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  1. Can pubbies not talk to me? Got called selfish because I didn't spot an FV4005 that crested the hill in heavy line on westfield and shot the is7 that didn't notice a huge tank 50m from him. 

    Why was I selfish? Because I have spent that time spotting 4 enemy tanks for our 2 meds and bobject. The pub literally was angry at me because I didn't spot the FV as he was going up the hill or what's more probable through the hill since xrays are a thing in wot... 


    In unrelated news - am I lucky or is LTG really good? Bought it for ace mission and the games are too fast to get them so I keep getting first class but I'm on 70% WR and even the loses are pretty good battles despite the tank being ugly and slow

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    2. hazzgar


      @SchnitzelTruck wow. Not my level. Combined is around that but not damage alone

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I think my fondest moment was sidecraping against an at15 and slowly killing him off. A light tank that doesn't get overmatched comes in handy

    4. sohojacques


      LTG was the 1 tier 7 LT that I couldn’t reliably pen with HE when I was playing the EBR Hotchkiss. Never did bother to look up its armour layout though because I hardly ever see them in the wild.

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