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  1. Is the EU meta changing? I'm putting way higher DPG's in Defender than Before and I can't literally do shit in my Renegade. 

  2. I hated AMX 50 100. Got the Somua on Rental from Prime and jesus I loved it. U usually do 1.8-2.2k dpg in my t8 tanks. This was 2.8k for 50 battles. Don't remember since it was on my old acc.
  3. You mean it's a perfectly mediocre T7 medium?
  4. Jesus this tank is annoying. The gun doesn't work above 5 meters and the armor is way to weak for the speed it has
  5. I need to get this given that I really enjoyed the Jtiger (weird right?) and this is the same gun but better mobility (though that HP pool was really useful)
  6. It's not only 5 clip and some armor. Somua has: 300 more dpm 0.5s better intraclip Better aim time Better Soft Stats Extra 1 deg of gun dep Extra 2 deg of gun elevation For that it pays with being a bit slower and having -10VR and slightly worse final acc. Somua destroys 50 100. I remember struggling witth 50 100. With Somua? 4-5k battles happen frequently and without effort.
  7. It's just super clunky with long intraclip and being relatively slow and derpy. This makes it really situational. I've been getting decent DPG with the Emil but I can't carry hard as much as I can with for example a 50tp or surprisingly the JTiger.
  8. Wheelies are not what I'm talking about. Other light tanks still spot. Also seriously if you dont see this as a problem I dont think we are playing the same game
  9. 3 arty full hp one shots in 1 day. Wot is trying to tell me something

    1. Private_Miros



    2. hazzgar


      @Private_Miros I was doing my typical camping at 60kph. 

  10. The game has a ton of steamrolls mixed with stupid stalemates so yeah a fastish tank with 440 alpha. 10/10 idea wg. You 2 shoot the light tank that is spotting for the td nest and you roll the other team. GReat thinking.
  11. Is it only me or does everyone get all their 3 marks on a garbage losing battle when you manage to farm a decent but not amazing result as your team collapses?

    1. Private_Miros


      I got my last one by simply not playing it for a while:


    2. sr360


      My 432 and T92 3 marks were both on Malinovka in wins in gigantic games. 432 was 11k combined, T92 7k combined.

    3. hazzgar


      @sr360 I've had a run of gigantic games before my 432 3 mark but the 3 mark battle was Abbey 2.7k dmg 2.3k spot where 2nd best on my team did 1.9k dmg. T10 game. 


  12. One thing that should be taken into account is that snowballs don't have to mean short games. They may mean a 3 minute stalemate and then 30-60s of snowballing that determine the game result and that will be way harder to analyze. Since this is what the current map/tank design leads to. There are many camping and/or defensibly strong positions that mean people don't push anymore. Add to that higher knowledge of basic skills so people dont drive in the open as often as 2 years ago and you get stalemates. You get snowballs on the other hand because of tank design powercreep in terms of DPM, Alpha and Speed.
  13. So WG nerfs DPM to 1600, Nerfs the turret but makes E50M 300/380 ACPR + 0.17 ACC since "sniping german". I'd not be surprised if they did something stupid like that.
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