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  1. 1. You also make assumptions. You are worse then me 2. I'm not bad at making assumptions. I literally get paid for making them and I am checked for accuracy. You could even say I'm stunningly good at them. 3. Again you make assumptions too. A) You make the assumption that WG knows to make both changes at the same time B) You assume that if they do it at the same time and do it wrong in favor of the heavies (like they always do) in the long run it won't kill the player numbers more than a short stint of what I was talking about. 4. I have NOT said armor rebalance is 90 days behind ammo changes. You are stunningly bad at reading shit. If the gap between armor and ammo rebalance is too big I agree with you it will kill the game. You just fail to see the other option - WG releases a test patch where prem ammo is nerfed in damage and so is the armor. Ivans and Bobs cry about armor being bad because people value being penned more than losing hp (as evidenced by people undervaluing HP pools on tanks even on Wotlabs) so WG gets scared like they got scared after Sandbox (yeah at least I make my assumptions based off past events) and they scale back armor changes to type5 level armor nerfs. Can you read this? Like 5 times? Because you seem incapable of undertanding this is a probable scenario. I am NOT saying the only other scenario is ammo nerf then amor nerf in 90 days. I am just trying to make you notice that A) WG has not said they will make those 2 changes at the same time and you assume they do because it's the smart thing to do (which is stupid on your part because when was WG smart?) B) To see other probable ways WG can handle this given their history of stupid behavior and panicking becaues of bobs and ivans. Tajjj is making a good point why nerfing armor first is a good idea but WG will not do this. I may be wrong but they have historically been really afraid of their heavy drivers opinion. Good point about lower tiers being screwed. Now add to that mid tier lights with shit ammo capacity (amx 13 75). They need to rebalance all ammo not just prem ammo. I'm also afraid they will not bring back weakspots.
  2. hazzgar

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    I'd rather fight a red in a defender any day. Especially the later into the game it goes. Plus because reds suck at leading shots the good shell velocity helps reds a lot. Not caring about missiong shots too. The gun is derpy so you have to aim but you can afford to aim. I get it's not exactly a better is3 as the playstyle is slightly different but it's the strongest armored non TD autoloader in the game. That should give people some perspective.
  3. hazzgar

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    Forgot pubbies and the fact they have 1 brain cell
  4. Pubbies already crying wheeled vehicles will be broken and invalidate lights with their 420m spotting range when maxed out. Also saying they will rush base, spot all enemy team and your team will magically erase 5k dmg from them. Because teams shoot what is spoted behind hills. Jesus pubs. 

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    2. Kolni


      wont even be useful in the hands of a good player, they're just shit period

      people have always enjoyed going fast for some action feel, that's what these tanks do well - you blaze past people missing you by a hair because of your speed/size and then you get some damage in


      they will not be good tanks however unless they grossly overbalance them, and this one seems fine to me - it does fuck all for damage, would be different if the t49 got this kind of mobility etc

      they did however break maps again so theres a lot of climbs you can do again

    3. Assassin7


      They're going to be worthless. Worse light tanks with worse view range and worse guns in a meta where light tanks are already shit? 


      The only thing they will be is annoying. Annoying to hit and annoying to kill because even tracking them apparently doesnt immobilise them.

