Travel + Events are all risky and all those industries are hit haaard. Same for cinemas.
  11. Still I don't want to make it too rosy. It's good for people who are not affected economically. Last year I transfered from Movie distribution to TV. My old Company will be inconvenienced but that's all but the marketing agency that serves them is screwed. People with regular non trash, full tax contracts are safe but those who wanted to get lower taxes are screwed and will not be payed for some time. People in service jobs are in really bad positions.
  12. The books and games are unbearable. I cooked all the delayed dishes, I bike a lot. This is the real dystopia - comfortable gulags where you dont have to do anything and can walk around anywhere. The horror.
  13. So it's 80% covered by the country and the extra 20% can be insured? Got it. For a while It sounded like you have a strange model. Though now it is very strange to have to pay for epidemic related issues as this will discourage people from going to hospitals Seriously this is not a flu and with a basic understanding of maths you can get that the actions taken now are needed. The difference between overburdened health systems and ones that have a steady inflow of new sick people mean a 10x rise in mortality. Panicking is bad but calling it a random flu because you don't like govt and like guns is just plainly dumb. The contagiousness is on Spanish Flu levels, the mortality is lower but only assuming the hospitals are not overrun. Also ffs stop with the "hurr durr Imma take mah rifle and take on da gubmint" bs. It's thinking like that that allows people bigger than you to screw you over. You focus on the fear the government will put you in gulags while large business lobbies for 123152141 law loopholes or for weakening of government regulators. The govt regulators (from the evil gubmint ofc) have no money to investigate and the law is lax on large companies thanks to you being preoccupied with your fake revolution and you end up with stories like Jared Kushner's company deliberately poisoning people with heavy metals so they move out of rend stabilized apartments and not getting punished for it. Also historically weak govt = crime. Early Russia Post USSR, Italy post unification. All were birth places of gigantic mafia organizations. So yeah be against that because 5 year old boys hate rules
  14. You are simplifying it. First of all there are younger people with respiratory issues or simply your body may have a weak immune system. Hell in some cases you are unlucky and you don't even know your immune system is compromised for example due to stress or chronic lack of sleep. Also the 2% mortality rate isn't really true. The mortality rate will vary depending on how much we flatten the curve. Too many people go to hospitals at once and doctors have to chose who gets the ventilator and who dies. This is why some countries have very high mortality rates at 3-4% and some are <1%. I was saying that but no its not. I get that it's annoying people are building forts out of toilet paper but that doesn't change the facts. It's spreading faster than Swine and Bird Flu. Way bigger toll than Sars even though that had a higher mortality rate (the disease hitting people hard made it harder to spread since few people got undetected) Also "it's a fucking flu" ignores we had 3 flu pandemics in XX century with 1m+ deaths. Wait you don't have public healthcare? Also I just came out of pneumonia. Early Jan. Good thing it wasn't later as I'd be quarantined to shit.
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