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  1. It's the long weekend. Theoretically. 400pages of scripts to read only today. Ffs. I like doing the job but we should be more selective of what seems commercially viable. 

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      Publishing business?

    3. hazzgar


      I'm a progamming analyst for a big movie distributor network. Basically I tell my boss what movies to buy for Central Eastern Europe (and sometimes Russia, sometimes coproduce worldwide and sometimes other regions). It's mostly a presale market where you make decisions not based on movies but based on scripts with some cast and some crew attached. It's cool since I have a real influence on what people see in cinemas and I get to go to festivals like Cannes each year with basically a fast pass for movie screenings and you get to meet movie stars (though those meetings are awkward as shit since they are basically selling you on the movie) but it's a specific skillset and 2-4 times a year the amount of work is overwhelming as fuck since 2 weeks of reading 2 weeks of meetings and move watching (rewarding but for most people it would not be as fun since for every wolf of wall street you get 10 shitty Jason Statham movies).


      Now I'm moving to a global TV network. Less independent and influential on paper (dunno since I start in June) but better work atmosphere, possible advancement and pay. Plus 200m from a coffeeshop run by my friends, where most of my friends spend their time

      Btw. Colonial books. Are you writing a big paper for Uni? 

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      I asked for publishing because of the word "skripts" ;-)

      Cool. Sounds demanding but also very interesting.

      Im still ass deep in my masters degree but i do conference organisations, literature festivals/readings and such things on the side (sometimes for universities, sometimes sponsored).  It starts with A&R and always ends with a very long paper trail of bills, forms and emails. For little money and good letters of recommendations of course...

      But you werent wrong. Right now i have to read 3 Books for a pannel that i, if everyting goes wrong have to partly moderate, that will turn in a paper afterwards ;-)

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