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  1. Why the hell are T-92 3 mark reqs higher than the black dog? 

    Also is t34-3 now good? 3k 3 mark req? WTF?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Jesse_the_Scout I get it is a tank that can scout but it's reqs are still pretty high for how garbage it is. It's worse as a scout than many same tier lights because it''s capped at 60kph and it's too wide to fit many bushes. It's gun is also dogshit since who cares about soft stats when you autobounce from ridiculous shit due to low caliber and you have nonexistent alpha.

    3. sr360


      @hazzgar don't talk smack about my baby. Turbo helps much of the speed issues, and the gun while weak has such good soft stats you can eschew VStab. It's no 432, but it ain't terrible. Also, its 3 mark reqs are lower than that of the M41 90 GF, but higher than the M 41 90. Go figure.

    4. hazzgar


      @sr360 your baby? Are you nuts? Also please post more replays. Marking it felt like having clippy the MS word helper inserted into my dickhole. The tank is too wide for many plays. Prok bush line for example. It's too wide to be constantly IN the bushline so you can't push it unless enemies are morons and position themselves in a straight line. 

      From T8 tanks for spot I'd pick LTTB, BC12t, Even and LT432 above it despite LTTB being huge, having shit camo and driving like it's on ice skates

      PS - I tend to drop vert more and more often on lights unless their handling is dogshit just because commanders vision + optics is so broken it makes no sense not to use it. 

      Ironically I think I had the best spotting game in the last patch for t8 tanks in the t92. At least at the time of upload. But that was mainly due to enemy positioning not the tank being op. Well that and running optics, silent drive module and commanders vision. Ace reqs on t92 are also silly. 11.5k spot = 1st class. 

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