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  1. Note to self: Do not carry 4 HE shells in your IS7. Though bouncing 4 shells of O-HO with APCR really didnt help. What also pains me, is that all those HE shells were hits too at some lower tier shit, so lost out on aroudn 1,5k damage there too.


    Nice team too.....

    1. TheMarine0341


      I sadly know your pain. I was in the T10, did 7.5k damage, with basically 3 enemy bots on the other team with at least 3k HP or more.


      I also had 10 rounds left... of HE because of league practice. Was the best chance I had of a 10k damage game, fucked myself hard there

    2. Va1heru


      Had 10 HE rounds in my IS 7 once, 7k DMG game when I ran out of apcr, was so mad