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  1. NP fam. My own issue is that my account is getting XVM-focused hard, but currently I'm too shit/rusty at the game to deal with it.
  2. I really don't see that happening, hence why I haven't bothered with tier 8s for ages.
  3. The only reason colonials use the name "soccer" instead of the original name football, is because they couldn't think of a better name for a game played with a foot long ball. Which brings us to the next issue I have with 'muricans and company. What's with the measuring system, wouldn't the metric system be much more logical to use? How about SI-system? Atleast they drive on the right side of road in the new world, so that's nice.
  4. No, I didn't. I even understood the average WR the first time. I'm just trying to make sense on how is that possible. Would it be possible to put this conversation to rest and focus on the actual topic, Leo 1?
  5. I suppose, but I dunno how redlining increases your WR that much. From what I've seen, FV4005s arent the ones camping usually the most. It works best in brawls in which you peak around corners with the massive boomstick "one hit wonder". OHW, cos the tank has literally nothing else going for it, except the gun itself. As for the topic in hand: Leo with 3 shot autoloader sounds like the new Italian medium coming up. Which wouldnt make any sense since they just changed the 30B to not be straight up copy of Leopard 1. Wouldn't make any sense, but after all, we're talking about WG her
  6. Saw that too. Though only tier 10 TDs were on that list I must add. PTA is better tier for tier, as you assumed. Leo 1 is still an upgrade nonetheless, so I would atleast give it a try. While the tank might not compare against the 430Us, 907s etc. it's still fun tank to drive around. The mobility is very good and gun is reliable when fully aimed.
  7. My thoughts exactly. Lets leave it at that.
  8. I dont think so, people are just cautious, cos every damn bush is relocated etc. On most maps I have no idea where to park my TDs, or mediums.
  9. In my experience playing against it, no it isn't. The only decent SH heavy tanks are those premium tanks ie. Defender, Patriot, Liberte and perhaps the IS-5. Wonder why they arent doing anymore tier 8 campaigns? Cos they would be pay to win
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