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  1. Jesus Eeekaboo is sucking WG's dick so deep it practically comes out of his ass. The dude claimed CC's are recently being more unhappy with the game because it brings them views as manufactured drama. He also claims there are oposing views to basically every point and we should not listen to people on twitch and on forums because there are many people who don't express their opinion anywhere. Basically any opinion about the game is to be ignored. 


    Can anyone explain to me why some reasonable people once liked him? 

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    2. H4NI


      Do we have any video/forum post where he says that so we can shit on him on wot forum also? :serb:

    3. hazzgar


      He;s a WG employee who pretends to be a content creator. But basically his words = wg's words. 


      @H4NI that swedish t9 stream from some time ago on World of Tanks EU YT channel. Some of it is without him so you have to scroll.

    4. orzel286



      I have to say, he'd make a good wg employee,

      So I got that right even without knowing him? Can't fool me wargaming, I know you too well!

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