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    hazzgar got a reaction from A_Chodeful in POST UR GAINZ EVERYONE   
    In wrestling you will need a lot of endurance. Not typical cardio but something close to interval training. Similar to what I need for downhill biking.
    As for boxing - to be a good boxer you need cardio. Punching will tire you if you do it properly not just stand in front of a bag and punch with your arm
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    hazzgar got a reaction from igorCRO in The Kanonenjagdpanzer - E-25's disabled big brother   
    Jesus this tank is bad. I can't imagine how shit it must havebeen with the small gun, even if the meta back then wasn't crap. All it has is speed and camo. No DPM, No alpha, the gun somehow misses way too much,  the aimtime is good but not good enough, no armor (he pens you), no hp. 
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    hazzgar reacted to Assassin7 in My thoughts on the game as current, and why I don't play as much any more.   
    I've been thinking about this, and theres no one real reason that I've been playing this game a lot less. Its a whole pile of different reasons that have added up to make the game as a whole much less fun, and I thought Id share my own thoughts and opinions on what these problems are. Spoiler alert: Artillery isn't one of them, yeah its annoying but Its been in the game since launch and I still found the game plenty fun despite it over the last 8 years I've been playing.
    Vehicle Balance: 
    Im going to start off with The biggest elephant in the room, and my biggest reason. Overall vehicle balance. IMO, balance between vehicles was at its peak around late 2015-mid 2016ish. Its been downhill from there really. Yeah back then the overbuffed E5 existed and the WTE100 was cancer. but those were two outliers, these days the whole game is out of whack. Each new patch consists of new tanks that seem more stupid than the last. (this section may not be in correct chronological order)
    The Type 5 Heavy with the derp gun was, in my eyes, one of the beginnings of this. Along with the mass removal of weakspots from everything. 
    They Nerfed the E5 and then released the Super conq which was, and still is, as good or better in every single way to the overbuffed E5. the overbuffed E5 would still be considered pretty bad in the current meta. Now then, what could possibly be better than the Super conq? I know! A tank that is literally better than the super conq at everything, except It also does all the things the E5 could of possibly hoped to do better than the super conq even better than that! (like mobility) Enter the Chieftain. It being a CW reward is both good and bad. good because every mouthbreather can't get one and thus theres less of them. bad because it instantly became the meta in CW, pushed the SC out, and you have to have one in a top clan now. 
    They then released the 268v4, which single handedly completely destroyed my desire to play this game. It has never returned to the levels it was before the V4 was released. Im sure everyone remembers, but clan wars became "whoever has the most 268v4s wins, regardless of strategy" it was the most cancer period I've ever seen in this game in my life. And then they nerfed it. barely. they gave it a slap on the wrist. Thankfully it stopped that retarded clan wars meta, however the tank is still grossly Overpowered and needs far more extensive nerfs. Fuck that thing.
    Meanwhile, I have a special hate for the entire swedish line. the entire fucking line is the most cancer, horrible to play against, gimmick tree they have ever released, and honestly IMO the game would be better if they just flat out deleted the entire nations tree. The Kranvagn is the least cancer, but is still more cancer than most other autoloaders. the STRVs are all absolute cancer tanks that can't do anything except camp and punish people for daring to be aggressive and try and push with their fuck you DPM, fuck you camo, and fuck anyone with a sub 120mm gun armour. They are still my most despised tank in the game. And now the new medium line is out. all of which are completely fucking flat, you can't hit them to save your live, and regardless of how objectively good or bad they are to play, they are just, so far in my experience, completely unfun to play AGAINST. 
    The Wheeled vehicles. I knew, before any stats had even been released, just from WGs first ever description of what they were planned to be, they would be cancer. And they are. they flat out destroy the game IMO. they're disgusting. they're double disgusting for me, who has to try and hit the fucking things with 200 ping. destroying a wheel doesn't even slow them down.  They may be fun to play but they're absolutely destructive for gameplay. They never should of been added. They're too fast, they get their own Autoaim+ (a banned mod lol) I've seen them regularly pull off shots doing 70kph that even in a 140/62A would never been possible, from ranges you'd almost never even bother taking on the move shots at. They're a pain in the ass.
