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  1. People are morons. In the last 4 days 3 different flats in the vicinity of my window decided to have a Karaoke Party at 1/2AM. 2 of them had morons who decided to argue with me. First was that my throwing pebbles at their window to make them notice was "trying to break the glass" with some stupid cunt saying "she has a father in the police" and 2nd had some annoying npc looking dude complaining that I wasn't nice to him. Like seriously what did he expect me to be when he opens the window and sings? A box of chocolates? It's good I no longer have an ax in my flat. Disturbing sleep is the only thing that brings out a murderer in me. 

    Seriously have a party on the weekends. I get that. People need to party but FFS not in the middle of the night during weekdays. Not singing sitting literally on the window inside an appartment building complex backyard that echoes. Fuck people

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