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  1. Is it only me or does the tank that will benefit the most from Bond Turbo is the Concept 1b given already great power to weight and just bad max speed? With Bond Turbo it goes 51kph.

  2. Seems like a great idea. Though I'm tempted to try bounty LNES on the EVEN simply for the memes of 54 camo.
  3. Yeah the shell speed is something that usually puts me off most tanks. Anything sub 1k and I literally can't hit a barn door but some people love STB's, Kran's etc so they can probably make this work.
  4. hazzgar

    The K-91 thread

    121B would seem fun. UDES would also seem very good but weird. Too bad you can't mount CVS on TD's
  5. hazzgar

    The K-91 thread

    Yeah but using that logic you would only play one t9 and t10 light
  6. hazzgar

    The K-91 thread

    Have you tried this setup on the 416?
  7. I use purple rammer instead of vents just because the tank has such an amazing gun but yes 432 with CVS and optics is pure fun.
  8. Have you tried a full stealth build on the T10 RHM? Curious as with purple optics it gets 537m VR and with LNES 42 camo. Not great but not dogshit. 

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    2. sr360


      Just play a Kran

    3. hazzgar


      @sr360 I suk dik at Kran. I didn't use to but now I can't find openings to save chevrons on the loses and the gun trolls the shit out of me. IDK what's wrong but t10 guns don't work for me

    4. hazzgar


      @sr360 ok Kran Gun Doesn't work. Maybe it's Mouse settings or maybe something else but I am horrible at aiming. REALLY REALLY Horrible and it's most visible with the Kran. 

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  9. Damn. That is my PTA dmg but without the spot. Need to try it once ranked is done. Bummed about new map test thing being closed as I was curious about testing if 3 marks are counted on them because if they are this is abusable for some fun results.
  10. You like the Char so much? Full stealth build? I'm out of vert stabs so I didn't play mine but I guess you are suggesting I should
  11. You 500+ game the Char and 13 90? Didn't know they are as fun. I played the 13 90 before the new equipment and I still didn't play 1 battle in my char. Tempted to do a full stealth bitch build on t34-2 with 390 alpha tho.
  12. I'm still wondering if I should maximize gun or go your way while 3 marking the BC25AP. The reqs are silly low so it will probably happen without issues but I am a bit afraid the garbage gun stats need help on this tank
  13. Yes because with those changes you can probably create those camo values for even more tanks. Also I forgot about bounty LNES. Need to get the improved pass.
  14. Love ranked when my multiplier battles are always top1 on a loss since all my early battles are shit teams so I'm wasting chevrons... ffs

  15. If they go with it stupid camo builds may become meta for many good players.
  16. I got a pub forum ban for using the word blowjob. Literally just for using it. 

    1. hall0


      what chat thing with Honest Gaming? Enlight me plz


    2. hazzgar


      @hall0 oh man you missed a lot. I will not spoil this for you



    3. DrWeb7_1


      OK, got banned on CIS forums for 14 days this time. Time to say goodbye to those amusingly silly people.

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  17. Anyone had an issue where in game store wasn't displaying?

    1. DrWeb7_1


      Try this: https://dl-support.gcdn.co/wot/ru/Temp/engine_config_hf.zip
      Put the xml file into /res_mods/*current_version*/ and try to open either Store or Clan tab again.

    2. hazzgar
  18. It depends on how they phrase the question. What matters is if the approval is lower or higher than other questions they asked about sandbox stuff.
  19. WG really thinks the only problem with t92 was pen?

  20. Is it really useful? in most places the shell flies 1-1.5s. Not enough to often even avoid a direct hit. It should be uber situational
  21. 100% This. The game is fun. Equipment 2.0 worked because it wasn't really 2.0. It was new pieces of equipment + a special boost slot. It was more like equipment 1.1. The same should happen to the crew. This just happens because big moves like that look better in big corporate structures than smaller pragmatic work. I'm a TV programme manager right now and I get bigger results just from getting good content and small changes to what works at what time than big splashy marketing campaign but the focus is on that and then we cry another one of those didn't work and why when people watch our
  22. t95 LNE. Also too bad it can't mount CVS. Imagine t95 with optics, CVS and LNE. Though BOunty vents, Optics, LNE and you gt 33 camo on the move with 500m vr.
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