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  1. Is it only me or did EU server suddenly become 10x more retarded? Literally every game I have 1 top tier heavy camping next to td's. 

    E100 camping spawn at Lakeville? Check

    T-10 camping TD ledge at mines? 


    VK4502B, Conqueror and that new china med camping behind the city on a direct crossfire?



    Also every game there are 2+ players who pen 10% of their shots. 
    How am I to play anything thats slower than an EBR when flanks fall like dominos for the past 3-4 days?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Bobi_Kreeg it's not much better post marathon and those were not bots. They were just bad. That e100 did 3.5k dmg from spawn. We lost but he farmed on our deaths. 

      Hell even watching 2 fame streamers they had issues with marking tanks because the battles were too short and sometimes it was impossible to catch the dmg or spots.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Now imagine what you are experiencing, but worse by 10x.


      That is a normal game on the HK server.

      Actually, no. Not quite. You guys haven't hit the critical mass of campers yet. Once you hit that critical mass, you no longer have rollovers. Instead it swings in the opposite direction, with 6 arty in almost every single game.

      And if you want to do something in a game, you have to push. And when you push, that retarded E100 that's camping in some obscure position that not even a TD should be at? Yeah, he is going to spot you and remove 1/3rd of your HP.


    4. hazzgar


      @MagicalFlyingFox if I was on a server like that I'd not play this game. The reason I'm commenting is because the change is so fast and drastic. I 3 marked WZ120 TD fairly comfortably and now I have no idea how to play. Not only I get some terrible RNG but I get those teams with people sitting in weird positions that make no sense. 

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