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  1. Seriously fuck my brain. I have ADHD but my brain doesn't respnd to Ritalin/methylphenidate and I get fevers from Atomoxetine/Strattera so the only thing left is Adderall/Amphetamine. The thing is it's illegal in Poland. So I've been sitting for the past 5 hours not being able to work nor decide what youtube video I should procrastinate too. Maybe the 4th coffee will do the trick.

    1. kolni


      Amphetamine has the nasty habit of making the substitutes completely worthless in comparison. Especially the 74% sulfate, it'll ruin any chance of the med-grade stuff ever having the intended effect with regular use. It's pretty much the only thing that works for me as I seem to be incredibly resilient towards medicine in general. I can take double dosage of adderall and two cups of coffee and be sleepy an hour later. It kinda sucks as my brain just won't allow any activity that is the slightest bit tedious without it

    2. hazzgar


      @kolni my problem is high dosages of Ritalin are making me tense so they have a stimulating effect. Just no dopamine boosting effect. I will stay away from clear amphetamine though as it's very hard to control it (the quality plus getting a doctor who will have no issues with monitoring you). 


      Overall I'm also resistant to drugs but some stimulants make me very tense and tight chested just because 34 years of untreated adhd mean I have GAD as well.

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