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  1. Sorry but as usual you are wrong. Shooting on the move rarely hits anyway but turret dispersion on the low side alows you to quickly change targets. If you compare it to IS-3 then IS3 is good because of low turret bloom. Also t34 is shit. VK100p can just wait and aim.
  2. Disp isn't sad face compared to emil. it's slightly worse on the move but better with turret rotation. Turret rotation is the most important bloom value. ACC is worse on 51 but the aim time is better. So the guns are comparable. Please check stats before posting. Also that intraclip difference is huge.
  3. @tajj7 think of it differently. Would a 112 with more pen, better bloom and 5s autoreloader and 2 shot feature be op? Or IS3 with better bloom, 2 guns/autoreloader and better hull armor but 2hp/t less be op? Imagine the reaction to those buffs.
  4. The thing is you are not punished at all for not using double shot. So no matter how you look at it, the double shot is still an advantage. Not a huge one but still an advantage. Plus there are clear situations where the double shot makes sense and works. Sorry but this is wrong on 2 accounts: 1. This is not an autoloader but an auto reloader. Big difference, smaller drawbacks for shooting 1 time 2. It is useful when enemies are attacking you and are on 1 shot hp or just go for you in regular time intervals. This happens more often than most people care to admit because the current meta is idiot plays. Again you miss the key factor. You have 3 distinct firing modes. The tank is still highly capable in single shot mode. The autoreloader and 2 shots are situational but useful in those specific situations. (also I remember how people undervalued italian autoreloaders when they were released first). Only 2 heavy tanks in tier has actually amazing armor (VK1001p and Defender) and one gets punished for that by being slow as shit and huge. It's armor also scales badly when fighting higher tiers while 703 still has a turret that works with wiggling and moving due to typical russian angles. Defender is better but the gun is more derpy. 240 pen is not autopen. It's not a flat turret face so that armor still maximizes your survival. You also omit the sides are rather strong. Not strong against high pen guns but will lower the angle from which you can be shot, especially by meds and lights. Oh come on. Now I know you are just pulling stuff out of your ass. Let's look at t8 heavies and their pen values (and I will not use pref mm tanks so you have it easier): Heavies With Higher Pen: T34 50 100 Liberte Caern AX E75TS IS3 KV4 Lowe Renegade Defender Patriot Somua Tiger II VK4501 Same Pen: IS3A Heavies with Lower Pen: 110 50TP Prot 53TP Amx 65T Chrystler K Emil 1951 Emil I IS-M Caern O-Ho T32 VK1001p Mauerbrecher VK4502a That gives you 14 tanks with more pen. 1 tanks with same pen. 13 tanks with less pen. Not including pref MM tanks. So being exactly in the middle. Having standard pen for this tier heavy is "lacklustre"? Tajj you are a good player and somehow your asessment of this tank is "this isn't a high dpm, fast and accurate sniper tank". FFS. Yeah the acc is trash but the bloom is great. Ie the same what makes IS3 so good. Complaining about the gun here is nonsense and it makes me think someone has hacked your account. Let's compare the guns. 703 is better in: 120 more DPM 150 more mp/s shell velocity 12 more shells (28 shells in IS3 mean you sometimes run low on preffered ammo) 0.08 better movement bloom 0.08 traverse bloom 0.02 better turret bloom (and IS3 is praised for its super low bloom) IS3 is better in: 4 mm of pen 0.1s aim time 0.04 dispersion (the only big one but imho part of it is offset by shell speed) So saying the gun is lacklustre when it's comparable if not better to the best heavy gun in tier is silly. Also most of your criticism could be aimed at the IS3. Seriously the same logic was first used when people said obj 430U won't be that OP. So is it for a ton of other Ruskie heavies that have dominated the meta over the years. Again it's not a snipy tank. Meh yes, poor ? No. Not poor enough for workable armor and a great gun. Yeah good brawling is useless in t8. Stop getting so focused on the double shot. The double shot is an extra feature you can use when you know it's useful. Renegade gets better results from unis because it's better in early damage and late game damage. You make a common wotlabs mistake of underestimating tanks which are super useful in key moments of the battle and ones that fall short on cleanup damage. Also I looked and pretty much all streamers posted multiple 5.5k+ games in their 703's. Also Renegade is not OP because it only works for Blues and up. 703 works for everyone. LOL. I mean lol. You say the gun on this is derpy and then you compare it to a defender. Same acc, barely better aimtime and 2x the bloom... You say the tank is huge and slow when VK1001p is slower, bigger, it armor scales worse against higher tiers and it has 2.5x worse bloom. 53TP is funny since it's a heavium and it's hard to compare. But you mentioning Caern shows me really what you did here. You think a good tank that doesn't have one completely broken off the wall feature (1001p/defender) has to be an accurate, high dpm, high vision tank. So the tank is still OP. It just doesn't suit your preferences. Dude. The tank has the best bloom in tier. BEST FFS. Even as a single shot this would be a good tank.
  5. I don't agree. What is true is most players are bad at maximizing flexibility but they will still have way better results because they can blap someone for 780 (2 shoot or 5s autoloader) and then if there is an opportunity to shoot they can shoot with 1 in the barell. That has nothing to do with planning. You just get more situations where you can shoot people. Also again why it's not op? Again it's better than very good heavies in the same tier.
  6. Is there any other tech tree tank with higher 3 mark reqs than the EBR 105?

