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  1. Define Karma - 11k spotting ELC EVEN 90 game followed by a 0:15 loss on derpenberg.

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    2. hazzgar


      @sohojacques naah. Just a shit team and the comp was all heavies so 1100dpm + the rest of the shit gun on the ELC meant it was a bit hard to carry. Seeing stuff like a Conway rushing a hull down m103 and t30 (both full hp) means there was nothing I could do. All of the team played like that. They just drove very close to the enemy and then froze waiting to die. You know, typical pubbies.

    3. Action


      Do you have any good tips to 3 mark thst roach? im stuck right beneath 90%

    4. hazzgar


      @Action I play on a laptop that barely works so I miss WAAAAAAAY too much shots which keeps me stuck at 90-92%. I'm usually in the top20, sometimes dropping to the top50 recent in the tank but I keep my spotting in the top10-15 and it still won't go up. 


      For city maps - Track tanks you know your allies can shoot. Especially if one of your allies has a high alpha gun. This is good for all scouts. 

      Also don't spend your hp mid game when enemies are set into positions. Most spot damage happens early and late into the game. 


      As for the tank itself - learn you can get MUCH closer to the enemy tanks to the idiotic camo it has. Just avoid swede td's since with binocs and camonet they will outspot you from a bush. 


      Also sometimes if you know enemies are tds with bad gun arc (narrow) or have shit bloom don't be afraid to get spotted for a short while. Your small size is armor. This is advice for the late game where you can risk it to dig out those full hp campers. Had a few 6-8k combined games on derpenberg thanks to that. 


      I don't use binocs btw even though some of the better (than me) players did. Sr360 used it like that and he has a few replays on youtube.