    Lets add to this other honourable mentions, like the 430U/430 which both are stupid with heavy tank armour and medium mobility. The 257 which is unpennable from the side for no reason, the IS-3A and Progettos which are just annoying as fuck to fight. Its a running thing now, regardless of how objectively good or bad the tank is, none of these things are fun to actually play against. 
    Premiums! Now, WG seems to have one or two stances on prems these days. Either its an extremely boring, meh tank, or its fucking OP as shit. its disgusting. the T26E5 was the start, the defender was the turning point. and nowadays, If you see a prem or any tank that has had supertest stats released, theres a 95% chance that tank is coming to live, with little to no changes. Its like the super testers aren't even testing these things. This doesn't even apply only to prems, its applying to everything, which is made even more ridiculous because any person can take one look at the prelimentary stats and immediately deduce that said tank will be OP as shit without even playing it.
    Which leads me on to my next topic... Rebalancing. Yeah, Im extra salty about this part for reasons Im sure you guess.
    WG can't just slightly buff or nerf a tank (but mainly buff it seems) they have to try and completely redesign how the tank plays. pointlessly. yes, you know what im talking about. the STB-1. Its already been said, but all it needed was some small buffs to make it more comfortable to play. a turret buff, a gun handling buff. boom done. but instead they had to completely redesign it. Right now, regardless of whether it is actually objectively more capable as a tank, what it is now is just more complicated, and less fun to play. This alone has killed off a large portion of my remaining desire to play the game, the STB was always my fun tank. Playing it for me was always just an enjoyable experience. (which is why I didnt bother 3 marking it for ages because 3 marking is for me, extremely frustrating and completely unfun, in a tank that I normally used to destress) The Currrent STB doesn't do that now. its slower and more complicated. Way less fun. 
    Anyway, back to rebalancing. the STB isn't the only tank they've done this to. They keep revisiting older tanks that just need a small amount of love (although in reality is all the new OP tanks need nerfs) and instead try to needlessly redesign how they play completely. Which makes the game less fun because everything keeps getting changed.
    And then they bring out new tanks like that ST-II on supertest. that thing is gonna be disgusting, at least it will be to play against. I hope to god it doesn't come out remotely close to that, if at all, but with WGs track record over the last few years Im not optimistic.
    Maps have gotten less fun as well. Each time they redesign a map It feels worse IMO. for example pilsen, which needed some work but wasn't bad, got redesigned and its current design is absolutely terrible. the entire field is a complete shitshow and is utterly pathetic, while it used to be a pretty fun place to fight. so more than a third of the map is now worthless ground. the middle area was already worthless and still is, so thats another third of the map useless ground. and now we have the 1-2 line in the factories, which isn't useless but they've made it way harder to push or be effective in it. So now its not a remotely fun place to fight. the entire map is a shit show. its one of my banned maps (along with paris)
    Along with this, Highway, a map I always liked, is now worse. the redesign in the NW corner with the field is worse and now massively favours the north, with souths defensive positions all being way more exposed to fire and getting lit than before, with norths not being changed. the buildings around the north aren't exactly fun places to fight, terrain based fighting is more interesting than building peekaboom wars. 
    New Maps all suck as well. Studzikani needs no introduction, Minsk is like 80% unusable ground with only a few areas being pushable. Neither of them are very fun to play. 
