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    hazzgar got a reaction from Orlunu in Tier 7 Japanese Superheavy: 100t O-I   
    It's better to tease and show some only cleavage than go full frontal and show your tits to everyone. Have some decency! Pervert!
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    hazzgar got a reaction from WaterWar in Tier 7 Japanese Superheavy: 100t O-I   
    It's better to tease and show some only cleavage than go full frontal and show your tits to everyone. Have some decency! Pervert!
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    hazzgar reacted to Makci in Swamp, Highway, and Prokhorovka reworked in 9.9   
    So one map where slow heavy isn't doing well is getting changed but how about all those city maps and current corridors where scouts and camo dependant mediums are having trouble in?
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Mort in Tier 7 Japanese Superheavy: 100t O-I   
    And now imagine you are next to it in an elc amx, obj416 or anything low. Lol. It would need -25 depression.
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Britzz in Tier 7 Japanese Superheavy: 100t O-I   
    And now imagine you are next to it in an elc amx, obj416 or anything low. Lol. It would need -25 depression.
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Kristoffon in Common test for pen nerf   
    Jesus this. People tend to forget how fucked up WoT used to be. Yes if you used a certain tanks you could win with very little skill back in the day but that also meant you were fucked if you didn't drive one. Also map meta was often idiotic and high triers were simply no fun. 
    Seriously when they introduced prem for credits I just rebought my m4, spammed heat and rised my WR by like a few percent in a matter of a week. Yes I had 5k battles and that was a different acc but it was silly. Not to mention if you abused vision right you were near invincible. Seriously if there were no dark greens or better in the opposite team in triers 5-6 back in the day you simply knew you won with some tanks (Hellcat, Crommy, hell even stug).
    I think some people are complaining because they got comfortable abusing imbalance in the game and now are afraid their WR will drop. I know I'm a shitty player that actually gets dark green on my non sold account but at least I don't find excuses for myself.
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    hazzgar reacted to Paaranoja in Common test for pen nerf   
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    hazzgar reacted to Rexxie in Common test for pen nerf   
    No, I don't. I want gold ammo to remain in the game, it's a good credit sink and allows more people to enjoy the game than it hurts. I also don't want six months of feature freeze just to implement these balance changes, and I certainly don't want to have to deal with the massive credit income reductions that'd end up cropping up to replace the fact no one is spending credits on gold ammo. Again, the change makes no sense; this is something you'd think about doing to a game in open beta, not to a game several years into its lifespan.
    The good old days? What good old days? World of Tanks' balance was absolutely horrific back in the "good old days". That might not be the fault of tanks being balanced around their standard ammunition, but there's certainly no such thing as a golden era for balance. If there was, we're probably in it.
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    hazzgar reacted to GehakteMolen in Common test for pen nerf   
    But why so much complaining (not you, just overall)   E50 / M46 and T54 all have low penetration guns and they are fine, the only tanks you cant hit from the side are a Maus and an E100, unless very good angle.   Head on everything can be penned with AP, except: E75, VK-P, Maus, E100, IS7, T95 & E3 those are (very) though   Only when tanks start to wigle (E5) angle (IS4 and St-1) or go (partially) hull down (Fv 215b, 113) they become actually though.   But thats the entire purpose, an well angle IS-4 should be exceptional hard to kill for a medium tank, you either need a heavy yourself, a big td, or flank it.   And not `flank to kill him in from the back`, no, `flank to cap the base` or `flank to kill the rest if hes team`, or do something else.   These changes are ofc not perfect, but they are a step in the right direction: - nerf of tier 8 gold shells (KV4, KT, T28, Rhm etc) - buff of a notorious bad gun, the 105mm L52... - forcing people to flank more / use more mobile combat AND allow this, by buffing gun handling - nerf of gold shells, gold shells still get nerfed (even though its not enough...)   And for people saying, `lol i will now shoot more gold`, i thought the consensus was: ``always shot gold for maximize winchance`` and other blabla, including loading full APCR on stuff like 50B and E50.   