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  1. Alliance 13 is killing me. Mostly because I play solo and because I don't have an alliance med for t8-t9. Was doing it in a renegade since it's a high avg exp tank but every 3rd battle is either a loss or the enemy team does something inredibly stupid like all drive to a place where only noobs drive and some tomato plus some arty get a silly amount of kills. Was thinking about doing it in the chimera but the rof is too low for kill stealing. Btw. For people struggling with the Critical hits mission - full pens that result in kills in the FV4005 seem to give more crits than full pens t
  2. Depends on the hour you play but if you get in a t8 heavy hour its auto ace but overall i agree
  3. You don't need a shit tank. Just a tank pubbies are shit at. Pershing is maybe not meta and a bit sub par but it's not shit yet it's probably in the top5 lowest ace tanker reqs for t8. Btw. Surprised how hard it is to get huge bounce games on EU. Had to play like a complete moron in t95 to make people shoot me and its only possible if you get spotted where 750 alpha tds can shoot you from like 200+m. btw. We're close to the same. I need 2 alliance missions + 1 blocked excalibur for germans.
  4. Do you want to do the missions fast or do you want to complain about tank looks? I'm powergrinding to tanks I don't want just to get it done fast instead of getting frustrated for a long time.
  5. EDIT: Before my comments - GET A NEW TANK for those extra 5 battles of good MM. Good MM for t7 = fighting t6 and t5 tanks = easy top guns. Depends on how scummy do you feel? If a lot then Chi-ri and kill steal. I know not german but Japanese and German are both Block. If less scummy than Tiger I. Tiger I is a top gun machine.
  6. Yeah I know the FV is best but I already had the M53/55 and with the stock gun the gap between it and fv3805 is not that big. I failed the mission once with 1 mission to go but later have finished it. Then again I run bounty GLD on the m53/55 for extra cancer so it's relatively easy as with the stock gun, directives and food this arty is aiming waaaaay too fast. You were probably uber unlucky. A good pen on the FV is 4-5 crits.
  7. Yeah the same. Shitbarn makes it easy. Now I only need 2 ace missions plus that 2k avg block one. Did the other block one (highest block in team) but i dont have the t95 only the t28 so im grinding as t28 wont manage 2k block easy. Then I need to grind to the bulldoggy
  8. Jesus I think I will need a pressure wash. Alliance missions make me play so much arty i feel dirty.

    1. sohojacques


      You’ll never wash that stink off.

  9. Jesus that alliance 1500 stun for 10 battles mission is a PITA. If your teams get steamrolled you get really punched in the dick in your progress here
  10. I see you recommend the Caern for the confederate missions but M53/55 with the small gun is a conferedate medal farmer. 2 games = 2 confederates.
  11. For RU tanks just take their armored TD line since low hp high armor.
  12. I'm the same really. Since Im not migrating accounts since late 2019 I have never reached 8k dmg (is it me or was it easier in the good old days? ) but there aren't that many chimera missions that require crazy dmg. Usually it's 6k which can be done even though it requires a few battles. I found you need to find your tank for those. I am a dogshit player at t10. Usually I get comparable or lower dpg's than in my t9s so most of my t10's are sub 3k dpg but once I found the right setup for my shitbarn for example I had a nice string of high damage battles in it.
  13. Which part wasn't? I need to do one excalibur mission with honors and then find some trash tank I can ace reliably. Maybe I will just try to 3 mark the tech tree bulldog since the reqs on this thing are laughable. I'm picking bulldog since USA missions seem to be the easiest
  14. Wait. So you need to finish only 1 line of missions if you have 9 orders? Why am I even grinding 3 lines then... Chimera missions are basically obj260 missions. Ironically on my current acc I've done the Chimera before the obj260 despite doing the obj missions 2 times before but just chose the right tanks and those should be easy.
  15. FML. Didn't do an ebola mission because I shot an fv4005 2 times in the gun. 

  16. Even with a shit crew it's not a brawler really. It's a tank that should camp first and then bully where it can
  17. My bad. Still cancerous mechanic. 2s for that clip unload?
  18. I played it around 1.5 years ago but then it worked with 61% WR and decent DPG (don't remember different acc) . Maybe play it like a jtiger - snipe early in the battle and trade hp later in the game. Playing it like a heavy is a mistake unless you're top tier and vs specific low pen tanks
  19. Thanks guys. Since the missions need consistency some tanks that work for one and done missions don't work as well here. Also yeah. 279 E is Ebola. Arty is Cancer. Don't know the chosen condition for wheelies by the community
  20. It's been buffed lol. 2s intraclip. Yeah I wonder how long pubbies will argue this is ok because the total clip size is small. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/
  21. Anyone has seen a lists of tanks recomended for ebola missions? Can't seem to find any.
  22. Yeah it never happened that the t8 tank was OP but the t10 tech tree was garbage (coughs in ST-II)
  23. 6 lost games in a row where I'm top dmg with 2.2-2.4k dmg in TIER 10. FFS WHY? The teams collapse so fast I can't even farm on their deaths.

    1. hazzgar
    2. hazzgar


      9 but this time 3.7k... all <5 mins. 

    3. hazzgar


      2/13... All but 3 battles top dmg on the team... But well at least I have done my ebola mission

  24. Question for PROK light experts. How can I be spotted following the bush line right of the gate in my LT432 when I didn't even reach the first gap in the bushes. The enemy light could not have reached the typical high 1 line bush. What could have spotted me? Replay in a few minutes

    1. hazzgar
    2. sr360


      OK, I watched that, and there are several options. Your run was not in the bush line, it was just to the outside of it. Your initial approach didn't negate the run to E1 or even to one of the lower bushes, so an LT might have got there. The Bourrasque also popped up relatively close to you and my best guess is that he spotted you as you were not in the bushline. The Pantera was further back, but if he had a good setup he very well could have spotted you (less likely). CVS is a bit of a game changer on Prok as those bushes can be burned out by either a Hwk or Bourrasque running a CVS. I'm not a fan of the run you made -- that's much more of an EBR run than a RU-LT run. I typically go to the dip to ensure their LT doesn't get to E1, then either play the bushline or the large bush just to the right of where you went.

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