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  1. Assumed the difference is bigger. Then yeah not bad. Though the stupid slow shell kinda kills it for me. I know t44-100 isn't fast either but going even slower is not what u want in a med.
  2. 0.15 0.15 0.115 Soft stats on the turret Slow 830mps shell. Meh.
  3. 1. We all knew IS3A is op 2. Standard B is getting nerfed only because they are nerfing the t10. For average pubbies Skoda is better. 3. Those look strange. Seriously.
  4. Who told you 2 of the 4 best t10 meds are not competitive
  5. Engine power boost would really work on an amx40. Since that tank has high max speed but no power
  6. No one sane will sacrifice vision and damage dealing ability just on the off chance they might get an open map where they will be 2-3 arties who will focus that specific tank. It's a benefit that will work in a % of games. Boosting firepower works in 100% of the games.
  7. What works for Frontline and Random is really strange. LT432 is not as good since the games are way more about frontal facing damage farming and less about spots and finding good crossfires. Yes you can flex and fast cap like in EBR but imho progetto can too and it will do dmg at the same time. FV4202/Patriot are 2 tanks I hate for pubs but love in Frontline. Renegade works in both versions amazingly. WZ120TD is situational. Some games are amazeballs, some are garbage. True though 4202 is not that bad now.
  8. I kinda expect the whole line to be weak versions of soviets though I have small hope they are 53tp'ing the line so better alpha without huge drawbacks
  9. If this doesn't get gimped gun soft stats it may be fun. Good turret + fast boi + good DPM and ACPR prem. ACC is a bit dogshit but that's the only thing that doesn't work in it for now.
  10. The thing is most tanks will still need vstab+ rammer and optics for pubs still make sense. So ironically autoloaders will have the biggest freedom here. Same for TD's. 5km on a Maus is good but not sure if it will really change that much in practice given that hp/t isn't great so the tank will still move slowly.
  11. Aaaah. Missed that. Jesus this is idiotic. It essentially means all tanks get better gun handling and better vision. Yaaay we need a bigger disparity between good and bad players and good and bad setups to get more steamrolls.
  12. You can chose categories but most meds will have 1 firepower slot where rammer or vert stabs or vents can go meaning extra bonus. The only options are: 1. You have no extra bonus so the difference between normal equipment and bond is the same 2. You have the correct slots and difference gets smaller. What buffed bond equipment? Acording to vids bond equipment stays the same. It doesn't get buffs.
  13. This is a nerf to bond equipment. So first we grind bonds now it has a smaller advantage vs right place gear. Also some tanks with the right slots and characteristics may become broken. Camo net + low shoot penalty + something else vision while only 1 will give you a bonus on the STRV and yes you will hurt your DPM but on open maps? LOL..
  14. NO. Negating foliage completely means you spot low camo tanks at your vr -10m. Even with no optics that means 440
  15. Since the bonuses are bigger than what they are now some tanks will be even stronger. Faster games. Idiots at wg. They want us to farm credits for new equipment. Igoring foliage camo or making it double is idiotic. That would literally mean spotting is broken as shit. Vents + Optics + Ignore camo on an elc even or t100 or ebr and everyone is fucked.
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