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  1. Why am I trying to mark a46. It's horrible

    1. sr360


      Now now, wasn’t that bad or hard. I even managed a RW in it


    2. hazzgar


      @sr360 it's a good scout thanks to its camo but it's uber slow and the gun is dogshit so it's just unenjoyable to play. Especially on bad maps. 

      Also your own vid title has "bad tanks" in it. 

      But I'm probably tilted because I'm tring to mark 4 tanks at the same time and the 3 other ones are much more fun than a46

    3. sr360


      Ha, that's a quote from a friend of mine. The A-46 is definitely mediocre among T6 LTs, but it has some tools. Three equipment slots feels a little low for it, it could definitely use 5 or 6 though!

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