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  1. Is there any other tech tree tank with higher 3 mark reqs than the EBR 105?

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    2. Diriz0n


      I am seeing Prog65 @ 4,O8O combined. Seems very low to me. M6O tops the charts, @ 4,76O -- which I guess makes sense because of it being within the bonds store, and people with the required thousands of bonds needed more or less are better than normal players, boosting reqs. Highest tech tree med I see is M48A5, @ 4,42O. Extremely surprising, as I thought it would definitely be 121 or BatChat, lowest med reqs is the TVP @ 3,825 -- thats just whack. Pretty sure a year ago this time we'd be looking @ 4.5K

      T1OOLT is fucked up high for a LT, @ 3,995 combined


      Chief, Kresl, IS5 are all going to increase from their pathetic 3MoEs pretty soon.



    3. sr360


      As to those last 3, maybe not. The KV-4 Kres is absolutely terrible, and the other two are not much better. I think it's fair to say the KV-4 Kres is the absolute worst tank in my garage.

    4. hazzgar


      @Diriz0n where are you checking those since we are obviously using different sources.


      Also what's the values for ebr at yours?

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