So instead of blasting HEAT through my Maus front and APCR at my side, penetrating 19/20 you now shoot full HEAT, penetrating 19/20 in both cases everything pens me, except this time i will cost you a ton of credits...   So either adapt, of pay credits, its anyway an improvement.... (YES IT IS, since it doesnt matter for the tank at the receiving end if he gets penetrated by 270 APCR or 330 HEAT this nerf will either force you to load more expensive ammo or l2p...)   Also baddies can no longer yolo heavyies head on with APCR, they will either die over and over or shoot a lot of gold, for which they dont have the credits, meaning less idiots in tier 10...   TL:DR: While these changes are not enough, its an overall improvement, since it has no negative side effects except for one: People who spammed (almost) full gold anyway will get a more powerfull tank at the expense of some gold penetration   litterally the only problem i see with this is that i will increase the amount of gold shells flying around, but given that 265-270 APCR also pens almost anything, it wont make that much difference (HEAT can atleast fail against tracks and suchs)   ps: wot changed over time totally for like 3-4 times: - introduction of tier 9 mediums - shift to arty madness - introduction of autoloaders / tier 5 lights - The Great HE Nerf - introduction of tier 10 meds and TDs - gold ammo - tier 10 arty / making arty unplayable patch - World of tier 10 TDs (which ended)   Perhaps we now get a world of heavys, perhaps not, but wot meta game shifted over time a lot, IS7 went from a tier 11 tank (before tier 9 meds where in game) to the best tier 10, till the worst tier 10 (patch 8.0) and is now slowly becoming better and better again, E100 was with oatch 7.0 worse as a maus, since patch 8.0 is 2x better and so on.   There will always be winners and losers, and people should stop complaining about that, WG (rightfully so) doesnt give a f*** because this happened also before, and this is no powercreep, this is just evolution, there is no direction to this, its random (its WG afterall) since patch 8.0 heavys always got the short end of the stick, and this might now change again, well so be it, TDs used to be fairly poor, then became OP, and are now sort of balanced, perhaps in 2 years when WG adds 25 vs 25 gameplay mediums will again be better.... (the only problem are tanks like Fv 42 and 113, they were crap, are crap, and will stay crap, but thats because the tank is worthless, not because of maps / meta / [random reason], some tanks simply dont work....)
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    hazzgar got a reaction from FreddBoy in Common test for pen nerf   
    The change actually corresponds with the size of the cream cup in your avatar...
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Constie in Common test for pen nerf   
    The change actually corresponds with the size of the cream cup in your avatar...
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    hazzgar reacted to prolix in M103 how to play..   
    1. Get the first 120mm ASAP. You want to use a gun that was already underwhelming at tier 8 one tier higher? Free EXP is a must if you have no credits to gold spam. 
    2. Don't count on the M103's armour. It's decent but far from reliable since the turret has many weakspots. Upper hull is fairly bouncy but lower hull is vulnerable to 200 pen and above. 
    3. It's not a T32 or T29. Your turret is cheese compared to your predecessors. Poke over a ridge with your turret only showing, snap a shot, then fuck off. 8 degrees of gun depression means you have to adapt after getting spoilt by the 10 degrees on all the previous tanks. Minimise your exposure time and you're going to do well. 
    The gun handling and DPM is so good, especially for a heavy. Outputs a hell lot of damage and absolutely wrecks lower tier heavies. 
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    hazzgar reacted to ViktorKitov in Confirming the Obvious - Differences Between Servers   
    Can all the NA whiners move to RU and be done with it? They have servers in mainland Europe which is less then 150ms ping with a decent connection. This small hurdle should obviously be offset by the huge difference in player quality.
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    hazzgar reacted to engineered in FV4005 Stage II   
    Pls no buff to land arty... just play like the waffle but derpier, single shot gun.  Let others spot for you by CHAI sniping, or poke around the corner after the enemies have shot your team mates.
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    hazzgar reacted to OnboardG1 in The Lowe Fanclub   
    Loweplatoon with the Lowe you totally don't have? I prefer the lowe to the T34 for one reason: the gun doesn't completely suck. I don't think I've ever heard myself saying "Oh this 105mm is such a letdown, it never hits the target". Compare that to the usual "WHY ARE YOU SUCH A SHITTER ON THIS TANK 120MM!!! PLEASE FOLLOW THE LAWS OF PROBABILITY AND HIT THE TARGET FUCKFUCKFUCK" that I feel in the T34...
