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  1. Love being hated for permagreens because I didn't carry harder. Some idiot in t10 chinease lt hated me for not being more agressive in a udes despite me taking out 5 enemy heavies when the game was 7:12. Ended up with 5k dmg, 6 kills but I should have died for him yoloing a full hp skorp with 100hp on my td. My fault not a 0 dmg t30 and a 400dmg t-10. My stats suck according because my current acc is 53% total (57% recent) vs his 56% overal, 56% recent with 44k battles but 4k in ltractor and 2k in t67....

    1. Strigonx


      rip english.

    2. hiipanda


      Should have told the Lt to not bringing the team down by playing that thing.

    3. hazzgar


      @Strigonx it's angrish. I should do better given my job is judging people who got oscars for writing. 


      @hiipanda could have just brought a brain and either didn't go for hurr durr arty with 0 kills or fire at the vk4502a which went for me and ate all my hp. He was runing (and was angry I ran too). Though I agree. t10 lights are horrible. I bought the 13 105 and the only reason I play it is higher trier mm for lt15.4 

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