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  1. Guys, whether you think I'm stupid or whatever, or some troll, I was just trying to promote my clan. I just don't understand, if your THAT mad at me, PM me, sort it out with me and don't bring my clan or family clan into this, please. I'm just trying leave you alone. Sorry again if I russeled up any old hate and bad fights towards me. Just was a simple recruitment post. I will officially leave WOTLABS, i hope it makes you happy and I will not draw attention to my self. I wish you all a great evening and wish you the best in your endevors
  2. If this is the way I choose to run my clan, that is my choice, but I do appreciate your feedback
  3. How so? He's afk, walrus is actually in our clan as of today, and my reroll is banned, why so much anger?
  4. I didn't like Enjoy, I wasn't active in DOS, I spent a month in both. and I'm bad at posting. Sorry. Jesus.
  5. DICE Has Expanded! Dice is now home to 5 clans. DICE, DICER and DICED for CW players; SASKO for training; and -PVP- for Tournies! That's right, Pubbies vs. Potatoes is now a proud member of the DICE gaming family! We have had the privilege of joining the DICE family and have become their designated tournament/strongholds/platoon/casual clan. We do some low level CW (Tier 6/8) because it's essentially free gold right now. Anyway, onto our recruitment post: Requirements: - 2000 WN8 60 Day OR 1600 Overall - Tier 6 (Crommy, T37, Type 64) Or Tier 8 (IS-3, 50 100, 54 Ltwt) for Stron
  6. Sorry, If I upset you then I regret it, just wanted to have some fun.
  7. So, yea, I rerolled, for shits. Figured it would be funny to try to "troll" or whatever. Had fun while it lasted. I'm glad the Wotlabs crew are smart enough to catch on. I hope I didn't upset anyone. Just wanted to have some fun. Anyway, thanks. For anyone wondering what I'am talking about: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/20863-apperently-im-purple/
  8. My "Friend" is gonna start to play tanks. What should he get? T26E4 or STA-2?

    1. StephenHawking


      T1 Cunningham.

      At least until he learns to play.

    2. kolni


      IS-6. Super Pershing requires some awareness and wiggling while still having to fire some sprem and keeping your sides clear, and STA-2 is a difficult tank for most tankers anyway, it's not a good pick.

      IS-6 has a high alpha boomstick with decent DPM and is fairly noobproof.

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Your "friend" is a posting pro!

  9. I have never used either on any tank, But all I hear about that equipment is that its a waste, it;s bad.. etc
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