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  1. Yeah if you manage to track someone he is SOL. I expect the tank to be super gimped in other areas so a worse ST-II.
  2. Some people said join ranked late to avoid uni overcrowding. Mistake. Better playing with unis than retarded teams that piss against the wind as a hobby. Jesus. It's impossible to retain chevrons when your teams fold in ways never seen before 

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    2. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 20 placement games and you were in the league? Don't you have to go through that 3 stages of that other thing before? 

    3. Kuratovsky


      I absolutely agree with hazzgar. I had the most fun in ranked during the first few days, when the sprinter's league was still open. Quick, aggressive, dynamic games. After that point the meta started to descend into a cancerous mess. I speculate the reason behind was the gradually increasing number of pussies who desperately fled to a campy retain-mentality at the first sight of danger. Yuck!

    4. CandyVanMan


      Was originally planning on grinding ranked for enough bonds and discount for 50t, but had to call it quits when I got enough for the 1B.
      Starting ranked and power grinding it far into the season is the most cancerous thing I've ever suffered in this game.
      The tilt was very real indeed.

  3. Why the hell are T-92 3 mark reqs higher than the black dog? 

    Also is t34-3 now good? 3k 3 mark req? WTF?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Jesse_the_Scout I get it is a tank that can scout but it's reqs are still pretty high for how garbage it is. It's worse as a scout than many same tier lights because it''s capped at 60kph and it's too wide to fit many bushes. It's gun is also dogshit since who cares about soft stats when you autobounce from ridiculous shit due to low caliber and you have nonexistent alpha.

    3. sr360


      @hazzgar don't talk smack about my baby. Turbo helps much of the speed issues, and the gun while weak has such good soft stats you can eschew VStab. It's no 432, but it ain't terrible. Also, its 3 mark reqs are lower than that of the M41 90 GF, but higher than the M 41 90. Go figure.

    4. hazzgar


      @sr360 your baby? Are you nuts? Also please post more replays. Marking it felt like having clippy the MS word helper inserted into my dickhole. The tank is too wide for many plays. Prok bush line for example. It's too wide to be constantly IN the bushline so you can't push it unless enemies are morons and position themselves in a straight line. 

      From T8 tanks for spot I'd pick LTTB, BC12t, Even and LT432 above it despite LTTB being huge, having shit camo and driving like it's on ice skates

      PS - I tend to drop vert more and more often on lights unless their handling is dogshit just because commanders vision + optics is so broken it makes no sense not to use it. 

      Ironically I think I had the best spotting game in the last patch for t8 tanks in the t92. At least at the time of upload. But that was mainly due to enemy positioning not the tank being op. Well that and running optics, silent drive module and commanders vision. Ace reqs on t92 are also silly. 11.5k spot = 1st class. 

  4. Why not just get a hammer and slap yourself? It will save you some time and bonds.
  5. Nothing pisses me more in life than data reading illiteracy. I work for a TV station. Globally we are huge but locally we are tiny. Not even in the top40. 

    So an ad agency we hired for our big premiere told us to move our premiere because ALL TELEVISION gets less viewers on that day. It didn't occur to them that a small, specialized premium Chanel might not follow those trends...and well it doesn't. The day they dislike is our most watched day. 

    The also suggested we change the month of premiere because the overall tv viewership is in a downward trend that month. They didn't notice that on their own chart that trend follows the best month in the year so the month is still among the best ones... 

    I mean seriously can people learn to read data and interpret it? Being able to work on databases and knowing maths is worth shit if no one interprets it properly and no one asks the right questions. 

    1. GehakteMolen


      I learned many years an important lesson from a project manager: Most people are barely suitable for their own job, let alone anything that isnt part of it. Said ad agency thus has ofc zero clue about anything not ad related (they are no ad, not math company afterall :serb:)

    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen true but I did not expect them to be competent in it. It's just they decided to claim they are better at my job than I am and basically started qualifying why what they are going to do for us will fail. If it was up to me I'd fire them on the spot for that. 

      Also somehow everyone thinks they know what movies and tv people will watch because they watch movies and tv. 

      But I agree re competency. Really skilled employees are rare as fuck

  6. It will be. It's like a CDC that gets some "bounce once in a million years" armor in exchange for being slower and bigger and having less DPM. It's like a bastard Child of the Renegade and the pre 2 buffs superpershing having all the worst qualities of both.
  7. Really dumb question. What affects keyboard/driving sensitivity? only windows setting or does arcade aim influence it too?

    1. Tman450


      Almost every keyboard has on/off key switches so.... They all drive the same.

  8. I love WG support.


    "you got banned for unsportsmanlike conduct". 


    "ok but for what exactly so that I can appeal"


    "you got banned for unsportsmanlike conduct. you must not know the rules. byeeeeeee" 


    When the only moment I can think of is some moronic liberte who after camping decided to stop 5m in front of me and then immediately started driving back and being angry that buildings have walls on Ensk so I am unable to go back to give him more space...

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      You're just not a team player. I bet that liberte has more battle buddy medals than you.

    3. orzel286


      Reject tonks, return to horni!

    4. hazzgar


      @SchnitzelTruck would have explained why he raged at me for being bad when I got killed because of his stupid play and he lived the whole game. SO i did 2500 and he did 900...