    4. Ham_


      They are meme tanks

  5. hazzgar

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    How the hell do you play this tank wrong? I understand that pubbies be pubbies but it seems like the easiest tank to play.
  6. Yeah if WG does everything at once yeah it may be a better idea. I just know once wg "fixes" (or destroys) something they rarely correct. You are assuming what will happen is a perfect scenario which is rather unlikely in a company with a long history of incompetence. I think it's a diffference of points of view. Your solution is a great idea assuming WG is perfectly competent. Mine is great assuming WG is perfectly incompetent. Seriously I can suffer a while if this leads to WG being scared and balancing armor right. Remember they are super precious with armored tanks players so if there is no pushback against their changes they might do too little and end up doing EXACTLY what you are afraid off - buffing armored tanks if they nerf armor too little in relation to premium ammo rebalance. - This is what I am afraid of since I know they are morons. This is what Im worried about Data based decision making is also a gimmick and many companies are really damn bad at interpreting data. WG is a great example of what. Remember the famous 5% gold shells because the morons looked at stats for all tiers? Even if they listened to greens and better players it would be better. I know they often have idiotic ideas but at least the average level of what is considered reasonable would go up
  7. Always thought that was a bad idea unless you network hard. He wasn't working with many companies so he doesn't have strong contacts. Travel blogers at least have a network of connections. Him? LOL.
  8. Naaah I doubt it was planned. He seemed genuinely frustrated recently. Also you assign too much planning and competence to WG. it's like you don't play this game...
  9. You missed my point. I am saying knowing wg there will be 2 stages to it and there won't be a 3rd correction. So their either balance ammo first, then armor. So between the first and second change you have a period when armor is buffed. Then they change armor and all is well. Yeah we get 2-3 months of shit but then all is good. Or you balance armor first and ammo second. Since WG still cares too much about heavy players the outcry about armor being weak would cause the prem rebalance to be done in a stupid way or they could even revert armor changes. This way we get to feast on the heavies for 2-3 months then the game becomes fucked forever. Don't know about you but I prefer 2-3 months of the game being bad than it being bad for 2 years. Look at it differently. If you run a lot of prem ammo your damage capacity will become shit in some tanks. BC25T and lights will run out of shells way more often
  10. I'm 100% sure they announced it early after the CC shitstorm that happened now.
  11. Naah it's a good way. It's better to have a certain period of time with op tanks then balance armor first then ammo so tanks get OP forever.
  12. Anyone thinking they will not increase ammo count for the lowered prem damage so lights with shit ammo capacity will be even more screwed? Also I sense a huge capacity for e100 and especially is4 to become overpowered as shit. Wg tends to overbuff tanks. Especially heavies. Now they will kill their biggest enemy - gold spam and will give them better mm so they can feast on lower pen lower tier tanks? LOL.
  13. hazzgar

    Facepalm - winter edition

    Funny thing is statistically it did not suck. It was just annoying to play
  14. hazzgar

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    It's not. You move people will miss the turret roof 8/10 times. You will hit their weakspot in that time. The only advantage the t32 is it can move less and not be penned. So it's slightly better at holding positions against a similarly numbered oponents (since if they rush I'd still rather have the more reliable is3 gun). If is3 was slow or had a bad gun the turred could be called into question but since it isn't it's good
  15. hazzgar

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    You mean a t8 tank with basially the same turret you get on an obj257 and is4 is nothing special? Man you are a very good player. Don't say a mobile tank with a good gun has bad armor because it's not impenetrable. If you move back and forth most people miss the turret overmatch part. The rest of the turret is 360mm with 2 tiny areas of 280. ON A T8 Tank with a gun that has 0.08 turret dispersion... The problem is. IS3A wasn't an underperforming tank before. This is a massive buff to a tank that had 50.5% average wr. So paper stats armchair designing is not really valid when all you need to know a massive buff to a balanced tank = op tank. Also yeah the gun is derpy but the armor allows you to aim more. For the same reason people report the Somua to be way more accurate than the Lorriane when it really isn't. People bounce off you in panic or you can sit there 0.5s longer. All you need rly. Also 122 overmatch memes Yeah but it shows WG doesnt look at tanks performance. IS3A wasn't underperforming so there was literally no reason for a buff while they are still afraid to buff the leopard
  16. hazzgar

    IS-3A - Fair and Balanced edition

    It's much easier to play. Hull down it's still a problem to t10 tanks + if you dump the clip and then shoot single shot you get 3000dpm for the first minute. So lol. Also I love the obvious case of some pubbies thinking it will make them good and getting dissapointed again so they call it shit. I didn't play it but I'd probably prefer the somua though since I pull the same dpg in mine as I do in my wz1114.
  17. Reminded myself why I moved to mac  from windows for office and video editing work. Got a 1 vs 1 with some moron. Quicktime popped me out of WoT... 

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    2. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 yeah I know it's kinda on me but popups still can happen on windows. Can't happen on mac. I know apple is trash ever since Steve died (jesus I was not a fan of the guy but the shift in philosophy is drastic and annoying. Wot post serb like) but at least the OS is comfortable. 


      Also I use quicktime on my backup PC I use when the other one is fried. I just do anything to a computer with the cheapest 440GT graphics card, some random ram and 5 discs where 3 work. 