    Ghost town worked in CW, but doesn't work in pubs. Its not a very fun map to play in pubs IMO, mainly because of the coordination required to win it that just doesn't exist in pubs. 
    along with this, the 1.0 redesign of a lot of maps just made them worse or less fun to play on. TD camping bushes or ridges added where they can easily punish anyone trying to actually push or do anything other than camp. Routes that used to be possible are now impossible. (things like dropping off hills and such which now just kill you) - I always hated boosts that allowed you into areas meant to be inaccessible. but going from one accessible area to another is okay IMO, It removed a lot of escape routes and made risk taking far more punishing. thus no one wants to take risks anymore. 
    Clan Wars
    I can give you the tank comp for 90% of the maps we play in the next campaign right here: 260, Chieftain,  907, EBR, CGC. Sprinkle on the occasional STRV or T100, maybe an IS-7 or a 268v4. 
    Theres little variation, or creativity any more. I mean of course there isn't those tanks are all the best and using any other will just cause you to lose. But its not very fun. This isn't the fault of the clans, its the fault of WG for making tanks so much better than the others. I can't even use my 140 in CW unless there are literally no more unlocked 907s because the 907 is just that much better than the 140 (needlessly I might add) WG was talking about changing CW. This is, IMO, the biggest change it needs. make creative tank comps great again. Even the batchat has been out metad, a tank at one point I never thought would be outmetad. 
    There is the next problem, because I don't play as often any more, I get rusty. so Im playing worse, which frustrates me, which makes me want to play less because Im getting annoyed that I can't play at a level I know I am capable of. Which makes me play even worse on tilt. I need to get over this just by playing more and un rusting but its a vicious cycle, and all the other aforementioned issues are also making me frustrated. so bleh. 
    Thats about it for now. All of these things are, individually, fairly small. but together they just create a pile of compounding issues that generally make the game much less fun than it was. And the problem is, Even if WG started fixing them all right now. and fixed them how (for simplicity sake) I personally would like to see them fixed, It would take them years to get the game back into a good position. New Patches these days don't bring me excitement. they bring me dread as to what they've fucked up this time. 
    So yeah. wall of text. This took me like 45 mins to write, I have an exam tomorrow, and I should be studying. go me. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Hellsfog in Supertest: British Light Tanks   
    Whoever at Wargaming thinks using low ammo is a good way to balance a tank should get punched in the nuts. Yeah lets make people not shoot their guns and make the game more passive. Good job wg.
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    hazzgar got a reaction from CraBeatOff in Supertest: British Light Tanks   
    Whoever at Wargaming thinks using low ammo is a good way to balance a tank should get punched in the nuts. Yeah lets make people not shoot their guns and make the game more passive. Good job wg.
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    hazzgar reacted to kolni in Update 1.5.1 Common Test: It's ya boi Kharkov back at it again with another HD rework.   
    you understand that i have played wot for 5-6 years and that it has undeniably played part in running my mental health down the gutter right?  i dont make sense 
    on a more srs note tho i prefer meds because they all overperform for me, heavies and even some TDs have much more enjoyable gameplay but im just a much better MT player since the last 30k games or something are 90% mediums if you’d include the 50b among them.. ppl like carbon are good at everything and you have some ppl that clap my ht dpgs pretty hard but get clapped back in meds 
    ive been drifting away from armoured gameplay entirely lately (nato meds and paper tanks mostly) because that’s where i relatively perform the best
    50b/e50m/leo1 etc are tanks that right now i dont see anyone beating me in (busy with finals rn tho so am very rusty as gametime lately is low), 50b perhaps if Val has a go at it as he’s probably the best player on this forum right now but he plays armoured gameplay generally and destroys my dpgs there, and watching him play there isn’t any server variance either, ANZ server small AF but the gameplay looked just the same with small differences (both good and bad so it prob evens out) 
    i just capitalise on my strengths, sure spamming nonstop chieftain/279 only will get me higher DPGs but relative to other players im just better at playing without armour, while other players are better at leveraging armour than i am
    i’ve always liked using the map to dick people over rather than relying on micromanaging, and then mobility is much more valuable than armour, but my way is not the best way to play the game i think. but i refuse to become a meta slave and i play the game how i want to, and it’s honestly not a handicap since i cherrypick tanks that let me play that way rather than playing meta tanks unconventionally
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    hazzgar got a reaction from sohojacques in Sniping Positions   
    This guy is a great example why being a maths major doesn't automatically make you good at interpreting numbers and knowing what they mean. Kinda explains why so many algorithms work like shit nowadays since quants with no social skills like this design them. 
