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  1. This tank I guess I'll wait for 1.0 and the hopefully incoming nerf....
  2. Should we settle for top 3? Since this might take awhile with the activity we have.... @Rexxie Best removed maps: 1) Pearl River 2) Northwest 3) South Coast I have no idea why any of these three maps were removed. For me Pearl River was the hardest one to play on, since it was common occurrence having to fight camping TDs in their base bushes. Having said that, Pearl River had pretty diverse meta and you could play it many ways and there were plenty of room to maneuver with each type of vehicle. Northwest meta was kinda boring, north western corner (who would have thought) was the medium/LT slugging spot, heavies brawled at the opposite corner backed by TDs on each side. Some odd lurkers in the middle, but nothing useful could be achieved from there most of the time. It wasnt a bad map anyways.... South Coast. One of the first maps to have a retard magnet beach. Very diverse map for each classes, with plenty of opportunities to roam and wide alleys to engage from. I'm happy with the order they're in at the moment. Sure, Pearl River might have been the hardest to play, but I like the challenge. For the same reason I like Erlenberg, even though the battle scenario is always the same. This game has seen some shitty maps and some of them are still in the rotation: Paris, Mines, Swamp and Live Oaks come to mind. None of the three removed maps were as lopsided as the ones i mentioned in the previous sentence.
  3. SaintLaurentius

    Leopard 1

    What? 430U has atleast as good turret as the 113 What? 430U has atleast as good turret as the 113
  4. Kinda hard to notice stuff like that when you're spamming 250mm HEAT at them, isnt it?
  5. So one of the core skills of this game, which is knowing each tanks rough reload cycle for engaging them between shots is thrown out of the window? Nice, just another way of making this game more confusing for players.
  6. Dear Fabu, we were on the same team yesterday in Malinovka. You were in E3, I was in Kranvagn. You didn't notice me senpai.
  7. "Nobody" as in the official forums retards, I've seen that video and good catch by him.
  8. Please show me where's the frontal weakspot of the 268 ver 4? Since I couldnt fucking find it while I was shooting at it. AAAnnd btw nice ninjabuff on the T-44. while everyone complains about the bullshit armored high tier tanks, T-44 gets buffed and nobody even notices.
  9. Dragon Ridge - 35 Hidden Village - 16 Northwest - 29 Pearl River - 42 Port - 34 Province - 27 Severgorsk - 6 The only positive was the hidden Sturmtiger in one of the garages. South Coast - 28 Was at least playable map, not like most of the maps on this list.
  10. SaintLaurentius

    Leopard 1

    Typical generalist setup for cw/advances/strongholds is: 2x Bat Chats (Scouts & Spotters, T-100lt might see use here too) 5x 907 (Flanking force and DPM tanks) 6x WZ 5A (Brute force and brawling with mobility) 2x 113 (Brawlers and stopping force) OFC you will mix that up in some maps, S.Conq, STRV, Maus, Type 5, CGC, 50B & even Kranvagn sees regular use. 430U could take 113s or WZ 5As position with its increased mobility, but it will not replace any "medium tank roles", at least in my mind. But we'll see how the meta evolves. 430U could be dank on the Malinovka hill fights.
  11. You're back? Anyways: Pearl River - 31 The map wasnt even that bad, at least I liked it Komarin - 27 They tried to fix it few times, still didnt work and was generally just a campfest. Hated it. ps. Apparently I cant bold or italic copypasted list from the OP, so apologies. Nor do I know how to color. I'm crap, sry.
  12. Sounds like a bad idea to me. My father plays this game and his overall WN8 is 700 and WR is 47%. Worst noticeable stats are with the M46 with 42,44% WR and 271 WN8 with 570 DPG. And I can assure he's not a bot, he's just so bad at the game it hurts by brain to watch him play. His situation really opened my eyes on what comes to messaging shitters after the game, which I dont do anymore at all. Some people are just so clueless about the mechanics and meta so there's no point in calling them out.
  13. SaintLaurentius

