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  1. Obj260 med mission is now near impossible. No one plays TD's. I get 1 maybe 2 per game. 

    1. hazzgar


      Scratch that. There are TD's just not in tier10. A 7k borat game did it

  2. Is it only me or does it feel like arty wasn't really nerfed? Trying to play some 279e to share the toxicity and every damn shot is like 500. 

    Also fv4005 sniped my cupola from 400m and highrolled. What's with my 279e and shitbarns killing it

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    2. hazzgar


      @Jesse_the_Scout I think the HE mechanics changes mean thick unsloped armor tanks got buffed but sloped armor tanks got a nerf.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide



       I think the HE mechanics changes mean thick unsloped armor tanks got buffed but sloped armor tanks got a nerf.

      Arty HE mechanics were not changed, FWIW (for damage+pen calculations, anyways).  Arty was nerfed in the sense that it requires more than a pulse and one brain cell to play these days.  My current theory is that it was nerfed enough that all the brain-dead arty mains stopped playing the game, so it feels like it wasn't nerfed because the only arty players left are the ones who are actually decent and know what they're doing in the game.

      Besides, sloped armor didn't get nerfed against HE at all, IIRC - what did get nerfed is the calculation using the thinnest armor within the splash radius of that sloped armor (which is why you don't get 700+ splashes with 183mm HESH consistently anymore). 

      Sloped armor has always been weaker to non-penetrating HE than thiccboi flat sides, but now that the damage roll is based directly on where you hit, slab armor is far superior because you can't splash engine decks or hull roofs to bypass it anymore.


    4. hazzgar


      @PlanetaryGenocide you are correct. I may also have been getting some bad rng. My days recently oscilate between 75% wr and 45% so it swings massively

  3. RU cluster is basically heavies FTW, meds and lights are OP so if they realize how broken can lights get with this they should be up in arms
  4. Good day 1/13 wins despite 3200wn8 in bc25ap... Then I decided to give the middle finger to MM with 279e - Prok with 3 arty and a useless scout... 

  5. Bond Turbo + Chrystler G? The tank has 20hp/t but 35kph top speed.  I know the tank is garbage but this takes it closer to the area of a slower medium like the pershing

  6. strangely TOmato.gg shows Jpe100 performing quite well
  7. Isn't the DPM rather meh ? not Rino meh but meh?
  8. Not even free to play. I'm a paying player (probably bought 20t8 prems, constant prem account) but I dont spend gold on every crew retraining. If this goes through expect me to be gone
  9. So consensus best tanks for Bond Turbo? T95? Renegade? Concept? 

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    2. hazzgar
    3. hazzgar


      @echo9835 I was thinking Zoom Turtle not Chief 

    4. echo9835


      zoom turtle is way more fun

  10. Why am I trying to mark a46. It's horrible

    1. sr360


      Now now, wasn’t that bad or hard. I even managed a RW in it


    2. hazzgar


      @sr360 it's a good scout thanks to its camo but it's uber slow and the gun is dogshit so it's just unenjoyable to play. Especially on bad maps. 

      Also your own vid title has "bad tanks" in it. 

      But I'm probably tilted because I'm tring to mark 4 tanks at the same time and the 3 other ones are much more fun than a46

    3. sr360


      Ha, that's a quote from a friend of mine. The A-46 is definitely mediocre among T6 LTs, but it has some tools. Three equipment slots feels a little low for it, it could definitely use 5 or 6 though!

  11. Did you only join this forum to spam with clan invites? Why would anyone join a clan outside of the fact that you are a clan?
  12. Is it only me or does the tank that will benefit the most from Bond Turbo is the Concept 1b given already great power to weight and just bad max speed? With Bond Turbo it goes 51kph.

  13. Seems like a great idea. Though I'm tempted to try bounty LNES on the EVEN simply for the memes of 54 camo.
  14. Yeah the shell speed is something that usually puts me off most tanks. Anything sub 1k and I literally can't hit a barn door but some people love STB's, Kran's etc so they can probably make this work.
  15. hazzgar

    The K-91 thread

    121B would seem fun. UDES would also seem very good but weird. Too bad you can't mount CVS on TD's
  16. hazzgar

    The K-91 thread

    Yeah but using that logic you would only play one t9 and t10 light
  17. hazzgar

    The K-91 thread

    Have you tried this setup on the 416?
  18. I use purple rammer instead of vents just because the tank has such an amazing gun but yes 432 with CVS and optics is pure fun.
  19. Have you tried a full stealth build on the T10 RHM? Curious as with purple optics it gets 537m VR and with LNES 42 camo. Not great but not dogshit. 

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    2. sr360


      Just play a Kran

    3. hazzgar


      @sr360 I suk dik at Kran. I didn't use to but now I can't find openings to save chevrons on the loses and the gun trolls the shit out of me. IDK what's wrong but t10 guns don't work for me

    4. hazzgar


      @sr360 ok Kran Gun Doesn't work. Maybe it's Mouse settings or maybe something else but I am horrible at aiming. REALLY REALLY Horrible and it's most visible with the Kran. 

  20. Damn. That is my PTA dmg but without the spot. Need to try it once ranked is done. Bummed about new map test thing being closed as I was curious about testing if 3 marks are counted on them because if they are this is abusable for some fun results.
  21. You like the Char so much? Full stealth build? I'm out of vert stabs so I didn't play mine but I guess you are suggesting I should
  22. You 500+ game the Char and 13 90? Didn't know they are as fun. I played the 13 90 before the new equipment and I still didn't play 1 battle in my char. Tempted to do a full stealth bitch build on t34-2 with 390 alpha tho.
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