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  1. Jesus Eeekaboo is sucking WG's dick so deep it practically comes out of his ass. The dude claimed CC's are recently being more unhappy with the game because it brings them views as manufactured drama. He also claims there are oposing views to basically every point and we should not listen to people on twitch and on forums because there are many people who don't express their opinion anywhere. Basically any opinion about the game is to be ignored. 


    Can anyone explain to me why some reasonable people once liked him? 

    1. orzel286


      Literally who?

      >manufactured drama

      I've played wg games for a couple of years (2012-2019 iirc), took part in alpha/beta tests for warplanes and warships as well - I have to say, he'd make a good wg employee, he only forgot to mention all the BALANS(TM) coming from the spreadsheets. As for CCs - I guess it just took them a bit longer to see wg for what it really is and become completely disillusioned, the writing on the wall was way back there, really. There will never be tier 10 mediums, right? Arty is FAIR AND BALANCED, right? Come join the official forums as well, we value your feedback just like we value the state of gameplay (lul).

      I have to say, that there is something about scummy devs and shit games that they make attracting cockholsters sucking up to them, it's the same way in fate grand order for example. One of the worst gacha rates? No pity system? Half-assed features? Powercreep? Don't be greedy! Now spend money so we can make another anime for you to drool over.

    2. LoverJoy
    3. Assassin7


      Idk who he is either. 


      Frankly if its enough to annoy Jingles of all people, its probably as bad as it sounds. 


      And the complaints are valid. I have so many problems with WG and how they are running their games currently to the point where I have literally completely switched to War Thunder, a game which for many years I DESPISED the tank battles in. 

      Gaijin are also stupid in many ways, but over the last few years its become obvious that WG dont even play their games, while gaijin at least do seem to do so. 

      I am seriously at the point where I believe WG has outsourced all their dev work to some random third party firm or focus group of yes men that has only read or watched videos on how the game plays and are making decisions based on that. 

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