    3. Folterknecht


      Make a fresh Win install, install full "K-lite-Code Pack" and put VLC player on the machine - end of story.


      Quicktime - haven't seen that pest since the days of Netscape and AOL.

    4. hazzgar


      @Folterknecht also 2+2=4. Again I used an old PC. Quicktime was needed for some sites like 8 years ago (When was skyrim released?). Also quicktime not the only thing that can pop you out of a game on win. 

  18. Out of curiosity I checked out the pub forum players who say they are happy with how WoT is going as a counter to the lootbox/is3a/quicky/circon/skill/4tankers outrage. 100% of them are 46% players. I'd call them idiots but then again if all good players quit they might finally get decent stats as a result of their stupid behavior. 

  19. I wonder how WG will react to both QB and Skill heavily criticizing them in a short span of times. No swearing or even irony here so no angle to go after them like Circon or Foch.

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    2. simba90


      I thought they rented hookers and hired monkeys. ;thinking;

    3. Hellsfog


      The monkeys do double duty so it's the same thing.

    4. nabucodonsor
  20. hazzgar

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Worth it at 60% off? Opinions seem to be mixed here. Is it a bit like a t10 elc amx bis with 90mm?
  21. hazzgar

    Even QB?!

    I love your double standards and how simple it makes you look. I basically used the same rhetorical device you used on me. I used an online speech insult used to grossly mischaracterize ones political leanings. Same as you and mine is projection? Also for projection to work I'd have to poses any characteristics of an incel. I don't think an engaged man in a stable relationship with no anger issues towards women, society, lefties and with reasonable social skills (they can be found defined on wikipedia too, try them) qualifies. So your "noo you" is weak m8. Go back to claiming shit tanks are good. Torty was so good it got buffed so what now? a44? Or you can't do that after you were thrown out of Jordan Peterson school for disenfranchised lobsters?
  22. hazzgar

    Even QB?!

    I love how not being an asshole would have to be relabeled so the resident incel feels good about his shitty life. It's also funny how apparently the least skilled team in the company has been assigned to their biggest product. Wows and Blitz teams seem to have more brain
  23. After trying some rentals. Jesus the community is so wrong on what's good for premiums. Somua is amazing. Doing 5k dmg is easy as balls in it yet people undervalue it. On the other hand skorpion now is annoying as fuck to play, WZ120 is ok but still no turret, low hp and derpy. 

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    2. Archaic_One


      I think a lot of people suspected the SM was going to be really good.  Its probably the only tier 8 prem I don't have that is worth buying boxes for this xmas

    3. lavawing


      120 G FT is good on almost every stat except aiming/comfort, just annoying af to play

      Skorp is still king at shitting out damage at longer ranges

      Somua is a bit too derpy for my tastes, but IMO all the tanks you listed are good and better than tech tree counterparts, and it's a matter of preference which one if any you run

    4. Mureke


      The intra-clip reload, clip potential, and DPM of the Somua are godlike. Nice AP pen and gun depression to top it off.

  24. hazzgar

    Even QB?!

    There is a difference between reasonable and unreasonable armor creep. Making tanks with fewer weakspots, killing accuracy. Armor back in the day worked nicely. Kv4 used to be workable in terms of armor. Also the problem is the epidemic of hull down tanks. It used to be that there were a few hull down tanks with good gun dep. Now it's everyone so ranked was people camping in hull down positions and everyone carried HE for that reason. Basically WG should do everything to promote dynamic gameplay that also doesn't result in steamrolls. 9.17.
  25. hazzgar

    Even QB?!

    I know someone at WG and while he is a very smart guy I think the believes the ingame bs so he says some stuff that makes my head scratch like "Unicums don't know more than bad players because unicum x likes this shitty tank we all know is shit (wotlabs would agree)" and they basically think they know what they are doing. Really all they need to do is reverse armorcreep + bring back weakspots (people penning you but not firing gold is less frustrating) and give the middle finger to 3/5/7. This will slow the drain. Reversing it is impossible, the damage is done but those 2 things and the game would not frustrate the fuck out of people. Also do exciting stuff with contributors and do stuff that makes players think you listen to them. Even silly publicity stunt like bringing that german derp td for some special mode. Come on. While I know it's a stereotype you are being an ass towards his wife. You don't like him and it's fine but going after someones wife is an uber dick move.