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  1. I know it's a long shot but anyone here is a ramen expert and can give me a few pointers about using pig head in mukashii hakata tonkotsu or karume ramen?

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    2. hazzgar


      @lavawing Poland is the opposite of Chill. Also I support what @Haswell said about the good side of HK. If you like big cities it's better than most. As for Poland being Chill - we have a ruling party that made EU punish our country with some obscure rule. Every year on 11 November we have an Independence March which originaly was organized by super far right groups and it still kinda is but they are pretending it's not so they attract a bit more sane right wing people. Yet still you sometimes you see flares and fascist symbols. Also Poles complain about everything, they love hating on shit. The local food scene is like 1% of what it is in HK. The job market is shit. Yeah the unemployment is low but that's because of a ton of shit jobs. You either choose money or something interesting. Creatives are getting some decent gigs but most of the high paying jobs in Warsaw are random email forwarding managers in Corporations that set up an office in Warsaw because it's cheaper than Dublin or Amsterdam. There are few decisionmaking positions here in terms of impact outside of Poland. There is an IT boom but most of it is grinding the code not creative work. Also Poles have no taste for quality so a ton of stuff offered and what you see is badly made. Add to that an unregulated advertising market so you have billboards everywhere.

      I am currently trying to move abroad. I have good friends in Warsaw and if you know your shit life here can be comfortable but mostly for the same reason why it's comfortable in cities that offer more. I don't feel like my network gives me work benefits here anymore and a ton of my friends are leaving so I'm trying too. Though yeah if you hate crowds Warsaw is less crowded. Waiting lines for bars and restaurants are still not a thing. 


      Also the rest of Europe is way more Eclectic than poland because it's more multicultural. Poland used to be a multicultural country but we were also a country too focused on farming for too long. We were feeding a large part of Europe when they were modernizing and populating their cities. So they have much more culture than us. They also have influences from all over the world, much richer art and culture worlds. Western Europe is actually amazing. Spain is basically like 10 different countries. Same for Italy. Sicily has a great culture but then you have Milan and Florence, cities of great taste, fashion, culture. Also if you want diversity, few crowds and good food just go to Berlin. It's like New York but safer, cheaper, and less crowded.

      @Haswell I wish the hype here produced better ramen. We get the hype with people producing shit. I'd eat in 3 places in Warsaw out of 20-30 offering ramen. 

    3. lavawing


      holy shit hazzgar, you have my sympathies. I've always thought of Poland as that country sitting in the weird intersection between Eastern and Western Europe, and there's a certain romanticism about how the Poles fought Soviet rule, i guess I was looking at it with rose tinted glasses. And i always thought that stuff like burning the gay arch or something every year was the exception not the norm. Agreed on Italy and Spain - but tbh they're places that are great to visit and experience for a while but not nearly half as good to live in.

      @Haswell yeah but I only commute during rush hours :feelsbad:

      The system's as efficient as they get of course but it's uncomfortable as all hell: only place I've had worse was Beijing and that's cause it's running on 30 year old infrastructure on newly converted peasant land. 

    4. hazzgar


      @lavawing Soviet countries aren't super original either. Most of Eastern Europe is pretty similar. When I watch Latvian movies I see Poland 10 years ago. Russia seems romantic and great and multicultural but that's because it's huge. If I spoke russian I'd visit some remote republics. Overal Poland may not be a racist hellhole like some claim but it's imperfect and crass. We are a developing country with some strange views and tiny pockets of progressivity. I'm lucky enough to have went to an expensive school with artists and shit so I have friends who do fun stuff but I realize my friends and people like them are a tiny % of Poland. Plus it still doesn't help me find a job that pays more than 800$/month


      As for living - Spain has a shit job market but if you want to work in cuisine then San Sebastian is the mecca of good food. As for living - Italy for life is good if you live in Mediolan. Good fashion jobs, good weather, the alpes are close, the riviera too. wages and jobs are good if you want a creative job it's a decent place. Just not anywhere south.