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    2. Diriz0n


      I am seeing Prog65 @ 4,O8O combined. Seems very low to me. M6O tops the charts, @ 4,76O -- which I guess makes sense because of it being within the bonds store, and people with the required thousands of bonds needed more or less are better than normal players, boosting reqs. Highest tech tree med I see is M48A5, @ 4,42O. Extremely surprising, as I thought it would definitely be 121 or BatChat, lowest med reqs is the TVP @ 3,825 -- thats just whack. Pretty sure a year ago this time we'd be looking @ 4.5K

      T1OOLT is fucked up high for a LT, @ 3,995 combined


      Chief, Kresl, IS5 are all going to increase from their pathetic 3MoEs pretty soon.



    3. sr360


      As to those last 3, maybe not. The KV-4 Kres is absolutely terrible, and the other two are not much better. I think it's fair to say the KV-4 Kres is the absolute worst tank in my garage.

    4. hazzgar


      @Diriz0n where are you checking those since we are obviously using different sources.


      Also what's the values for ebr at yours?

  7. Well it stayed the same but effectively moved down a tier. It's the best buff you can get
  8. You have a point. 703 II would not be OP if it didn't have good armor. It may not be the best armored tank it its trier but it's still reliable armor that works on a tank with massive dmg potential. It's the armor and the bloom but also the flexibility 2 barrels gives you. Yes 800 is not something you use often but the thing is compared to high alpha tanks you have the choice to fire 1 shot and have a shorter reload. If an ISU 152 misses he is fucked. He has to wait. You have 3 different firing modes. That is a ton of flexibility not afforded to any other tank which means you have way more opportunities to do damage.
  9. A new low. A 6min game so no fast steamroll. Tier 9. I do 4.5k dmg. The rest of the team? Every one of them is sub 1100dmg. 10 are sub 600dmg

  10. Scramble As in erase. This topic was made to discuss a certain tank. You suggested as somehow discussing if certain tanks are strong or weak should not happen. Though your next post reveals that wasn't your real intention and in reality you are just trying to pose as a contrarian and be the cool guy who stands against the popular opinion. The problem is you mistake this with pub forums. Most tanks there were considered OP by the wotlabs community are op. Most tanks that were considered game breaking are game breaking. Of course I can be wrong but if I am please provide me with examples. Also if "all the problems with the game are a thing and you just accept it" then can you just not visit the part of wotlabs forums made for discussing game changes? It's a really good way not to take part of a discussion you state not to want to take part in. Though I find it a bit ironic that you write another post about how much you don't care. It makes you look like a poser, right after being "I kill OP tanks with ease". Want to pose as a cool pro that doesn't care with anything? Challenge Kolni to a DPG contest. Otherwise please stop posting and maybe move to pub forum since your posturing isn't impressing anyone. (Then again what do I expect from someone who choose a messianic figure from one of the worst written books in history as his username)
  11. hazzgar

