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  1. Nothing pisses me more in life than data reading illiteracy. I work for a TV station. Globally we are huge but locally we are tiny. Not even in the top40. 

    So an ad agency we hired for our big premiere told us to move our premiere because ALL TELEVISION gets less viewers on that day. It didn't occur to them that a small, specialized premium Chanel might not follow those trends...and well it doesn't. The day they dislike is our most watched day. 

    The also suggested we change the month of premiere because the overall tv viewership is in a downward trend that month. They didn't notice that on their own chart that trend follows the best month in the year so the month is still among the best ones... 

    I mean seriously can people learn to read data and interpret it? Being able to work on databases and knowing maths is worth shit if no one interprets it properly and no one asks the right questions. 

    1. GehakteMolen


      I learned many years an important lesson from a project manager: Most people are barely suitable for their own job, let alone anything that isnt part of it. Said ad agency thus has ofc zero clue about anything not ad related (they are no ad, not math company afterall :serb:)

    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen true but I did not expect them to be competent in it. It's just they decided to claim they are better at my job than I am and basically started qualifying why what they are going to do for us will fail. If it was up to me I'd fire them on the spot for that. 

      Also somehow everyone thinks they know what movies and tv people will watch because they watch movies and tv. 

      But I agree re competency. Really skilled employees are rare as fuck

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