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  1. Question for PROK light experts. How can I be spotted following the bush line right of the gate in my LT432 when I didn't even reach the first gap in the bushes. The enemy light could not have reached the typical high 1 line bush. What could have spotted me? Replay in a few minutes

    1. hazzgar
    2. sr360


      OK, I watched that, and there are several options. Your run was not in the bush line, it was just to the outside of it. Your initial approach didn't negate the run to E1 or even to one of the lower bushes, so an LT might have got there. The Bourrasque also popped up relatively close to you and my best guess is that he spotted you as you were not in the bushline. The Pantera was further back, but if he had a good setup he very well could have spotted you (less likely). CVS is a bit of a game changer on Prok as those bushes can be burned out by either a Hwk or Bourrasque running a CVS. I'm not a fan of the run you made -- that's much more of an EBR run than a RU-LT run. I typically go to the dip to ensure their LT doesn't get to E1, then either play the bushline or the large bush just to the right of where you went.

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