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  1. Current safe play meta on EU doesn't work with it well but yeah 375mm of prem pen means it works well with snaps. Maus armor not really that strong with that pen
  2. Yeah last month has been cancer playing lights. I've been playing some heavies to destress
  3. relatively easy. Though light tanks are vulnerable to meta shifts. Haven't played this week but 2 weeks ago the meta was "don't look at the map and don't shoot anything that is spoted" + 5-6 lights per team which made it harder to 3 mark or at least less enjoyable.
  4. They didn't change it from old handling AFAIK and old handling is the reason I'm going bald. Seriously it's that bad.
  5. It's wrong. The 3 marks on EU were on normal t8 3 mark levels. Don't remember exactly how high but I assume 2400-2600 looking at what pushed the % up for me when I marked mine. Now I hoover around 94% with around 2500.
  6. Damn as much as I hated it I feel like I always miss out on the tanks WG accidentally buffs.
  7. They are still morons. If they are cutting out friendly fire why leave stun?
  8. Funny thing is TDs still suck on those map and old maps gave TDs much more to do. It's the height of incompetence. Design a map around a class and then have that class struggle on those maps Wait as much as I agree you say no reason to play MT's yet you seem to still prefer MT's.
  9. Kharkhov is giving me Paris and Pilsen vibes. Yaaay we created some open space next to city but it's essentially a no mans land.
  10. Studzianki is workable imho. Erlenberg and Minsk through. Also high tier ensk. Yeah those are cancer.
  11. hazzgar

    UDES 16

    t10 is good but still not better than other tanks that still use vstabs
  12. This guy is a great example why being a maths major doesn't automatically make you good at interpreting numbers and knowing what they mean. Kinda explains why so many algorithms work like shit nowadays since quants with no social skills like this design them. Also I forgot to respond the first time he was here but how did he claim he was #1 scout on na?
  13. hazzgar

    UDES 16

    The gun handling is not that good.
  14. Sorry but this is a garbage tank for garbage players. No way to maximize skill in this. Armor is random as shit. Gun is random as shit. You get some bounces so you can trade 40% of your shots for 440 dmg
  15. Every streamer that claimed 50tp = polish defender is a retard. Seriously. This tank is bad. 

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    2. hazzgar


      @lavawing but the prem round is shit. 243pen on a derpy gun is horrible. I am running food and spamming gold. Sorry but first of all this means the tank sucks against anything heavy above tier8. The tank also can easily be penned frontally by people who aim. 


      Also sorry but if all of the skill required for the tank is "where are the low alpha tanks" and blapping them then no it's not a tank for skillfull play and I'd rather do that in a Ferdie. 

    3. lavawing


      In the new MM you hardly even see tanks above tier 8 so that's not the biggest problem I'd say. Now, the prem round is shit but it gives you just a little more reliability especially at mid ranges or beyond. It's hardly an impenetrable tank, but you should be averaging around 0.7-0.9 armour use efficiency depending on how you play.

      On a side note playing slow tanks requires more map reading and planning than tanks that can easily flex. It isn't the most intuitive thing ever, but the Maus (and the IS-4) is or used to be one of the best tanks for winning despite not seeming to require much skill or reward skill much.

      PS I found I performed much better when I played this tank like a damage whore than when I treated as a bona fide frontline heavy. 

    4. hazzgar


      @lavawing yeah armor efficency is good. The problem is with armor being hard to maximize and unreliable you don't know what to expect from armor so it makes it hard to plan engagements. Also I know how to play heavies. 

      Not to mention a premium tank that only kinda works when firing premium? Great money maker. Compare this to Lowe, Somua (imho the best premium heavy) and it looks bad. 

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