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  1. Jesus the ELC EVN DPM means on fast battles you will always loose % on marks. Damn this annoys me. FFS 65% wr but can't 3 mark this thing

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    2. hazzgar


      I think city meta is good now on EU so I can exploit it but open map meta i whack. People go to wrong places and if they win they win because they surprised the enemy, not because of good plays

      And i jinxed myself. Every time I say good shit about a tank my performance drops. -4% wr -4% marks today. 600dmg kharkov

      85.7%. Downward spiral from 89.8%. Fuck

    3. Action


      Maybe its a meta or playstyle thing. who knows.. here on NA i mostly mannage to break even on open maps but get shaftet pretty hard every time i get into a city. Due to low server population i almost exlusively get t10 matches and when you get ensk or HImmels on top of that... well... make some pelvis exercises, lube up and think of your happy place.

      But i agree with you. it is too dependent of too many factors you cant really influence and the average mouthbreather team doesnt really help : (

      what equip do you use? I run improvedVstab, optics, binocs. 5 skill crew. and play pretty passive

    4. hazzgar


      @Action I'm an evil person who switches accounts so I have a shitty non improved vents, optics, vstab + 3 skill crew and I play active. 

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