    UDES 14 5

    Also that shell speed is way more uncommon in t8 than it is in t9.
  12. I only played a few battles like you but I agree 780 alpha is unreliable but it's still usable in the right situation. 5s intraclip doesn't mean you are a true autoreloader but it gives you more opportunities to shoot people.
  13. Using your logic we should scramble this whole section of the forum
  14. Most probably. Especially if you had it pre buff.
  15. I'm a permablue. When I use my pc instead of my laptop i barely skirt 60-61% and 2900-3000 wn8 but when I play on my laptop I'm a 55% shitter and I still pull 65% wr in my type. This thing has VR not possible in that tier. Not shaming you, just suggesting you should come back to it or were unlucky. Type is probably one of the best if not the best t6 tank.
  16. Are sub 60% win rates on type64 even possible?
  17. Bad players are killable in anything. Doesn't mean a tank is weak.
  18. but we are not talking about 112. We are talking about a 112 with 2 guns that can do 780 dmg, with half of the dispersion and good pen. 780 alpha and good pen. Also aimtime is less important when you have godlike bloom. IS3 BL9 is great for a reason. No. With the exception of 780 alpha, more pen and better bloom it's near the same tank. Also you get 780 alpha or AUTORELOADER. And remember you have the option to fire 2 shots. You are not forced. Which means you are flexible. Most high alpha tanks don't have flexibility and always have to fire and wait for long reloads. 703 doesn't. It can be either a decent dpm 390 alpha tank, a 390 alpha autoreloader or a 780 alpha monster. Remember it's 780 alpha in a tier where there are 2 TD's with that alpha. Both have no armor or hp. No I don't. It's not that logic. A henessey venom without it's engine is just a wide body Lotus. One car goes 400kph. The other doesn't. FFS mate everyone says Renegade is a good tank because it has an amazing gun on a really shit platform. Ie. The argument is an amazing gun can make a bad platform good. So how come an amazing gun can't make a good platform amazing? Stop being one of those guys who is afraid to call op shit op shit because it feels bad. The tank is easy to play. It produces monster games on a regular basis. Imagine someone gave RHM more speed and 112 armor for the cost of a few s of reload. Everyone would cry it would be getting overbuffed.
  19. Wait what? Why wouldn't you call it op? 112 has great armor. If you give it 2 guns with great pen it's very strong. I get that purples want consistency and this is a tank that will fluctuate between 1200 and 6000 dmg games but for most. It doesn't get punished in DPM for being a 2 shot autoloader that can do 750 dmg. It has higher DPM than most t8 heavies actually. It has above average penetration. Fast shell at 1150 mps where most heavies in tier hoover in the 800-1000 area. Yeah final acc is bad but it has AMAZEBALLS dispersion. FFs 0.12/0.12/0.06 !!! That's HALF of Defender. HALF of 50prot, HALF of 112 and MORE THAN HALF of 1001p. So yeah the aimtime is long but the soft stats rule. For mobility - yeah the PW is bad at 12 but it has better resistances than the defender by 20-30%. So how a tank with good armor, small weakspots on the turret, that can blast tanks for 750 or work as an autoreloader, with IS3 like soft stats, fast shells, good DPM, that isn't super slow isn't OP?
  20. Armor on that thing is good for the firepower it has. Good turret, not too big weakspots, good sides. Remember when everyone claimed Liberte has good armor? This has way better armor. What other T8 Heavy tanks have better armor? Vk1001p, Defender, Chrystler (but less usable due to rear turret and weak sides) and 112.
  21. Some top players overvalue being able to control the tanks performance so when the tank is a bit rng dependant but still boosts your WR by a ton they undervalue it. Especially when it boosts their WR less than it boosts it for green and blues even though the boost is still significant. I remember how many people defended the defender (LOL) even right after release and pre pen creep
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