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  1. Aaaah. Missed that. Jesus this is idiotic. It essentially means all tanks get better gun handling and better vision. Yaaay we need a bigger disparity between good and bad players and good and bad setups to get more steamrolls.
  2. You can chose categories but most meds will have 1 firepower slot where rammer or vert stabs or vents can go meaning extra bonus. The only options are: 1. You have no extra bonus so the difference between normal equipment and bond is the same 2. You have the correct slots and difference gets smaller. What buffed bond equipment? Acording to vids bond equipment stays the same. It doesn't get buffs.
  3. This is a nerf to bond equipment. So first we grind bonds now it has a smaller advantage vs right place gear. Also some tanks with the right slots and characteristics may become broken. Camo net + low shoot penalty + something else vision while only 1 will give you a bonus on the STRV and yes you will hurt your DPM but on open maps? LOL..
  4. NO. Negating foliage completely means you spot low camo tanks at your vr -10m. Even with no optics that means 440
  5. Since the bonuses are bigger than what they are now some tanks will be even stronger. Faster games. Idiots at wg. They want us to farm credits for new equipment. Igoring foliage camo or making it double is idiotic. That would literally mean spotting is broken as shit. Vents + Optics + Ignore camo on an elc even or t100 or ebr and everyone is fucked.
  6. New account and for some stupid reason struggling with HT-12. What tanks currently still work for the mission ? VK1001p is no longer getting shot at so even if it wins it doesn't bounce.

    1. echo9835


      I had some recent success with the VK-4502B at tier 9. You can even drag your crew over.

    2. sohojacques


      Are you being too effective with your armour usage on the VK? I just got through several bouncing missions with it. Nice thing about box tanks is you can bait shots by giving pubbies a sniff at penning you (unlike T29, etc), then leavingĀ it to rng...

  7. STB is probably the best PUB T10 tank for competent blues and purples(I kinda divide blues between people who play on purple level but play inconsistently as hell vs consistent mediocre players)
  8. Is current frontline meta - u defend u get steamrolled or did i get a string of idiotic teams ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Balthazars


      Seems a bit like it, on defence it seems like get rolled and desperately try to rank up by spoiling cap as long as possible unless the attacking team is just completely awful. I dunno, but it feels like all of the changes made it easier to attack, and given the size and layout of the maps, attackers running wheeled or lights can very easily change zones to create overloads which defenders can't do.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      Defense is horrible. People change flanks and just flood until you're getting hammered by a train of 2 to 1. It's the single biggest problem with the mode, I've been considering just leaving games where I get defense.

    4. hazzgar


      Yeah I had games were like 3 people had captain and rest were below. Like 5 games in a row

  9. WG doesn't want paper tanks to be competitive because to make paper tanks competitive they need to either be awesome at vision games or have great firepower. Both really REALLY frustrate pubbies. Especially RU pubbies who seem to have huge problems with vision play. Also I don't think it's a good way to think about balance - ie. How many competitive tanks there are of a given type and if there aren't many don't nerf what's OP. Using that logic we can have one FV4005 with an autoloader
  10. Has LT432 always been this cheap? With tank reward cupons it costs next to nothing

    1. Snoregasm2


      Definitely worth a buy if you can afford it. Best tier 9 light in the game.

    2. hazzgar


      Got it for that reason. 20E for it is good.

  11. 1. I don't get the drug comment. 2. Shitty traverse I get but still off road helps with that too.
  12. Pubs not CW. What tanks are meta? EBR but those are annoying as fuck to play in (since it's 11k combined, then 5 battles with 2.5-3.5k then 10k and repeat). Sconq is no longer pub meta. 60TP is kinda becoming meta but realistically only for purples and poles. In terms of being dangerous because a shitter yolo's you or catches you in the open prog was the least problematic really. Only the Kran and Skoda had smaller total burts and they unloaded faster.
  13. Aren't you angry about "kids trying to prove they are better than others in this game?"
  14. A better question is - IF 430U and Progetto get nerfed which tanks will be left as t10 meta tanks? 279E, Donq and that's it? Or add 277 to it?
  15. They are phrasing it badly but the tank is overperforming + it's too popular. Also a tank being too popular is a good reason to nerf it since it forces the meta to change. So not retarded at all. As much as I like to shit on WG this is a good move on their part.
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