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  1. Wanted to 3 mark something higher tier but since I saw I was at 91% I said why not. I can endure the cancer that is low tier meta. Jesus it was harder than I thought do to lights being more reliable on team and map but mostly due to a string of arty one shots. I like this tank but the shell speed and ammo capacity made it frustrating to mark it fast.


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    2. hazzgar


      @hall0 i know that feeling. I'm trying to 3 mark the 13 105 because I'm too stupid to realize I don't have the skill for that (well ok the time since eventually I'll do it) and it happens way too often in t10

    3. kreigermann


      @hall0 feelsbadman.. the reason I quit trying to 3 mark this was that exact reason.. I HATE low tiers.. hate hatehatehate....

      Load in... marks at 94.+%, good MM, bottom tier lots of HP... we're on campinovka.... Geeeeeee GEEEEEEEE....here we go!. "friendly" KV2 oneshot TKs me the moment I get into scouting bush. Next three games get a mix of TKd(we're talking about being rammed out of bushes by teammates from behind here.. get lit and killed), and artied and then I tilt and wreck my mark %.  screwlowtiers


    4. hazzgar


      @kreigermann i was one shot at full 72kph speed, while turning by arty 3 games in a row. Direct hits. I was in the 92-93.5 for 10+ games because of rng hating me but I really like scouting so i kept going.

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