    Leopard 1

    @TAdoo87Interesting data. I would have imagined that the 121b and T95E6 would have been worse than it. But perhaps them being CW reward (ergo better players play them) influences the WR enough. FV4005 is also pretty shit, it's literally a one hit wonder, sometimes there's literally nothing you can do. The tank has no camo to snipe without getting spotted on open maps nor can it take any hits on city maps. People even tend to load HE right after you're spotted. Also 30B is trash nowadays with its ruined penetration with HEAT & APCR. I guess they could buff Leo 1s reload by 0,3secs and give it a bit better dispersion values on the move. It wouldnt make it OP nor on par with Russian hovermeds, but it would give it a bit better firepower to use on city maps.
  14. I use shift to sniper as well and I see no downside for doing so. Though I can see being an issue if you have 32x zoom and you switch straight into that at closer ranges.
  15. SaintLaurentius

    Leopard 1

    This description is correct, high DPG, low WR is a fact. Definitely fun tank to drive around in open maps, but seriously struggles in the current corridor city map meta. @igorCRO
  16. So WG managed to fuck up Tier 10 strongholds as well. 10 vs. 10 with skillbased matchmaker means you fight the same damn tryhard clans even more frequently these days. 2x113, 2x5A, 1XS.Conq, 4x907 & 1xBC. Or GTFO.

    Or you can always spam superheavies and camp to win.

    So we're back to square one on this one, where tier 6 stronghold is the least cancer. I guess I'm just gonna have deal with light setups and focus fire and yolo tactics for now.

    I do get that some sorta skillbased matchmaker is needed for most of the clans to have a chance to compete, but sure is frustrating having to tryhard every damn game....

    1. Fulcrous


      If they just made it a/d with standard league maps and made you do a BO3, it would be fun and a great way for people to learn something similar to WGL.

      But WG keeps insisting on autistic modes.

    2. Meirzin


      7 hours ago, Fulcrous said:

      If they just made it a/d with standard league maps and made you do a BO3, it would be fun and a great way for people to learn something similar to WGL.

      But WG keeps insisting on autistic modes.

      But that may actually get people interested in league, which WG constantly seems to fight. So many suggestions over the years have been ignored and it took way too long to make the format tier 10.

    3. Vindi


      On the other hand, team battles are just too boring if you are playing with good players and honestly I couldn't care less about strongholds nor advances anymore. Campaigns are the only mode which I enjoyed hence the pointing and ladder system and you have to be / be under a decent tl to gain points. Otherwise I would play random with 1 or 2 good friends of mine, but lately I noticed that the game suddenly stopped being a challenge and I reached some sort of peak. Yes statistics will be always important to me but it doesn't matter whether I get m48 marks in a week or in a month. Real life start to kick in and I have always played this game when I was still in university. @SaintLaurentius

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  17. @De1tacu Every new tank can have its own thread, but perhaps you didnt know that. OP could have been more in depth, but that just means that somebody who gives a damn about a new M4 clone can write about it under this thread.
  18. It sure brought us more traffic ergo money for Never. You know what they say, both kinds of publicity is good for business
  19. Tier 8s play constantly against higher tier tanks, whether they're 9s or 10s. Tier 8s are utter trash against tier 10s, and pretty shitty compared to even tier 9s. I would hardly call it a meta at all.
  20. I'm waiting to see what kinda Christmas tree special mission thing they're doing this year. No way in hell am I gonna spend tens of euros in this game any more....
  21. That move would be straight from the Gaijin playbook. They raized the prizes of items right before the Steam summer sale, just to drop them for the sale and call it a discount. Obviously they got caught But who the F would be so stupid to actually buy all of those tanks, or even half of them. Better offer would have been to sell ALL of the existing tier8 prems and give equal amount of gold free of charge.
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