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  1. Playing on a 15-17fps laptop is funny. I am forced to play mid tiers (for slow shells) and elc even. 700 battles in the even. The little cocroach is inconsistent when the PC fights with you when you want to shoot things plus the tank turns it's turret WAAAY too slow for circling but it's still super fun to spot people and see them look for you in stupid places. Month for month I'm top5 in spotting on elc on EU. Wonder If I could maintain 1st place if I could shoot better when I bring my big PC back to life. 

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    2. hazzgar


      @Ham_ I have too many other hobbies. I'm a moron foodie with to many restaurant owning friends and I also ride downhill bikes and that's an expensive hobby. So buying a better PC seems like a stupid purchase when I want to spend less. I'd rather spend on a good endocrynologist, dentist or get a new training plan

    3. Ham_


      I do sailing, dont ever do it if you want money lol

    4. hazzgar


      @Ham_ I have 4 bikes which I've bought when I had money and new their combined value is around 15k E so I don't really have that problem :P I know sailing is more but I live in Poland and the wages here are shit unless you are a programmer or a con man (sorry coach/self help dude)