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  1. I love the t10 but jesus why is mine cursed. Do 3-4k dmg almost every battle while being in front get 45% wr for 30 battles because my teams die in most random ways possible. I'd have to have 4k dpm to carry them. 

    1. Haswell


      You're not doing damage in the right places then. Pubshit are pubshit, but you can keep them alive long enough to meatshield for you and push.

    2. hazzgar


      @Haswell not really. I always focus fire. Kill either the most dangerous tanks or the one low on hp. It's just that its the weekend and I've been geting back luck with some of my tanks so either I get 3/5 heavies in my team redlining or an obj277 literally going kamikaze on 5 enemy tanks in the first minute of the battle. So yeah you are right, SOmetimes I'm not doing damage in the right places because my tanks cant teleport when my team decides to die either by going yolo or by becoming bad movie villains and when I think a flank is won since 8 vs 2 badly positioned tds should be easy I get proven wrong...

    3. sohojacques