    Also I forgot to respond the first time he was here but how did he claim he was #1 scout on na?
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    hazzgar reacted to kolni in Sniping Positions   
    it is so sad to see that some people can be this delusional and still be allowed to take part and influence the world
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    hazzgar reacted to kolni in Sniping Positions   
    you strike me very heavily as a flat-earther
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    hazzgar got a reaction from nabucodonsor in Object 777 Version II (Tier 9 Edition)   
    So they decided not to nerf the obj430 because they want to powercreep it with this shit?
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    hazzgar got a reaction from monjardin in Object 777 Version II (Tier 9 Edition)   
    So they decided not to nerf the obj430 because they want to powercreep it with this shit?
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    hazzgar reacted to tajj7 in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    Yeh was my point, my point was about forcing wins, not DPG, farming and punishing idiots who push into you is nowhere near the same as forcing wins in the current meta.
    And yeh your second paragraph sums up my point exactly, at no point did I say it was a bad tank and I fully recognise it has some excellent characteristics and probably even has some broken potential considering the lack of hull down weakspots, but in terms of the current tier 10 meta, it being better than like an E5, E100, IS-4, E50M et all does not make it the uber tank some make it out to be, I consistently see this tank claimed to be the best of the best, super power creep tank, but it really isn't. 
    I think it has dropped down a level from the top tanks, its still power creep mind. 
    Last 1k battles for Kolmiopaavo, showing him playing 110 games in the SC, with 4.5k DPG, so dropping over 400 damage per game, and just 62.73% win rate, dropping over 4% win rate. It actually puts his recent SC win rate below his account recent WR. 
    Highlights my point really, its not as effective in the current meta. 
    He's also interestingly despite pulling lower DPGs, over the same period he is winning more games playing the 907, Bobject, Patton and 5A. 
    You have highlighted its defensive characteristics and its comfortable damage farming characteristics, none of which I disagree with.
    My point was the VALUE of these characteristics in winning games in the current meta.
    And they are simply not that valuable IMO, currently there are plenty of hull down monsters at tier 10 that rival the SC's defensive capabilities or farming capabilities close enough, but offer more in other areas, like alpha or mobility, that give them more power in winning games in the current meta. Especially when the current meta is very campy, people don't push into hull down tanks, they don't give you easy farming options, you are often left needing to push yourself and react to falling flanks, something the SC simply is not good at. 
    Also over performing for the very best is not OP. Op is overperforming for most players.
    And as I said WR curves show that even super unis don't over perform in the SC, so even that point is moot. 
    IMO 5A, obviously T95/FV4201, 430U, 907, 277, 260 are much better for winning games in the current meta than the SC. 
    Anyway, back on topic, supposedly the RU forums went pretty mad on the suggested changes.
    I believe (though this info is 2nd hand so bear that in mind) they didn't think Leo 1 buffs were enough, didn't think the STB-1 changes were even buffs and they thought the 430/430U changes were the wrong way to nerf these tanks.
    So I'd presume that back lash is what has prompted this U-turn and it hopefully means that whilst those nerfs are cancelled it just means they will nerf these tanks in a different way, which hopefully means armour nerfs. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from tajj7 in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    I get that it gets high DPG since when it works it farms like a dream but I'm more interested in WR (Tajjj mentioned wr curves). A tank like Sconq will have higher peak dmg games because it's an amazing farmer but I assume some other tanks will have a higher influence on the game because of being able to flex while still having a good presence and being able to push key areas on the map. 
