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  1. Tier 8 is kinda awkward, not enough abilities to bully low tiers in general, but totally outclassed by tier 9s and especially 10s. That's the reason why most good players tend to play tier10s. Platooning after recent updates have been totally demoralizing at lower tiers. You're never gonna be top tier in platoons anymore, so that would be an uphill struggle for both of us. So it would be preferably tier 10s and 9s, that's where the gameplay is anyways? That being said, you could send me an friend invite, since I don't respond kindly to random platoon invites In the meantime: Scorpion G is a support/sniper tank. You don't have any armor, so if you choose to engage at shorter distances, use your teammates HP and hit enemies for 490 during their reload cycle. Patriot is more like a medium than an heavy tank. Use the good gun depression, ergo get hulldown, and good DPM. I would ideally put the tank alongside mediums, not heavies. I guess I'm gonna be the one with the terrible accent in English then? Oh dear....
  2. Well sure, would you care to elaborate on what in particular you need help with? Hows your english, do you have TS? I dunno how active I'm during the summer, but I can help you occasionally...
  3. If you think you're getting yoloed by retards in BCs too often, the problem is in your end, not the tank. I really tried to think of occasions where I've gotten yoloed by BCs in general and couldn't remember any. Or at least no more than usual. ---------- 30B armor buffs are next to useless, since the cupola is still there, which prevents it from hill fighting at close ranges....
  4. Would you be interested to make a video about ranked battles and the lob-sided matchmaker? Check this out: http://wotreplays.com/site/3662210?secret=8bfa8fadca3f6067cf1ed7bc18d5e7e1 Like we could have won that in million years
  5. As far as I know WOWS-wiki is pretty solid in these questions: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships
  6. cw is dead, advances are boring with same maps and teams, strongholds are campfest with PW2 tanks, ranked are coinflips, MM is broken, 25% RNG is frustrating, lags are real, randoms are unplayable except for tier 10 and maybe 9, team battles are unbalanced, training rooms with humans vs. zombies are unfair for humans, proving grounds mode is too hard and lastly boosting breaks maps.

    Did I remember everything?

    I still play the game though and enjoy it usually, so suck it up or gtfo.

    1. TheMarine0341


      Theres also PUBG

    2. ZXrage


      Why would you play humans Vs zombies if wolf lyfe is better :minidoge:

    3. SaintLaurentius


      I'm not familiar with that mode, do tell?:PogChamp:

  7. Maybe before the nerf where it lost its 10 shot autoloader, now it's just meh
  8. Platoon only with 10s, maybe 9s. but never with 8s or 7s. Kinda sad really, WG clearly doesnt endorse platooning in randoms atm and playing solo is kinda boring, except when I'm tryharding for marks of something similar.
  9. Well, you do need the hill usually to win, but if your team already sends tanks there, go spot 2/3-line along the houses. I avoid the hill most of time, especially in autoloaders. You just end up trading 1 for 1, which isnt good for your performance.
  10. Why would you assume so? I would like to think that Tiger tank, or Tiger 131 in this case, isn't a registered trademark. Even if it was, it should belong to the Germans, not a British tank museum. But I could be wrong....
  11. It would take too much effort to list so many albums that I like, but these are my favorites in which all the songs are good and I can listen the whole album without skipping a song: Led Zeppelin - II Jay-Z - Black Album Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle Metallica - Black Album
  12. Took way too long:


    Finished with 3,8k DPG 66% WR



    1. SaintLaurentius


      oh, and adztownstikes called me a fail padder reroll through a friend who was streaming, FeelsGoodMan?

    2. TAdoo87


      Just lol. But on the flip side you were noticed by the lord protector of WN8 himself.

      I just checked, he almost broke the 60% rWR barrier @4kWN8. This guy.:MingLee:

      I think he will get there eventually.

      ps: congratz to the mark :disco:

    3. Fulcrous


      the best part about adz is when he was on daki's sub platoon and played one spot all game.

      Still doesnt realize who the real padder is xd. I presume his ranked win rate is sub 40% with the 3 chevron for losing mentality

  13. What's the point to play ranked WoT beyond level 5? Does the top 100 players get something extra or is it just for e-peens sake?

    1. Epic


      getting top10% on EU is probably around 40 points. So not worth the effort.

    2. TAdoo87


      Well the 40 points not going to happen for me. I wont ppay the mode that much. 

    3. Epic


      Me neither, the top10% already shrunk to less than 500 people after the first stage, so it will be a full time job to get there... Getting rank 4 is worth it though, 5x 2h +50% credit bonus.

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  14. LOL. The character in my avatar is Väinämöinen, the main figure in the Finnish epic book Kalevala. There's quite a few awesome paintings made by Gallen-Kallela about Väinämöinen. Sammon Ryöstö and Väinämöisen lähtö to name a few.
  15. Is Antibullyranger Tex ded or just done with the game?
  16. I have autoaim in middle mouse button and turret locking on right mouse button. It hardly is the same for me, since having them both bound to the same key is gonna be confusing as fuck at the start. good.
  17. I dont think you can mod it. Retarded move by WG, exactly what was the issue previously? Too many buttons for russkies to use?
  18. I've never used the removed speed governor, i dont see the point in it. Are gonna drop food or med kit? You need both of those, at least over RSG.
  19. Mine too. I have no clue what, or how they are doing these metrics, data minings and shiz. But I'm somewhat impressed.....
  20. Welcome! Serious-face enabled discussions is where its at.
  21. E50 has armor and therefore stopping power, PTA doesn't. it's that simple. Indeed it's very strong, I was more comfortable in it that in the M46 for example. Could explain the turret comment though?
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