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  1. Playing on a 15-17fps laptop is funny. I am forced to play mid tiers (for slow shells) and elc even. 700 battles in the even. The little cocroach is inconsistent when the PC fights with you when you want to shoot things plus the tank turns it's turret WAAAY too slow for circling but it's still super fun to spot people and see them look for you in stupid places. Month for month I'm top5 in spotting on elc on EU. Wonder If I could maintain 1st place if I could shoot better when I bring my big PC back to life. 

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    2. Action


      for some reason i really like the tank and maintain a 60%WR over 800 games but i can not, for the life of me, 3 mark this thing. i have no clue why. i simply cant get into situations that get me more than 3k combined average... the batchat 12t on the other hand, i would have 3marked by now if i hadnt such a crappy notebook (like you brobably) wit regular driver crashes (and no up to date drivers available) if it werend for theese crash-zero-dammage-matches

    3. hazzgar


      @Action I think the 3marks are at 2650 or 2700 or has something changed? 3k seems idiotic. 3k increases your marks but is not required. I also think we need a TD top of the tree. More tds = more campy meta = better for lights. 


      @Ham_ 1.0 fucked bad laptop users.

    4. Ham_


      Got a job, saved up and built my own PC after going through like 3 laptops, its pretty sweet now.

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