    Also I think you may be biased since you often do good in tanks that work good in punishing mistakes vs pushing (hence all the mentioned tanks). 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from tajj7 in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    Is this recent and is this better than your 1115, 60TP and other tanks? Since I kinda get Tajjjs point. Even 3-4 months ago Sconq was much better than it is now. Meta is super toxic and mobility and alpha have really gained in value. 
    So it's not OP it's just powercreep since it is worse than trully OP tanks but better than super powercreeped one. T10 balance is shit and the difference between worst and best in tier tanks are huge. 
    Also 277 should not be here. Wr curves say it's average. It's a worse 1115. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from concep in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    I kinda get 420 alpha for leo but imho what it needs more is Fatton/t100lt gun handling. 0.25acc, 1700 shell speed and 290 standard pen/340 heat. If it has to be a sniper make it a good sniper. If it still doesn't perform well make it a better sniper. Basically make it a swede cheese wedge without armor and crazy camo. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Madner Kami in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    I kinda get 420 alpha for leo but imho what it needs more is Fatton/t100lt gun handling. 0.25acc, 1700 shell speed and 290 standard pen/340 heat. If it has to be a sniper make it a good sniper. If it still doesn't perform well make it a better sniper. Basically make it a swede cheese wedge without armor and crazy camo. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from sundanceHelix in Blocking maps to come with 1.5   
    Strangely i get better results on paris in my lights than on airfield 
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    hazzgar reacted to CardinalMite in Blocking maps to come with 1.5   
    Really? Honestly I  quite  like it,  there is somewhere relevant for all classes to go, which is not something you can say of many maps.
    By far the best of any of the newer maps, Studzianki, Minsk, Paris are way worse. Abbey is arguably the worst example of corridor in the the game. Mines is heavily biased to north spawn and should never see higher than tier 6. Fjords is just toxic, Pilsen east side is horrid to push on. The problem is picking which map to ban, so many  to choose from.
    Empires border...  Province... gahhh!
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    hazzgar got a reaction from sohojacques in Blocking maps to come with 1.5   
    Strange no one mentioned airfield. I hate airfield almost as much as I do minsk
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Enroh in Do you EVEN 90?   
    Lol. Wheeled tanks killed 3 mark reqs so this is the time to 3 mark it. finally done it. Bounced from 94.9x% 5 times in 2 days going back to 92-93% but finally done it. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Enroh in 1.4.1 Common Test   
    Yeah. optics for on the move shit and binocs for the "I've got a good bush mate"
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Enroh in 1.4.1 Common Test   
    Well at least I will get a free flat for 25% of buy price which is much lower than current sale price. So that's a profit. Still having 2 parents without jobs and my father having a stroke at 57 was a fucking punch in the dick. Good thing both of my parents have partners ( no idea how but if it works it works) 
    On the bright side I 3 marked my BC12T while some RGT moron shouted at me for not spotting a ferdi behind a building and a su-101 that was double bushed. Took waay too much time. Lights are not fun now. Maps are changed in such a way you get less early spotting opportunities and have to wait til late game plus pubbies make fewer mistakes. I remember having more monster spot games in my 13 105 or 13 57 1 year ago
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Wanderjar in Do you EVEN 90?   
    Lol. Wheeled tanks killed 3 mark reqs so this is the time to 3 mark it. finally done it. Bounced from 94.9x% 5 times in 2 days going back to 92-93% but finally done it. 
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Madner Kami in Supertest Swedish Heavy Buffs (?)   
    Must have missed him. PL or EN forum? Also yeah I love people who think WR curves should be disregarded because once they had a problem dealing with tank A
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    hazzgar got a reaction from Madner Kami in Supertest Swedish Heavy Buffs (?)   
    Which of the idiots on pub forums is that? They kinda forum one huge mass of stupidity for me. Unless you mean qpranger since he is like a push button receive stupid machine
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