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  1. I know ebrs are bad for the game but doing 7.7kdmg and 11.5k combined with my REALLY bad aim makes me happy. Also jesus it's nice not to play with 16fps anymore




    Cancer Culture.JPG

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    2. kolni


      I needed to up the terrain because of rocks and modeling, I kept shooting and clipping through rocks etc which terrain quality sort of fixed - I think most of the places where I encounter this is because of actual shit modeling regardless of what settings. Just investigate the middle rock on Tundra on the hill, you can actually shoot through the rock :serb: 

    3. hazzgar


      @kolni on meds yeah you see the aim direction. But on the super min the turret outline is basically a blob over a certain distance. That has fucked me over so many times I basically decided to become one of those people who only spot. 

      100% with you on the settings. My PC can handle going up and I tried it but it was annoying more than anything. Fewer details make it easier to play.

    4. Ham_


      @kolni there is filters for colours in settings, I'm pretty sure you can go grey scale if you even want

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