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    hazzgar reacted to MaxL_1023 in Parisian Mugger - Bat Chat 25T Review by Shinma   
    With all due respect, most of the recent articles severely lack content. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Pravdy in WZ-111 part grind part buy   
    WG confirmed you will be able to buy tokens for parts of WZ-111 grind. It seems like a great option since if you play in reasonble amounts you grind 4-5 nations and get a prem tank for 20-30 euro.
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    hazzgar reacted to CarbonWard in Supertest: Premium t7 tiger   
    I for one welcome our new Tier 7 Tournament Overlords.
    Btw, if you folks haven't noticed yet, this fucker has T62A level accuracy, 1.7 second aimtime with 0.3 accuracy pretty much means this is a laser pointer of epic porportions. You can literally afford to shoot at IS6's hatch all day long.
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    hazzgar reacted to Paaranoja in accuracy nerf?   
    Me thinks implementing different sigmas for different guns to simulate their (in)accuracy would be the best choice.

    Also please sthap denier talk about derp snipers,it happend before too, accurate guns are still accurate and derps are still derps. Selective memmory at its finest.
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    hazzgar reacted to RedwoodOriginal in How to play SPGs?   
    Guide for arty:
    Tip 1.:
    Put right hand on mouse, point on red tank- then click.

    Tip 2.
    With your left hand fap furiously.

    Tip 3.:
    For more challenge, and better faping expirience, switch hands.
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    hazzgar reacted to hoffersintx518 in How to play SPGs?   
    I've play a shedload of arty over the years and still play it occasionally.  After the Great Arty Nerf of 2013, arty has been relegated (appropriately) to a supporting role which brings even more realism to WoT (sarcasm intended ).
    TheEmptyLord's post above covers a lot of the basics so I won't repeat them at length.  Having said that, my strategies for arty depend on what I see in-game, but generally look like this:
    -- Initially, I set up to get shots on typical enemy lanes of advance and choke points.  Every (good) map has at least three lanes which by now you should already know (or refer to the heat maps on line which show where teams typically move and battles typically occur).  I set up in spots that allow me to hit at least two of these typical lanes without repositioning much.  I try to first support the places where my team is weakest or overmatched.
    -- If the game evolves into a campfest, I reposition as necessary to get shots on the typical hiding places for enemy tonks.  One can spam a few blind shots into typical hiding places (I rarely do this) or wait for scouts to do their job (rare, in a pub).  This is also a good time to try counting the enemy's arty; I am more likely to do this when the teams have a lot of arties (higher chance of success).  Your knowledge of where to set up is invaluable here; use it against the other guys.
    -- Destroying a weak tonk sniping from behind the front lines takes a gun out of the game and is one of my preferred jobs.  Your team will probably be focusing on vehicles immediately in front of them. You can ruin the day for the others.
    -- I reposition after every 2nd shot to reduce the risk of being countered.  If you really want to piss an arty player off, counter 'em.  The howls of "hack" and "report him" can be heard for miles!  IIRC I had 2 blind-shot counter-arty kills in one match on Port, using only enemy tracers as info for where to shoot, and my ears are still ringing from the derision hurled my direction by my victims.
    -- If one flank collapses, I "scurry" towards the secure flank and set up to get shots on our flag.  Resetting cap is a key job responsibility for an arty.
    -- If they come hunting me, I get into a position with only one avenue of approach and pre-aim in order to punish the first tonk brave enough to try and get me.  If I have one available I'll load an AP round for this task.  I won't go down without a fight!
    -- Lastly, I do not under any circumstance kill myself on purpose e.g. drown, splash damage, cliff dive, etc.  To suicide on purpose is cowardly and unbecoming a worthy WoT player which is what I aspire to be.
    I've had to relearn maps for playing arty--my positions are very different than when playing tonks.  Spending time in training rooms, watching others play, or destroying one's stats learning in pubs are all possible methods to find those spots.
    Good luck.
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