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  1. How do you do German Bounce missions x2-x3 hp? in 2021? Now everything is populated with t10 tanks so VKP doesnt really work. 

    1. Balthazars


      My experience trying to do some of these missions since around Christmas...it's basically cross your fingers and hope you get lucky. Most of the German tanks these days are just bad for this because they tend to have high HP for the tier/class but the armour profiles are bad to gold-spam. The E75TS is okay if you get a bit lucky. Maybe the VK premium (the rear-mounted turret one) although that one I don't know as I don't have it. I haven't played for a month (hello Cyberpunk 2077) but E75TS and Maus are pretty much the only tanks recently I tried that got anywhere close to doing it on a semi-regular basis.

    2. Jul_Le


      I did blocking mission with Maus, got lucky by having some trigger happy enemy shoot non-pens to my angled turret over and over again.

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