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  1. Fuck the FV4202. The tank lacks the firepower to do anything if your team sucks. It cant even farm on them dying. How the hell people 3 mark this? 4k dmg games are uber rare and its super easy to end up with 1k combined if the gun trolls you and your team folds... FFS 

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    2. hazzgar


      @kolni one of the lower reqs from t8 prems. Still on the lower end of the scale of all t8s but non prems have lower reqs always. Pershing is at a laughable 2.1k

    3. kolni


      I mean the stock MoE value is always the average of the tanks in the tier, so unless it’s performing better than half of them it won’t go up 

      They’ve changed a lot over the years though - T8 has always had horrible stock grinds that tank the values but Pershing still needed 2,7 to go up at 90+ despite inaccessibility to APCR in the same manner back then

      The hardest tier 8 to do then was likely the pre nerf Borsig, otherwise none of them had 3k+reqs. SPersh with the megabuff had 2,8k for exactly 100 games

      That was a time of FOTM OP rather than powercreeping which had its up and downsides, but it was better in terms of equality between the top and bottom of the tier

    4. hazzgar


      @kolni yeah but some get super low. 2.1k mark req is a joke. As for FOTM I agree. Though now we have OP as balls prems. Borat is crazy. Rene is FOTM really. 

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