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  1. If it's super small it's still worse than ELC EVEN. Low alpha pew pew pew guns are horrible on light tanks overall. ELC even has horrible dpm but it's a great assassin since you literally don't know where it might be and it dumps its clip into you. Also every shot being 220 is useful. Remember you shoot = you get spoted. So the chance to deal this much is useless. The only thing that could make it work if it has elc even camo + t100lt hidden gun stats so it snaps like a boss. Seriously as some with a 3 marked ELC EVEN and over 1300 battles in mine I find it hard to see how this can be better. Also ELC EVEN is still not a good tank. It's not trash but it's not a good tank. It carries with non braindead team on open maps, it can carry on semi open maps but I pull 59% WR in mine where most of my lights t5-t8 are in high 60s. (except bulldog, that thing is not a light but a med with low hp and bad gun)
  2. 1. They said it will be released this year 2. They never release a t8 prem without a line following
  3. The point is if this is released there will be a brit lt line
  4. We don't know about the gun handling but yeah it seems to be closest to t92 which at least has better VR. SO camo and gun handling need to be better and I doubt that will happen
  5. Unless it gets elc even levels of camo no one will play it. I get creating balanced tanks but this is as up as the t92
  6. So it's basically better premium as long as I play this shit game?
  7. I don't get one thing. Does this mean I need to buy universal premium and tank premium if I want all the benefits?
  8. Strangely i get better results on paris in my lights than on airfield
  9. Strange no one mentioned airfield. I hate airfield almost as much as I do minsk
  10. I'd fire less prammo if more tanks had weakspots.
  11. While the shitbarn change is not fixing the problem it will discourage people from playing it and recently there is more and more of them on EU
  12. Yeah. optics for on the move shit and binocs for the "I've got a good bush mate"
  13. Go more spotty spotty overall but give binocs a try instead of vents. I've seen skill4ltu do this and it worked for me.
  14. This thing as in bc12T? YOu have way more wn8 than me (2550) but I somehow managed to 3 mark mine. Have you tried vert+ optics + binocs and going toward a more spot centric playstyle?
  15. It's mostly frustrating because your team can't kill them before they get blasted to shit. Had 2+ games at prok where the EBR drove over my team spotting the whole campy flank. btw. How is your bc12T 3 mark? Done already?
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