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  1. So above Bulldog. Not amazing but still not worst in class. But yeah if you can relocate better than a bourasque but retain camo on the move jesus.
  2. Those are very playstyle specific. I'd never run your system on the even because progressing on the Prok bush line without optics but with bushes would be a problem. Though I might check it for the memes. We are running same on 432 but on t92 I'm runing CVS/LNES/Optics. T54ltw runs 432 setup. btw. Next Battle Pass will offer Bounty LNES. Memes will be had.
  3. Bobject is less reliable for that mission (people shoot it less + weakspots are bigger) that it used to be but its a good choice still. Also any light is a good light if played well.
  4. That would be broken as balls if the camo was above bulldog levels.
  5. Good start of the day. Trashbarn penetrates my 279e with AP (ffs 300 pen) when I'm above him and ammoracks me for 2400. How?

    1. ZXrage


      He played better, obviously :kappa:

    2. hazzgar


      The luck he had. The only pennable part of the 279e is the lip of the hull armor which is basically 1 pixel wide in tanks gg. In a shitbarn.

  6. IS Murovanka EU meta hopeless? If 80% from south spawn goes left, decides to camp and get boxed in what can you do? Since that seems to be the meta. 

    1. PityFool


      Yea thats what I usually do, but most games now have so many TDs that there is almost always more than one TD camping the bushes at the back. Just a stinky design.

    2. Assassin7


      I basically only ever go forest on Muro, its so much easier to push out. 

    3. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 yes but you can't go there if your team is only going there with 2 tanks. Also ironically its way easier to push out from the south spawn so I don't get why the south spawn doesn't go there more.

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  7. WG are in their "release shit prems " period. They have it once a while. Remember Mauerbrecher, that digger patton and a few others?
  8. That's situational since if you are bottom tier you may not get high calibers or steel walls. Lights seem more reliable. Also finally done it. Chimera Union-15 with honors done by accident. Just play your high dmg RU t9/10 tank. Way better than the slow 705a shitbox. That tank for some reason encourages waaaaay to many people to overpeak you and trade with you so you end up with a ton of 3k dmg 3k blocked games because those overpeaking morons get killed by your allies.
  9. Struggled for so damn long in the 705A to do the final ebola mission but I forgot I get frequient high dmg games in the IS-3-II. So 7.1k dmg + some blocked + dying on a win = no longer have to play superheavies. 

  10. Teach me how to 705a. The pain is real.

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      I do alright in the 705A for the most part, what equipments are you running?  


      I tend to play by just taking my face and bashing it into the enemy's faces, lots of wiggling and sidescraping, slap bitches with the gun.  It's not 100% a brain dead heavy tank but it's pretty close IMO

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      I do rely on armor way more than i should though

    3. hazzgar


      I am runing hardening + vert + rammer. I am fairly aggressive and it started with 3.5k dpg in 20 battles but at 57 it's 2.4k.... ffs

  11. Any tips for this tank in 2021? Went for it for union 15 for chimera since I already had is4 on my old acc's but Im struggling to be consistent.
  12. Jesus the 705a is a frustrating tank to play. You have to always look at your team to make sure you arent alone because your shit dpm means you are easily iso'd. You also have less alpha than 750 tanks so red bobs decide its worth trading even if it costs them 2k hp. 

    On the other hand when the tank works it feels invicible. FFS. Never played such a team reliant heavy tank and my teams have a nasty habbit of suiciding recently. 

  13. @kolni one thing regarding both the "what to do if nothing happens" and "what to do if you play outside your role" - I get that it's obvious in flexible tanks like Fv215 but what about big heavies like 60tp or 705a? They are bad at shifting flanks and they are bad outside their role given they can't snipe.
  14. I'm a snitch right now because I noticed WG responds to replays with good description and I think I've got 14 people 7 day bans this month either for arty drowning or pushing. Makes me a happy guy. Also 705a is only 6k exp from me. NOw to grind some cash and I hope the mission will be done soon.
  15. I'm going to kill the IS3A cunt that pushed me out because "my spot" in the only battle I could have done union 15 in my 705. FFS. I would literally slap him with a shovel then force him to dig his own grave. FFS. This mission used to be so easy ffs.
  16. SCOUTING MISSIONS. Seriously. Get a good scout. Either patrol duty + that other scout medal or 1 scout medal + confederate.
  17. Did it in the bulldog. After crying 2/3 games were aces. I just had bad teams. Bulldog is the way to go. 4k combined with 3 kills = ace. Now Chimera Union 15 with honors either in the 705 or I grind till I can get the 705a and do it in that.
  18. So far not working but not using bounty equipment. 1/10 ace. Even with low noise thing the tank gets spoted too easily. Though maybe it's just bad luck as I'm at 37% WR for that session... Was tempted to go for a damage build and simply kill steal. Will try if there are no aces post 20 games Didn't want to spend money on another t8 tank but it's my 2nd choice.
  19. Any tips for bulldog setup for Alliance 15 with honors? Getting 1st classes but aces are rare since the tank is garbage.
  20. It's a great deal imho. Get 3x improved aiming thing. Seems stupid but smaller final reticle = smaller bloom. Really great on autoloaders.
  21. but wg is incompetent plus if they work lke a large company this means some manager can start a "project" instead of simply someone from the balance department rebalancing some tanks. Ironically i hope this update discourages people from playing arty.
  22. Char is a good sniper but AE is very reliable. Especially if you spam heat. The turret works great. The hull is garbage tho. It's like a t29 for t9.
  23. Arty is going to be nerfed or pubs are crying for no reason?

    Also maybe the "nerf" is a way to remove arty from the game in a sneaky way. Discourage people fro playing it by making arty shit. 

    1. Balthazars


      It doesn't really matter if arty is actually or perceived to be nerfed. It will be just like the last time it was 'nerfed'. Some people will stop playing it for a while, and everyone else will breathe a sigh of relief, but then most of the potatoes will realise it's still the only class in which they can do more than 1 shot of damage and will flood back and we'll be right back to where we usually are, with arty flooding the match-maker and 3 arty per games being the norm, rather than the exception.

    2. hazzgar


      @Balthazars it depends how frustrating arty is to play. 

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      Basically arty will no longer kill your crew, do all of 10% less damage, and if you're on the move it'll hit you less. Meanwhile, that ridge you thought was protecting you doesn't anymore because it will have a higher trajectory. Buff or nerf? Either way it's still a clog in the filter of the game like it always has been.

      The additional stuff like revealed firing positions and arty detection skill might really make a difference, I dunno.

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  24. If the shell speed and pen were higher it could be a baby leopard. Sniping tanks should not have slow shells.
  25. Yeah I wanted to do it in the renegade because of the high AVG exp per battle but i ended 4th a couple battles in a row. AE PHase I did the trick.
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