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  1. Current Twitch prime rentals were made for people to stop playing the game. Jesus the t34 is bad. I get the slow speed but why does it have to turn and rotate its turret so long arty can circle it?

  2. Can you phrase your posts so they don't seem like they are randomly generated by a bad machine learning algorithm that imitates forum shitstorms?
  3. Can anyone explain to me why this stupid game needs updates every 2h and why they take so long? 

    1. punishersal


      Rigging MM and teams for you

    2. RC_Tank


      idk but its fucking annoying

  4. hazzgar

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    With Twitch prime the thing was available for 12$ on EU. I've gotten it for another account since it's the best LT for LT missions outside the ones that require t9-t10 tanks. Despite starting with 0 skill crew I still am hoovering between 72-74% solo WR. Low sample rate at 55 battles but still the tank is op as shit. Love it.
  5. Jesus this tank is bad. I can't imagine how shit it must havebeen with the small gun, even if the meta back then wasn't crap. All it has is speed and camo. No DPM, No alpha, the gun somehow misses way too much, the aimtime is good but not good enough, no armor (he pens you), no hp.
  6. In wrestling you will need a lot of endurance. Not typical cardio but something close to interval training. Similar to what I need for downhill biking. As for boxing - to be a good boxer you need cardio. Punching will tire you if you do it properly not just stand in front of a bag and punch with your arm
  7. Instead of chasing gains I decided to chase overall fitness. Have some good trainers who work on mobility, cardio, short term endurance and strength. Wend down 9kg to 71kg. Need to go 3-4kg more then go up again. Better for overall health, easier to maintain and more usable in a variety of activities.
  8. I think the Skoda could retain its DPM if the intraclip went down to 1.4-1.5.
  9. Went back to the game after a few months off. Jesus it is even worse. The steamrolls are even more common. It's OP tank or have no control over the outcome. Fuck this game

  10. Lol this forum is ded

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    2. hazzgar


      Lol like nerds ever leave the basement

    3. j_galt


      Point taken

    4. Snoregasm2


      Yeah I only came back a few months ago after a 3 year break and it seems like the body isn't even twitching anymore 

  11. Jesus WG are retards. "Everyone tells us a tank is the worst garbage we ever produced. Much worse than RHM, a tank that currently wins by a mile for the competition of the worst crap ever in our game so lets only buff our tank a little" "Oh everyone tells us this tank needs tiny buffs since it's only below average or average - ok. Super Conq, old Maus, old Type5, Old t110e5) Making it a t10 version of old ELC AMX would be awesome.
  12. The thing is I'd kinda understand it if those tanks had elc even 90 levels of camo (as compared to their peers so t10 would have to be 10-20% better vs t100lt) but not all of them have great camo
  13. I know. I was continuing the theme.
  14. Is there any other way to talk about Wot (really wanted to use a smaller font but Wotlabs doesn't allow it)
  15. How to plan for a fun time? Get a new Jurb. Have a new jurb introduce a big rework of things a month after you come when you don't know everything tip top, 1 day after you lay out your long term plans, then have the work plan 1.5 weeks of work trips and have your assistant go on holiday at the same time. Jesus. I'm going to change my middle name to overtime

  16. Man, I get it. I'm just against limiting ammo on tanks as a balance feature. Seriously. If my friend who works at WG introduces me to the person behind the idea instead of greeting him/her I'll punch him in the nuts (or equivalent)
  17. In a normal company if a guy who has been accused of being bribed by you so he is always positive about your products starts dunking on you harder and harder and everyone else went that way before him there would be panic and chaos. In Minsk they will just think he is wrong.
  18. You might have had a small part of your tank sticking out. Also t28 may not be theone who spotted you. I've had 1450 games in my elc even 90 and in my experience nothing spots you first except for high tier meds/lights that have much better crews than you and are kitted for vision and are in a bush while you arent.
  19. Naaah mate. With low ammo you will be limited by what ammo you can carry but some lights carry so little ammo you rutinely run out of ammo. Quite a few french mid tier autoloaders have that problem. When 3 marking the 13 57 GF I ended up with 0 shells quite a few times while many times I died because I tried to conserve shells
  20. Whoever at Wargaming thinks using low ammo is a good way to balance a tank should get punched in the nuts. Yeah lets make people not shoot their guns and make the game more passive. Good job wg.
  21. Current safe play meta on EU doesn't work with it well but yeah 375mm of prem pen means it works well with snaps. Maus armor not really that strong with that pen
  22. Yeah last month has been cancer playing lights. I've been playing some heavies to destress
  23. relatively easy. Though light tanks are vulnerable to meta shifts. Haven't played this week but 2 weeks ago the meta was "don't look at the map and don't shoot anything that is spoted" + 5-6 lights per team which made it harder to 3 mark or at least less enjoyable.
  24. They didn't change it from old handling AFAIK and old handling is the reason I'm going bald. Seriously it's that bad.
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