  9. Tbh making the m60 more like amx30b but with pen would probably make it more fun than making it another hull down tank.
  10. Kinda Wish I had the 121b now instead of M60 but it will all depend on which tank gets how much armor. If they make m60 a worse leopard that can hull down I will not say no to it.
  11. What OP tier X tanks? this only applies if you can get to CW shop. Normal shop t10 bond tanks are dogshit
  12. WTF? So teams are not getting worse? Then explain this... 

    Teams Wot.PNG

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    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolen not with their shooting. I had that bunch of snipers in the corner behind me. All had 0/10 pens. 

    3. ZXrage


      Enjoying the match aside, this is very funny

    4. sohojacques


      @hazzgarIt sucks. But it definitely isn’t new. 

  13. Do i get some terrible luck or do you also notice absolutely horrible teams. Not horrible as usual but like 5 games in a row the team all goes to one corner of the map.


    Also no one knows how to shoot anymore. 5+ players on the team have 15% accuracy. Enemy teams also started doing stupid shit which basically turned t8-10 into T1-3 chaos. It's almost like there is no meta anymore.

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    2. hazzgar


      I think you realize this less with armored tanks ironically. I get really good results with heavies now since everyone is a moron. I've just been trying to 3 mark the T-92 playing it on and off and I genuinely get better avg combined damage on Himmels than on open maps...

    3. Balthazars


      Heavies are generally my best performing class (and they are the ones I'm playing atm for credits, Bisconte and the IS3A are my flavour at the moment), so that would make sense, and I think they do insulate you more against atypical behaviour because there's not much ability to do unusual stuff yourself in a slow heavy, whereas in a medium or TD you can absolutely find yourself caught out by people doing dumb stuff, or feel tempted to do dumb stuff yourself to adapt. Whereas in your slow heavy, even if you see the dumb stuff going on, you probably can't do anything about it anyway and still go to the heavy brawling corridor and do what you always do.

    4. hazzgar


      It's not even that. Heavies in most cases tend to fight other heavies. So the enemy no matter how stupid has less incentive to go to stupid spots (although I see more and more heavy camping). But yeah a light needs a good team. Especially the T-92 with it's garbge 150 dmg low caliber gun. 

  14. This still will be a problem. Especially for lights. If you know there is an enemy light before you in a bush line (ie. Prok) basically the one who gets spotted first dies. So even a tiny difference means a lot
  15. Sorry that is my brainfart. I wanted to say radio operators. No idea why I said commanders. I think i was thinking radio operators and loaders. Take some of the commander skills to them so you don't train them as 5th skill so they actually become useful
  16. Warships make the current meta look like it was designed by higher beings
  17. I'd argue t100lt and manticore are better scouts on some maps since extra view range allows them to spot enemy lights in bushes before you get spoted. It's really useful in those situations where there is a long line of bushes and you know there is a light on the way. So spotting it before you are spotted can be a deal braker. Prok is one such example. Another is that open map with a square city in the middle. 13 105 is a meh scout tho. A good damage dealer tho.
  18. Some vision skills should be radio operator skills really. That visible for 2 extra seconds thing could be it
  19. 100% this. Add some useful skills for Loaders and commanders (since often you get 0 skill commanders so they have 1 extra skill over the rest of the crew)
  20. Or if the ruskie server boys complain enough it gets scrapped like other sandbox ideas.
  21. Has anyone noticed more pushing and other dickish behavior? I wonder if the agressive chat banning has resulted in people expressing their anger in more toxic ways since at least for me I feel like pushing is uber common now.

    1. GehakteMolen


      u can get banned for pushign though :P Someone i know tossed someone down the cliff on overlord (by accident ofc :serb: ) but he got a ban for it, hehe

    2. hazzgar


      @GehakteMolenyou get banned way less often tho. Since you can't automate bans for pushing. It's just there is so much fucking pushing recently. There has to be a reason why it's going up. 

  22. So just reshufle which crewmember gets what skills so useful number of skills is equal on all members.
  23. What you are saying is basically - keep the crew as it is. The crew system currently isn't bad. Very few tanks really benefit that much over a certain skill number. WG on one hand are super afraid of lights being too good and on the other have no idea they are doing a lot to buff lights. Hell the new equipment was a huge buff to lights if you know how to use commanders vision.
  24. They will have. They will have even more VR too. Still this benefits EBR more than lights since over a certain threshold camo means more and it means especially more if you can remain unspotted when going to certain positions. Given that with crew 2.0 EBR would be unspottable in bushes (bar binocs+ that item that reduces bush camo) this will mean they will be able to take stupid positions now. Also imagine a t100lt/manticore with binocs, new crew and that camo reduction thing. What the final result will be? 610m VR plus -20% Bush camo? Basically with that setup bushes no longer exist. TBH
  25. I don't think they will go through with it. One interesting piece in QB vid is how stupid OP EBR becomes with a maxed crew. 60 CAMO!!! 470 VR. I mean I won't complain since my best crews are EBR105 and LT432 but this will make them broken as fuck. This creates one problem though. It creates such huge gaps in camo and VR you will not be able to predict what will happen on the battlefield. No idea if you will get spoted at 220m on a maxed EBR or 160. No idea if you will spot enemy tanks at 440 or again 180-220. Basically it makes skill less important and it becomes a typical grindy m
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